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---Obi-Won chases Grievous in Utapeu-

Obi-won: Ride! –Drops Lightsaber- Oh Crap!


C. Cody: What's that I see falling from above…-Slash- Oh My GOD! MY FKING ARM!

--Yoda: Lost a planet, Obi-won has. Very embarrassing.

Younglings: -Giggles-

Obi-won: Yes, could you…

Yoda: Very, very awkward, yes?

Obi-won: Yes sir, but I really need your…

Yoda: Become a Social outcast, Obi-won has.

Obi-won: I get it sir! I…

Yoda: Humiliating for him, this is.

Obi-won: SHUT UP!

--Storm Trooper1: Does Lord Vader have anything else to do but search for rebels with us?

Storm Trooper2: I think the guy is on a total power trip.

Vader: The Rebels SUCK!

Trooper1: He really has issues.

Trooper2: My thoughts exactly.

Vader: -Whispers-

Trooper1: (In dazed manner) I love you.

Trooper2: What!

Vader: Ha ha ha!

Trooper1: Damn It Vader!

--Meanwhile, on Hoth…..

Han Solo: Hang on, Luke! –Looks around- What to do! –Sees Tauntaun- Don't worry Luke! I have an idea! –Slices open Tauntaun- Oh wait. There's a Comfort inn. Can't believe I missed that.

--Palpatine: The dark side is a gateway for many abilities some would consider unnatural. Like this. –Pulls quarter from behind Anakin's ear-

Anakin: Is it possible to learn this power? Because that was Cool!

Palpatine: No. It isn't.

--Chewbacca: ROWR.

Luke: No! It can't be true! It's not possible!

Chewbacca: ROWR, ROWR.


--Yoda: Training, with your old master. Qui-gon Jinn.

Obi-won: Qui-Gon! Really!

Yoda: No. Not really.

--Vader: Come to the dark side. We have Cookies!

Luke: Okay…..Wait! What kind of cookies?

Vader: One's with raisins.


Well, I hope you liked the second romp through hilarity. I will update, whenever I feel like it! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!