Reweave the Fabric of Time

Chapter 1: Sister Fate

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I do, however own the plot line and any, if any, original characters that appear within the story.

It seems dear friends that destiny has a made a mistake. A mistake that altered the world as you know it. You are unaware of it, but everything you've ever known for the past five years has been a lie. A mere shadow of what could have been was forced into spotlight.

I was never meant to happen and did .

Five years ago two people were murdered in the bouts betrayal so despicable that even I, fate, sneered in its wake. A man named Peter Pettigrew shown like a beacon to those around him, but through some unfortunate misunderstanding ...No hold on. Let me start at the beginning shall I?

A long time ago there was a group of students. These were no ordinary students just for the simple fact of WHAT they were. These children were witches and wizards. As you know, all witch and wizard children residing in Britain go to Hogwarts, a school for the magically gifted and it is here where everything went wrong.

Among these students, of which many of the greats would emerge, were five students in particular. Four of these were known as the Marauder, the best pranksters of their day. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew seemed to be unseperable during their Hogwarts days and when Lily Evans, the fifth student, joined their motley crew it seemed as if the groups' friendship would last forever. But it was not meant to be..Or it was, but as I said, destiny made a mistake.

Peter Pettigrew wasn't as loyal as he would seem. Through the innocent persuasion that he was nothing but a poor insufferable fool who could do very little compared to normal wizards, he fooled all. He was a great actor you see, betrayel was easy for him. As long as it promised him power and respect, he didn't care who got hurt in the process.Ultimately, nobody was supposed to be hurt. It was the rat in him you could say.

Peter joined Voldemort. An evil wizard that struck such fear in peoples' hearts that they even refused to say his NAME. It was then that the snivelling coward commited such an atrocity that he will be condemned to the very pits of Hell.

He betrayed them. Lily and James Potter, two of his supposed friends. He sowed a see of mistrust among the tight nit group and that led to their downfall. H ewould have succeeded all the way had I not stepped in. Harry Potter became the Boy-Who-Lived, but the price was too high. Lily and James dead, Sirius in the wizard's equivalent to Hell, and Remus wandering through life alone and confused as to how everything could go so wrong. I did my best over the years. I kept Sirius from insanity and Remus from the bottle, but in the end those were only temporary fixtures, an attempt at correcting my sister's wrong. Until now I had thought it all futile to fix such a monumental problem.

Until I looked at Harry Potter once again. He, a six year old, living amongst the hate of his relatives seemed to be the perfect candidate to go back. It was to him that I would leave this task.

The task to reweave the fabric of time.

I know a little odd, but bare with me okie. I like this one, it's giving me a lot of leway to move about in the story so I will probably continue this story.