Reweave the Fabric of Time

Chapter 17: Goodbye Harry

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Upon news of Voldemort's demise, wizards and witches around the world celebrated, but with the news came a wave of rumors.

Who had defeated the Dark Lord?

Some entertained the idea that Dumbledore had destroyed him, but that hope was quickly dashed when it was discovered that Dumbeldore was at the ministry during the attack.

Then thoughts went to Lily and James. This rumor was, again, quickly dispelled as they, although strong in their own right, had nowhere near the power needed to destroy such an evil.

Finally, the rumors landed on the only other occupant of the castle during voldemort's destruction. A small boy. Some said this was perpostrous, but stories and legends began to form about a boy with such power. How he overcame great odds to help those that he loved. They didn't know how close they were.

Fortunately, for them, James and the group managed to keep reporters out of the castle, so nobody had any visual image of his son whatsoever.

Days passed and Harry seemed as bright as ever. The adults knew that now that his task had been fulfilled he would have to go soon and had prepared for that moment. It made things easier though, the day Lily found that she was pregnant. Pregnant with a child she had already met.

It seemed that the day for Harry to go came all too soon however, when Lady Fate once again graced them with her presence.

"You have all faced your tasks brilliantly. Your futures are bright, but know this, don't get too cocky. You never know when sister Destiny can make another mistake." she smiled ruefully as they squirmed. Lily stepped forward nervously.

"Lady, what will happen to Harry?" Fate smiled.

"Harry will stay with me until it is time for him to be reborn. As of now the future he came from does not exist anymore, so he cannot return. When he is born he will not remember this life. He will have his gifts, remember, there are some you don't know about, and it is necessary for his scar to remain." She sighed at their confused looks. "Originally Harry recieved the scar by repelling the killing curse. At that point I could have removed it, had Voldemort really been dead, but now that Harry has repelled the curse twice his magic has encribed it into his core. It is unremovable." They nodded in understanding and gasped as they realized that Fate and Harry were starting to disappear. "We will be going now. Lead great lives and do not lose hope. I will be watching over you forever and for always."

Harry started waving madly, a goofy grin lighting his face. "Bye mummy! Bye Daddy! Bye Albus! Bye Uncle Paddy! Bye Uncle Remus! Tell Dinky I saw bye okay! I'll see you soon!"

With that they were gone.

Chapter 17 everybody! Yaay! thus ends the story!