My friend Riderriddle (some of you may know her as nirejseki) and I were talking, and she came up with this idea. It was so good, I had to put it in a drabble before it escaped. Now it's pinned down, and I can come back to it and play with it when I want. Muahahaha. (Although, disclaimer, I own neither universes. I just toy with what their brilliant writers have given us)

Actually, anyone who thinks they can turn this idea into a longer story, please, e-mail me. I'm not going to throw this out there for anyone to grab, because it's too good of an idea to be wasted on a Mary Sue or something, but please, if you think you can write a longer story on this, please get in touch with me. I'm no good at longer stories (as I'm sure you've all noticed - I'll update them soon, I promise!), but as long as I'm posting this, what the heck. It's a challange: write a multi-chapter (as in really long, don't try to get around this one) story based on this fic.

By the way, this is a true drabble, 100 words including the title. Please leave a little review!

Amberites, Feanorians

There was a really long moment of silence.

The particular moment at which that silence occurred was one of the most unlikely and unlucky events that could ever happen within the known universe.

The members of each family stood together, wondering. Were the newcomers friend or foe? Harm or help? Betrayers or to be trusted? Well, none of them would ever actually trust each other – on principle, if nothing else.

Finally, two stepped forward, the unspoken representatives. First contact.



Something clicked into place. They felt it, and smiled.

"The pleasure's mine."

All sanity cringed in anticipation.

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