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Chapter 1: Fairy Spell

"Oh my gosh Inuyasha is going to kill me!" Kagome said out loud as she ran around her room throwing random things into her yellow bag. "Oh my gosh!" Kagome said again as she quickly zipped it up and threw it across her shoulders.

She ran down her stairs and passed her mother in the kitchen. "Bye Mama!" Kagome said as she slipped on her shoes and rushed out the door.

She hadn't planned on staying two extra days. But she got so involved with a school festival that time slipped through her fingers. And when she woke up this morning and realized what day it was, she was horrified. Inuyasha hadn't wanted her to go home in the first place. But to accidentally stay longer than what was originally planned, was going to make a certain hanyou very angry.

"Gah..." Kagome said to herself as she pumped her legs harder. She ran down the stairs that lead to the well and leaped in. Landing on the other side with a thud, Kagome began climbing up the vines when voices overhead stopped her.

"Please! You are the greatest youkai in all the land!" Cried a voice that was soft and on the verge of tears.

"I have my own business to tend with. And this Sesshoumaru does not need to be bothered with your petty things." Said another cold and indifferent voice. Kagome gasped when she heard Sesshoumaru's voice.

"Why is he here?" Kagome whispered to herself as she slowly peered over the edge of the well.

The two were standing a few feet away. The sad youkai across from Sesshoumaru looked helpless. While Sesshoumaru looked cold and ready to swipe the twerp's head off. "How rude! You should help him!" Kagome said, a little too loudly.

Both snapped their heads up to stare at the miko. Sesshoumaru's eyes seemed to flash with anger, causing Kagome to swallow hard. "What a kind, virtuous woman!" Cried the tiny youkai, gaining strength in his voice. "Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands could learn a thing or two from this kind hearted soul."

Soon the youkai was surrounded by glitter and then out popped a fairy. Kagome gasped at what she saw. The fairy was beautiful. She was tall and slender her long blonde hair dazzling onto her pale skinned shoulders. She had midnight blue eyes that looked as if they could see into one's soul. Her dress hugged her body with a perfect fit, stopping just above her knees. It was decorated with flowers and vines, the greens swirling with a mystical look. On her back were small fairy wings. Her rose lips formed a perfect smile.

"I guess the other fairies were right about you, Sesshoumaru." Her high pitch voice rang out like bells, the air smelled of lilacs. "But I wanted to prove them wrong. I told the other fairies, 'If I present myself as a needy youkai, surely the great Sesshoumaru would help me.' But no." She glared at him. "You are the most selfish youkai I've ever come across."

"This Sesshoumaru has no time for you." Sesshoumaru said as he smirked and walked away.

"Stop!" The fairy yelled. But Sesshoumaru kept walking. Quickly she turned to Kagome. "You girl, what is your name?"

"Eh? Me?" Kagome pointed to herself, and looked around.

"Yes you!" The fairy said.

"Kagome." She answered simply while climbing out of the well. "Why?"

"I am the great fairy, Tsuki." She raised her wand high above her head.

"From the well a maiden did rise,

A maiden of purity and a heart of love, her sweet name of Kagome echoed throughout the land.

But she became bound to a creature who thought nothing but of himself and his own life."

She began to chant as glitter glowed around Kagome's right ankle. Sesshoumaru stopped walking, noticing his own left ankle was glowing.

"And until this creature of darkness and greed

Cares for the soul of this young maiden more than his own life

The two shall be bound eternally

Until death shall take them

And set them both free."

Tsuki finished her chant and the glitter around each ankle started to weave through the air and connect. Soon Kagome felt herself being dragged towards Sesshoumaru. She stopped on the ground in front of him and noticed a new chain. Quickly she stood up and looked down.

A chain about three feet long connected Sesshoumaru and Kagome to each other by their ankles. "No no no!" Kagome screamed in horror and looked at Tsuki who was smiling with triumph. "What have you done!" Kagome screamed at her.

"You better undo this, wench!" Sesshoumaru growled at the fairy.

"Why would I do that?" She smiled with joy. "This is a lesson you'll never forget!"

"Tsuki you don't understand!" Kagome looked at her with pleading eyes. "Sesshoumaru..." She glanced at him and then back at the mad fairy. "won't learn anything... HE WILL KILL ME." She said loudly.

"Silly girl, no he won't." Her happy face quickly changed into a hard glare directed towards Sesshoumaru. "Because if he does... he will have to drag your dead body around this world for the rest of his life." Her face return to a smile. "So he better make sure you don't die."

"How do we break this?" Kagome asked her.

"Didn't you hear the chant?" Kagome just stared at her and Tsuki sighed. "Sesshoumaru has to care for you more than his own life. Then the spell will be broken you two will be free!" Flower petals swirled around Tsuki. "Now I must leave, tata!" She said and then vanished.

Kagome stared at the empty air and then fell to her knees. i 'Ah! I'm never going to be free from Sesshoumaru! My life is over!' /i She thought in horror as images of Sesshoumaru glaring at her until she was old and gray flashed across her mind.

She felt a tug and soon she was being dragged across the forest floor. "Hey!" Kagome was now on her back getting dragged behind Sesshoumaru. "Hey!" She said a little more loudly. But Sesshoumaru did not stop. He didn't even turn around at the sound of her voice. "Bastard." Kagome mumbled as she grabbed the nearest tree trunk. With all of her might she wrapped her tiny arms around the trunk, forcing Sesshoumaru to come to a dead stop.

He whirled around and glared at her. His usual icy eyes flaming with burning anger. "Let go." He commanded in a stern voice that didn't take too well to disobedience.

"No!" Kagome hugged the tree harder, gulping as she did so.

"I said..." He took a step forward. "Let. Go." His voice sending shivers down Kagome's spine.

"And I said..." Kagome tried to muster up a strong voice, although under Sesshoumaru's intense glare it was becoming difficult. "...no." She said the

last word coolly, causing Sesshoumaru to stiffen.

"Alright." Sesshoumaru said tightly. He quickly leaned forward and grabbed Kagome's tiny body, throwing it over his shoulder. Kagome let out a yelp in surprise and soon began to struggle violently.

"Let me down! Let me down!" She said over and over again, while kicking and swinging her arms around. But Sesshoumaru kept walking, not paying any attention to her violent fit. "I need to tell Inuyasha what's going on!" She screamed, finally. "Please let me down!"

"Kagome!" A voice shouted from the forest. As if on cue, Inuyasha jumped in front of them.

Kagome felt Sesshoumaru's muscles become rigid at the sight of Inuyasha. She stoped struggling, hoping Sesshoumaru would set her down, but he didn't. "Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha yelled. "Let her go!"

"I haven't got the time to play with you little brother." Sesshoumaru snapped. "Get out of my damn way."

"Inuyasha wait Sesshoumaru isn't-" Kagome tried to explain but her voice was cut short.

"Hell no, bastard!" Inuyasha drew his sword. "Give me the girl! What do you want with her anyways? You already have a girl of your own. It isn't my fault you have to wait until she grown to get anything out of her!" Inuyasha spat.

Kagome felt the deep rumble of Sesshoumaru's growl. She could feel his aura swirling with anger. And she herself was getting furious about that comment Inuyasha had just made. "Inuyasha. Sit." Kagome said flatly and smirked at the sound of his body hitting the ground.

"Kagome, you bitch! I come here to save you and you 'sit' me!" Inuyasha yelled when the spell wore off.

"Save me?" Kagome snapped back and jump down from Sesshoumaru's shoulder, who surprisingly let her. She whirled around and glared at Inuyasha. "You are about two seconds too late, buddy." She crossed her arms and stared at him. "Do you actually think Sesshoumaru wants to kidnap me!"

Behind her, Sesshoumaru gave a slight smirk at the young miko standing in front of him.

"Like Mr. Lord of the Who Gives a Shit, wants me. Uh did you happen to see anything while you were on the ground?" Kagome snapped, her anger boiling.

"Uh..." Inuyasha stared at her blankly.

"Well look again. SIT!" Inuyasha fell to the ground and finally the chain that bound Sesshoumaru and Kagome together caught his amber eyes. "That's what I was trying to tell you but you had to get all macho!" Kagome glared daggers at him.

"What the hell happened!" Inuyasha yelled when he was able to stand again. "What did you do Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru let out a deep growl. "Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled his name, causing his angry amber eyes to focus on her. "Let's be smart here! Why would Sesshoumaru chain me TO HIMSELF? A tree, maybe. Another demon, possibly. But HIMSELF?" Kagome's voice rose in volume. She was getting irritated by Inuyasha's stupid nature and by his willingness to jump on Sesshoumaru's case without trying to solve the current problem at hand.

Behind Kagome, Sesshoumaru let a small smirk play on his lips; Kagome felt the anger from his aura depleting and his low growl gone. "Well what the hell happened?" Inuyasha spat angrily. "Stop your damn yelling and tell me dammit!"

"Some mad fairy did this!" Kagome said, frustrated. "I don't know why the hell she did it, she just did."

"A fairy?" Inuyasha sheathed his sword and kicked the chain. "Maybe Miroku can use his monk powers to undo this." Inuyasha mumbled, still gazing at the chain.

"Now you're thinking." Kagome smiled.

And as if on cue, Miroku, Sango, Shippou, and Kiara burst through the forest. "Kagome!" They called at her. The group stopped behind Inuyasha and soon their gaze fell on the demon standing behind Kagome. They warily glanced from Sesshoumaru to Kagome.

"Kagome-chan are you alright?" Sango asked hesitantly.

"Yes, I mean no, I mean look." She pointed to the chain and everyone stared.

"Kagome-chan!" Sango gasped and met Kagome's sapphire gaze. "What happened?"

"A fairy did this." Kagome repeated. "Miroku is their any way that you can undo this?"

"Hmm..." He knelt down and touched the chain. "This has to be a work of a 'great fairy'." He muttered to himself. "Usually they chant a rhyme or poem when they cast spells. Do you remember the chant?" Miroku stood and peered at Kagome.

"Oh um... It went... something like... 'From the well a maiden did rise...' and then something about my name and heart of purity..." Kagome stopped, trying to recall the spell.

"What about the end? What did the end say?" Miroku pressed.

"Uh.." Kagome snapped her fingers. "Oh yeah! It said, 'And until this creature of darkness and greed, Cares for the soul of this young maiden more than his own life, The two shall be bound eternally, Until death shall take them, And set them both free.'" Kagome sighed. "So..."

"I can't break it." Miroku said bluntly. "Only Sesshoumaru can."

"And Tsuki." Kagome added.

"Which is why we are leaving." Sesshoumaru said, finally speaking up. He had heard enough talk and began to walk past Inuyasha.

"Hey!" Kagome fell as Sesshoumaru began to drag her. "Stop!" Kagome screamed. She grabbed the nearest tree trunk again and held on, causing Sesshoumaru to stop and whirl around.

"We can go through this again, miko." He spat coolly. "I will carry your human ass, if I must." He began to walk forward.

"Sesshoumaru..." Inuyasha growled and unsheathed his sword once more.

"Tell me where we are going!" Kagome demanded. "I deserve to know, jez."

"Isn't it obvious?" Sesshoumaru stated as he swooped down and scooped Kagome up. This time Kagome didn't struggle, but gave a long aggravated sigh. Smirking, Sesshoumaru turned to Inuyasha, almost smiling at the jealous rage going on in Inuyasha's eyes. "I must borrow your wench now, Inuyasha. But don't worry dear brother you still have that dead worthless whore Kikyou to play with."

Inuyasha growled. "Kikyou isn't a whore."

"Oh thanks for sticking up for me Inuyasha, I mean I guess I'm a wench." Kagome said, a little hurt. Inuyasha blushed. "Let's go Sesshoumaru. You can put me down now."

But Sesshoumaru held on tighter as he morphed into a white ball of speeding light, and raced across the forest.

"Should we go after them?" Shippou hopped onto Inuyasha's shoulder and gazed into the direction Sesshoumaru just left. "Where are they going anyways?" He asked no one in particular.

"Fairy Fountain. Where all the fairies dwell watching over the land of Japan." Miroku said knowingly. He put his hand on Inuyasha's stiff shoulder. "Let's go, Inuyasha. We'll reach Kagome eventually."

"I don't want that bastard touching her!" Inuyasha yelled and then ran after Sesshoumaru.

"Inuyasha has anger problems." Shippou had jumped from Inuyasha's shoulder to Miroku's.

"Yup." Miroku sighed and soon they began to follow after the jealous crazed hanyou.

End of Chapter

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