Chapter 26: The Happily Ever After Life

Kagome watched the gray clouds gather in the sky. The weatherman predicted snow, but Kagome hadn't seen the first flake. It was winter, Kagome was eighteen and in collage. A year and a few months had past since she found Sesshoumaru and regained her lost memories. A year and a few months of total bliss.

Well, it wasn't exactly bliss. Since Kagome was still only sixteen-going on seventeen-when she and Sesshoumaru were reunited, Kagome thought it would be the best idea to keep their relationship on a low profile for awhile. She had also needed time to convince her mother and friends she wasn't a mental case.

It didn't take long to do that, however. Since the arrival of Sesshoumaru, Kagome had immediately began to take back her girlish shine. Her raven hair sparkled beautifully in the sun and her creamy ivory skin no longer had a pale look about it. She had taken back her angelic beauty.

And it just wasn't the physical change that convinced Kagome's family and friends that she was better, it was also the mental change. Kagome would no longer zone out anymore and her smile was large and radiant as ever. She laughed more and expressed her feelings more. And everyone around Kagome knew she was back to her old self again-even better now.

Now Kagome felt it was time for everyone to meet Sesshoumaru. Of course her friends knew she was seeing someone, but they didn't know how serious it was. Kagome had slowly let her mother into the fact that she was seriously dating someone. First she told her mom that she met a really great guy and he wanted to take her out, then she told her that they were dating, just the other day she told her mother that she and Sesshoumaru were in a serious relationship.

Of course Kagome's mother was thrilled to hear the news. She had met Sesshoumaru a couple of times and thought he was a dream come true for her daughter. But she didn't think it was that serious. She just thought it was a typical collage romance. Of course, eventually she would come to realize the relationship was for keeps but Kagome didn't really worry about that now.

What was mostly on Kagome's mind was being with Sesshoumaru. The hardest thing for Kagome to do was kiss Sesshoumaru goodnight, climb her stairs and crawl into her bed alone. That was the worst thing for Kagome over the past year. Having to watch Sesshoumaru's car drive away from her bedroom window.

How she longed for the day when she would live with Sesshoumaru at his castle and sleep in his strong arms every night. Kagome kept telling Sesshoumaru that things were done differently in her era. Just because you had sex didn't mean you were mates for life. No, in her time there were courtships and engagements and then weddings. The ring on the finger meant that it was final.

But he had shown no signs of taking that step. And it was what worried Kagome the most. Not that she would lose him... she didn't worry about that she just worried that maybe him living in her time had changed his mind about always and forever.

"Miss Higurashi have you heard that a watch pot never boils?" The teacher's voice snapped Kagome out of her thoughts. Students snickered and giggled. "Watching the clouds won't produce snow Kagome."

"Yes I know..." Kagome sighed and rested her head on her hand as she pretend to listen to what her teacher was saying.


Kagome pulled her black beanie of her long raven hair. She had grown it out and now it reached all the way down her back. Slipping on her gloves and quickly putting on her jacket Kagome grabbed her books and headed out of class as the bell rang, dismissing all the students.

Walking out of the building, Kagome faced the bitter cold as it seemed to bite off her tiny nose. She hugged her books to chest and picked up her speed, quickly walking off campus. Turning the corner she saw a familiar figure leaning against the tall cement wall that surrounded her collage. His arms were crossed and his face held his usual indifferent facade.

But as their eyes met Kagome couldn't miss the spark that ignited in his golden orbs. He was happy to see her. He didn't show it, but Kagome knew just from looking at him.

Pushing all worries aside, Kagome ran to him as fast as she could. Because of mid-terms Kagome had been locked in her room studying for the past two weeks and hadn't really seen that much of Sesshoumaru. Now with the semester over, her time was free and she couldn't wait to spend it with him.

Dropping her books next to him, she fell into his arms laughing. "I've missed my Snookums!" She giggled as he leaned down to kiss her.

Giving a smirk, Sesshoumaru bent over and picked up Kagome's books. "Let's put these up and then we can do your... Christmas shopping." Sesshoumaru grunted.

"Oh, it's so nice that you agreed to go shopping with me, my love." Kagome linked her arm in his. "For I dearly need a bag holder."

Sesshoumaru gave another grunt.

After putting away her books in Sesshoumaru's car, the two began walking the streets of Japan, arm in arm. They stopped in little shops here and there picking up items for Kagome's family and friends.

"I wonder if it'll snow anytime soon." Kagome said as they left a shop and began walking outside again. She looked at the gray snow clouds, hoping for a hint of snow flurries.

"Why would you want it to snow?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"I like snow." Kagome protested. "It's pretty."

"It's cold." Sesshoumaru countered back.

"It's fun." Kagome said.

"It's wet." Sesshoumaru pointed out and Kagome sighed.

"Whatever. I just want it to--hey what's this?" Kagome stopped in front of a large window and pressed her hands and face against it as she peered inside. "Oh! It's chocolate!" She squealed.

"Kagome you look like a beggar." Sesshoumaru said.

"Oh Sesshou, let's go inside and get some!" Kagome smiled at him and then went into the shop. Sesshoumaru gave an inward sigh and followed her in. As she peered in the cases full of chocolate goodies, Sesshoumaru took a seat at a table and watched her.

"Hm... these look good." She mumbled to herself as she stopped in front of a case with caramel dipped in chocolate.

"Yeah, those are really good." said a voice next to her.

Kagome looked over and saw Hojo standing next to her, leaning against the case smiling down at her. Flashing him a smile in return Kagome turned towards him and said, "Hojo-kun! It's been forever since I've seen you! How have you been?"

"Pretty good. I've been busy with collage and Mes-"

"Kagome." Mesuinu appeared behind Hojo and made her way in front of him, blocking him from Kagome. Crossing her arms she gave a smudged smile. "How's life been treating you, check yourself into a mental institution yet?"

Kagome gave a large smile, "Actually, no Mesuinu I haven't. But after seeing you again, I might think about doing that." She said through gritted teeth.

"You know me and Hojo-kun," She stepped back and intertwined her arms around his arm and held him possessively, "Are engaged now. He's working for his father and is going to make millions. Too bad you lost him to me."

"So Mesuinu did they ever figure out why you have such poor memory? I mean is it genetic or maybe a disease? Because I thought I told you that I never like Hojo like that." Kagome pretended to think as she made the cut down to Mesuinu. Throughout the exchanged, Hojo gave a uncomfortable look towards the floor.

Mesuinu's lips tightened into a thin line. "And what are you doing these days, Kagome? Sitting alone in your room wishing you had a love life?"

Suddenly Sesshoumaru came and stood behind Kagome, he wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned down to her ear and said, "Find what you want yet?" He then looked up and pretended to just now notice Hojo and Mesuinu.

"Sesshoumaru let me introduce you to some of my old classmates, Mesuinu and Hojo. Guys this is Sesshoumaru... my boyfriend." Kagome relished the look of intense jealousy that flashed into Mesuinu's eyes as she gazed at the handsome Sesshoumaru.

Giving a slight bow in their direction, Sesshoumaru looked down at Kagome, "Ready?"

Casting a wicked smile is Mesuinu's direction, Kagome replied, "Yeah nothing in here is real appealing to me." And with that the couple turned and left.

Once they were outside Kagome gave a loud laugh and wrapped both arms around Sesshoumaru's torso as the two began walking down the sidewalk. Sesshoumaru slid one arm around Kagome's back and carried her shopping bags in the other.

"That was great. I've been waiting to let that bitch have it for so long now. That in there was priceless." Kagome laughed again. "The look on her face was priceless."

Sesshoumaru smirked. Suddenly a small child ran in front of them and began looking around frantically. He had tears streaming down his tiny face. He must have been five or six years old and he looked frightened out of his mind. Kagome broke away from Sesshoumaru and went to the little boy. Kneeling down she touched his shoulder and he turned to her.

"What's the matter?" Kagome asked sympathetically.

"I can't... I can't... find... my mom..." He said between sobs. "She... she sent me out... out of the store because I was being noisy and told me to sit on the bench and wait for her." Kagome wiped his tears as he explained his story. "But... but then I saw a lizard and started chasing it and now I can't... I can't find the store!" He sob uncontrollably.

"Hey it's ok." Kagome patted his back gently. Her tone was soft and sweet. It seem to calm the boy down. "We'll help you find your mom again. My name's Kagome, what's yours?"

The little boy sniffed. "Karuson." He answered.

"Alright Karuson, now tell me about the store. What did it look like?" Kagome knealt down and brushed back Karuson's bangs.

"It was brick." Karuson sniffed again. "And...and there was a really big window next to the door."

Kagome gave a silent sigh. Most of these stores were brick and had really big windows next to the door. She needed him to be more specific. "What was in the window?" She asked suddenly.

"Um... a bunch of statues and this really old painting." He used his sleeve to wipe his nose. "Mommy said that the stuff in there was really old and special and that I shouldn't touch it because it would break."

A light bulb seemed to go on in Kagome's head. He was talking about the antique store right down the street. Kagome had just been in there not too long ago and saw a young mother hassling with two little boys. "I think I know where you're talking about, follow me." She grabbed the little boy's hand and headed into the direction of the antique store.

Sesshoumaru followed as a silent spectator, watching the gentle way Kagome handled the small boy.

Halfway there a woman not too much older than Kagome frantically looked up and down the street. Her black hair was in a tussle and her eyes were wide with panic. 'That must be his mother.' Kagome mused to herself. She had another child attached to her hip as she yelled out something.

They were too far away to hear, but as soon as Kagome could make out the woman yelling, "Karuson!" She immediately shouted back.

"Ma'am!" She called out loudly. "I found your son!" Over the multitude of people the two women locked eyes and Kagome felt a shudder of recognition. The woman looked exactly like Sango.

"Mommy!" Karuson shouted once he caught sight of his mother.

The woman made her way down to them. "Karuson!" She said with relief as tears flooded her eyes. Setting her other child down she went over and hugged Karuson fiercely. "Don't ever scare mommy like that again." She commanded.

"I'm sorry mommy." Karuson said remorsefully. When the two pulled away, Karuson eyes lit up. "Kagome-neechan saved me, mommy!" He stepped back and hugged Kagome's leg who patted his head affectionately. The woman got to her feet and took Kagome's hands gratefully.

"I am so glad you found him, and not someone else. I told him to wait outside for his father to come back from the store next door, but when I went to check on him, he wasn't there." Tears filled her eyes again. "I got so scared I didn't know what to do."

"I can't even imagine." Kagome said sympathetically.

"Oh listen to me, I haven't even introduced myself! My name is Sango." She gave a slight bow. "And you are Kagome, the hero of the day." The statement made Kagome blush lightly.

"Not really." Kagome couldn't help but stare at the woman in front of her. She was a spitting image of Sango, with some differences. Suddenly a man appeared. Kagome stared at him now; he was the spitting image of Miroku.

"Hi." Kagome said softly.

The couple didn't notice her shock. "So what's going on here? A block party? Was I invited?" He teased.

"Kagome I would like you to meet my husband, Miroku." Sango then turned to Miroku and told him the whole story of how Karuson got lost and Kagome found him.

"Wow." He gazed at Kagome with an astonished smile. "All this drama and I was in there looking for shoes." He shook his head. "I'm just glad my little man was ok. Thank you so much Kagome."

Kagome blushed again and kicked at imaginary dirt. "It was nothing." She mumbled.

"Well we better get going; it was nice meeting you Kagome." The couple smiled and turned away.

"Way to be Mr. Silent." Kagome said sarcastically as they turned away as well.

"Talking isn't my thing." Sesshoumaru said as he slid his arm around Kagome.

"So were they the reincarnations of Miroku and Sango?" Kagome asked.

"It would appear so." Sesshoumaru commented. "I wonder if Inuyasha is here."

"Kami I hope not." Kagome gave a groan. "I can't wait until I have kids." She gave a dreamy sigh and then cast a sideways glance in Sesshoumaru's direction. He didn't say anything or give any reactions. Kagome sighed. What was the use?

They went back to his car and Sesshoumaru drove Kagome home. When they got there he walked her to her house and stopped at the doorway. "Dinner tonight?" Kagome gave a silent nod. "Pick you up at seven." He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss and then went back to his car.

Kagome sighed as she watched him drive away. He had been acting so distant the past couple of days, Kagome wondered if something was wrong. Shaking her head, she opened the door and stepped into the warmth of her house. Whatever it was, eventually it would come into the light. For now Kagome just had to wait and be there for Sesshoumaru as much as possible.

Maybe he was homesick. It was a big change for him to turn into a human and live the rest of his days in Kagome's era. After all he went from being the most feared and respected youkai in all the land, to the thing he thought was the most disgraceful, a human.

"Who knows?" Kagome muttered as she went upstairs to wrap her presents and change.


Looking in the mirror Kagome gave herself a final check over. She was wearing a sapphire dress that stopped just below her knees but swooped down in the back that stopped just above her ankles. It was halter top style so Kagome grabbed a warm coat that perfectly matched her dress. Her black hair cascaded down her delicate shoulders beautifully. She was definitely a lovely sight.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Kagome looked in the mirror and then headed downstairs. She opened the door with a smile. "Hey there-" But stopped when she saw man with a beard and chauffeurs hat. "Hi." Kagome said awkwardly.

"Master Sesshoumaru requested that I pick you up." The man's voice was odd and Kagome felt as if she knew him. "In that." He stepped to side for Kagome to see a black limo parked out front.

"Wow..." She said in amazement. Just what kind of night did Sesshoumaru have planned?

The man led Kagome to the limo and opened the door for her. Slipping inside, Kagome felt like a queen. She looked out the window as the drove to Sesshoumaru's house. All of her worries seemed to fade away.

Once they reached his house, the man parked the limo and then went around to open the door. As Kagome stepped outside she saw a trail of rose petals leading around the castle and to the back. Giving a grin at the driver she asked, "Follow these?" The driver nodded and Kagome began her journey, following the rose petal road.

She let the night air caress her skin. She was freezing, no doubt, but the anticipation of what Sesshoumaru was planning was making her heart bubble with joy. And the joy created a fire in her. It took her awhile, but finally Kagome turned the corner and entered the back gardens. Her breath caught in her throat at what she saw.

In the middle of the garden path was a table and two chairs. All around were the trees that were bare because of the winter. However twinkling lights filled their branches, making the area glow.

Kagome followed the path right to the table. Looking around Sesshoumaru was no where to be seen. Kagome crossed her arms for warmth and looked down at the table. On it was a single rose. Its bud had not yet bloomed. Kagome picked it up and held it close. Suddenly the petals began to unfold. She watched in amazement as the little bud bloomed into a gorgeous rose.

And in the middle, was a diamond ring.

A note was next to where the rose had lay, Kagome gingerly picked it up and read:

To my beloved Kagome:

Our love started out like a rose bud, nothing but a promise that it might grow. And it has, my Kagome, it has bloomed into a beautiful flower that will never die. Always and forever shall this Sesshoumaru love you.


Snowflakes gently began to fall as Kagome tenderly picked up the ring. She slowly looked up at the sky. The gray snow clouds rolled away, showing millions of stars. And in the millions of stars, someone had written a message with them.

"Marry me." Is what the stars read.

Hot tears flowed from Kagome's eyes. She let out a laugh. Sesshoumaru really knew how to make a woman's heart melt. She felt arms encircle her from behind. "Yes." She whispered as she leaned against Sesshoumaru. "Yes." She repeated.

Sesshoumaru slowly turned her around and slipped the ring on her finger. He kissed her hand. They gazed deeply into each other's eyes. "Sir?" A voice said behind Sesshoumaru, interrupting their romantic moment, "Would you like me to bring the car around back, or rearrange the stars again?"

Kagome gave the man a puzzled look. And then she stared into the man's twinkling midnight blue eyes. Wait a second... this wasn't a man! "Tsuki!" Kagome squealed. The "man" began to laugh and then "he" rose into the air and gave a twirl, their form changed into a fairy. Haruka appeared next to her. Kagome gave out a laugh as she went to hug them.

"I knew Sesshoumaru had to have had some magical help with this one." Kagome wiped the tears from her face. "He is truly romantic isn't he?" Kagome smiled sweetly as the girls gave an 'awww'.

"Still here." Sesshoumaru grunted.

The girls laughed. "We'll leave you two alone. Have fun, Mrs. Sesshoumaru." Tsuki gave a wink and soon they were gone.

Kagome slowly turned around and met Sesshoumaru's golden orbs. "How long have you been planning this?" They were a couple of feet apart, so Kagome took one step forward.

"Since the day I found you. I just had to wait for the right moment." Sesshoumaru responded and also took a step forward.

"The right moment?" Kagome gave a smirk. "Took you quite a long time to find that right moment." She took another step.

"You also had to be legal." Sesshoumaru mirrored her smirk. "After all, I'm twenty-five in human years. That's seven years older than you, my love." He took another step.

"Sounds like a scandal." Kagome said seductively. "What will my mother say?"

"She already said yes." They were inches apart now.

Kagome gave a shocked expression. "You asked her?"

"Of course." Sesshoumaru enfolded her in his arms. He leaned down and started to kiss her neck. "I never got a chance to ask her the first time." He whispered against her neck with his warm breath.

Kagome closed her eyes and leaned against him. A soft moaned escaped her lips. "Not fair..." She said as his lips moved up and down her neck. "You are pulling out all the right moves tonight."

"Let's skip dinner." Sesshoumaru whispered into her ear.

"Fine by me." Kagome said breathlessly. The two made their way upstairs.



Within the next month Kagome had moved into Sesshoumaru's house. They planned their wedding for the summer, where they would have it at the beach (much to Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi pleading) when Kagome was nineteen. Kagome had graduated collage when she was twenty and after that she just worked for Sesshoumaru and his business as his personal secretary. (-)

By the time Kagome turned twenty-one they had their first child, a little girl by the name of Tsuki. The fairy Tsuki was thrilled and was a regular visitor to the little baby. One year later they had their second child, a little boy by the name of Inutaisho, after Sesshoumaru's father.

Sango and Miroku became fast friends with Sesshoumaru and Kagome and the couple was a regular visitor at their house. Karuson was a very good helper with the two babies, and really enjoyed playing with Inutaisho as he grew up.

Seven years had gone by since Kagome and Sesshoumaru got married. After tucking her kids into bed, Kagome went to her room. Sesshoumaru was sitting in bed, reading a novel. Kagome crawled in next to him and laid her head on his lap.

"Do you remember how we first met?" Kagome asked as Sesshoumaru raked his fingers through her hair.

"Of course." He said, as he put down the book. "Why?"

"It's just sometimes I get so wrapped up in this life, I forget about the feudal era and what happened over there. It just becomes a distant memory." Kagome said sadly.

"But you keep them alive." Sesshoumaru pointed out.

"How?" Kagome asked, confused.

"The stories you tell the children at night before they go to bed. About the miko who fell in a well and met a cold-hearted youkai on the other side." Sesshoumaru whispered.

"And she won his heart." Kagome said with a smile.

"As he did hers." Sesshoumaru reached over and turned off the lamp. He laid down next to Kagome as she rested her head on his chest. "I guess the youkai will forever remain chained to the miko."

"Ah yes, the physical chain broke, but not the one that ties the heart." Kagome said with a chuckle. "Goodnight, Snookums."

"Goodnight, my mate." Sesshoumaru said with a smirk. He kissed her head and then closed his eyes. There was no place in the world he would rather be, than next to this wonderful creature named Kagome. Ka-go-me.

The End


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