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Jared crouched down, leaning back against brick. His hood covered his face, the shadow of it and the dancing ones that the various fires cast on the wall behind him making it certain his face wasn't even glimpsed. Pale, milky blue eyes seemed to glow like neon lights though. They watched the people around him, taking in so many sights.

He had never been around so many humans at once. He had never been around any other vampires, besides Father. So tonight was a new experience. He was soaking it all in. The young male was fascinated by everything, and so his eyes darted all over the place. Jared made sure he missed nothing.

It wasn't that there was a whole lot to see. At least in most people's eyes. It seemed like a boring, sad night in the lives of junkies, crack whores, bums, beggars, drunkards, and dealers. It was the normal nightlife of the seedy population in the city.

However, to Jared, this was all brand new. This was something he had only heard about, and never much. The seedy crowd's nocturnal life wasn't a popular conversation topic. Jared was pretty sure he knew why, but he found it fascinating all the same. Anything that wasn't the lab, the scientists and doctors, the familiars, Father, pain, experiments, needles, drugs, anything that wasn't his only place to call home, anything besides all of that, was fascinating.

Jared had been fascinated by the people he had taken some of his current clothing from. A few items were from vampires, and they hadn't fascinated him. He had been too intent on feeding on them and killing those like Father to be curious about them. But the humans he'd taken from, they had piqued his curiosity. He had studied them for a while before taking and feeding.

He found that it was only right that he wear the clothing of vampires and junkies. Vampires deserved death, and were nothing but parasites. Junkies were seen as parasites and in many ways were. Jared shared something with both. The thirst, the craving. He had the bloodlust of the vampires, only it was made worse than the need for the fix humans sought out with their drugs.

So it was only right that now he played the part of a junkie waiting for his dealer, or just sitting through his latest high. But at the moment he was watching, studying, taking everything in. His mind soaked all of it up, filing all the information away. All the sights, sounds, scents, every sensation was stored away and named. Jared pretended to be a junkie, but right now he was just enjoying the show he was in.