Title: Death and the Slayer

Author: Jade Hunter

Disclaimer: None of the characters or properties of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Highlander belong to me.

A.N.: So...yeah.

It was a chilly night, and his coat probably would have afforded him more protection from the elements had he buttoned it up. Seeing as how he was in a cemetery in the dead of the night, however, Methos had long decided that the chill was a small price to pay if it meant a quicker draw of his sword. As a man who had made it his business to survive - and as someone who was damn good at it - Methos had to admit that even the familiar comfort of the hilt of his sword wouldn't have been enough to keep him here any other night.

But tonight, he was here with her, and that was enough, even when the familiar hilt of his sword was not.

She was beautiful.

Well, she was always beautiful, but it was a different kind of beauty that marked her tonight. The moon was out, and even as the shadows sought to embrace her like a lover, she glittered hard and deadly in the moonlight. A beacon of hope for some, a sign of death for others, she was an utterly different creature now than she was twelve hours ago.

During the day, she was just as human was everyone else, struggling to make it another day in a world filled with problems on top of problems. More than that, something seemed to sap a little bit of the fire and confidence inside of her when the sun rose. Demons and vampires, she could handle without batting an eyelash. The intricacies of the real world, she had yet to master. But by the light of the moon, she regained control, and her true brilliance was made clear. The little problems that accumulated over the course of the day had dropped from her shoulders with the setting of the sun; and in the reprieve that the moon granted her, she became a force of nature itself.

Being out here, cold and wary, jumping at every little snap of a twig...it was all worth it, to be able to see her like this, as free as she was meant to be.