Amethyst Meets Crystalline

Summary: After the incident of being raped by Azura, Florian was visited by Noir who slaps reality back to the blonde's face. Reminding him that he is still in Noir's possession. Only this time, Noir plays rough... and not even Florian have the strength to fight him back. Happens after vol.3 & 4


By: Klyukaizer

Draped with only one soft blanket on a cold night, two lovers sat together with arms wrapped around each other. An ebony-haired man sat behind with his arms tightly secured around the blonde's waist who was sitting with his back against the black-haired man's chest.

Florian du Rochefort was sound asleep in Kaitou Noir's arms, while the Masked thief looked up at the bright full moon outside the blonde's bedroom window. He never thought that he would actually resolve into drastic measures worse than Azura's, but did ended up hurting the object of his affection. But nonetheless, it turned out well for the both of them.

"Mnngghh." The blonde moaned in his slumber, his head twisting and turning. Noir simply smiled and slowly pulled the blonde's head deeper into the nape of his neck. He had come to realize that he didn't want to lose the Rochefort. He would risk anything and everything just to have the blonde safe in his arms like this -- always.

"N-Noi-r, no-- S-Stop..." Florian moaned once again, making the younger man chuckle at the blonde's actions. "Hey. Are you having a wet dream?" Noir laughed as he leaned down to the blonde's face, kissing him by the forehead. "I love you..." Florian suddenly murmured, making the thief behind him speechless for a moment. "You do, huh?" Noir smirked, feeling as if a goofy grin was about to plaster from his face.

The Masked Thief looked up into the moon once again and felt that the moon was piercing unto his own eyes. "Just like yours..." Noir muttered softly to the sleeping man without looking at him. He slowly ushered himself away from the blonde, careful not to wake him up, and was about to head to washroom but was stopped when Florian's eyes opened slowly.

"Ah, I'm sorry I woke you up!" Noir grinned widely as he saw the blonde shaking his head in no big deal. "I was half-asleep all the time..." Florian answered, "...I wasn't having a wet dream obviously!" The blonde fumed, making the thief snicker silently to himself as he proceeded to the washroom.

Florian stared blankly into the retreating figure of the black-haired thief as he smiled to himself sadly. Are things going to change between them from now on? Or will it stay the same? He didn't want things to change that fast. But why did it feel that he wanted Noir and him to be different towards each other from now on as well? Frankly speaking, he was pretty confused about his situation right now.

The blonde looked at his naked body under the thin silky blanket that was dangling loosely over his frail body, and felt his face turning crimson all of a sudden.

Somehow, his fear towards the Blue Devil of Meghreb vanished the moment The Masked Noir molested him tonight. But molested isn't exactly the right word. Sex? Love-making? Florian blushed inwardly to himself. He had to admit, even though Noir had assaulted him in a much more painful way than Azura did, he gladly enjoyed it... Somehow, he was starting to get addicted to the feeling.

"Oi!" Florian was jerked back into his senses as he looked up to black and firm eyes. "What're you muttering about?" Noir raised an eyebrow, making the blonde stagger in reply. "N-N-Nothing! J-Just thinking s'all!" Florian answered quickly. "Hmmm..." Noir grinned with an evil suspicious look etched all over his face. "D-D-Don't look at me like that!" Florian stuttered.

Noir instantly crawled on top of Florian's body and whispered into the blonde's ear, "Want to have another go? I won't be so merciful this time, Florian." Noir whispered seductively, nipping on Florian's earlobe. "Aaaahh! Get away from me, you pervert!" Florian whined, pushing the thief as far away as possible.

"Kid-ding." Noir laughed out loud as Florian blushed redder than a tomato, "Aaaaahhhh! NOIR!" The blonde was suddenly silenced when Noir drew closer and pulled him into a deep kiss. "Shh... You'll wake the others up." Noir whispered warningly, smacking on Florian's lips and sucking unto them for a long time. "Just shut up and kiss me." Florian finally said, pulling Noir by the back of the head and deepening the kiss.

"Mmmnn... Nice..." Noir moaned in the middle of the lip-lock. Florian laughed softly at that comment as his hand reached up to the thief's face, caressing them gently.

Their contact was soon ended when Noir felt he saw something glimmer on top of the blonde's bedside table out of the corner of his eyes. And when he looked to the furniture, he found the sapphire diamond, which Florian found before. "You still have that?" Noir asked, looking at the priceless diamond. "Yeah, it looked really pretty and it reminded me of someone." Florian answered with a soft smile.

Noir felt a little nervous as the blonde said those words. "Who knows? Maybe I can even sell it and gain enough to cover some of my debts... if you're really anxious to collect your debts, Mr. Rei Balzac Courland." Florian smirked at his joke. But somehow, his teasing didn't make the thief irritated. Instead, the powerful man before him grew silent.

"Noir?" Florian called as he looked up to the man.


"Don't leave me..." Noir whispered suddenly, making Florian blink in awe, "Eh? What do you mean?" Florian asked. "That blue diamond... is capable of buying out the Black Hand; capable of buying every other single diamond in the whole world; capable of buying you... your freedom." Florian gasped as he saw the tears slowly running down from Noir's eyes.

He had only seen Noir like this for two times. He hadn't thought that he would actually be the cause to Noir's tears once again. Florian smiled as he looked up softly to the Masked thief, "Is this why... you have kept this from me for so long?" Florian asked, reaching his hands up to brush away the tears from flooding Noir's eyes. Noir hesitantly nodded but succumbed anyway.

"If I would've wished for my freedom..." Florian paused, "...Would you grant it to me?" Florian nearly broke when he saw Noir trembling on top of him, not being able to stand the tears that were freely falling from his eyes down to Florian's face.

Noir didn't want to let go. He didn't know why he even bothered to tell Florian the truth. Why did his heart have to push his mind into doing the right thing? Why did he allow his love to wash over his selfishness of keeping the blonde all to himself?


That was the simplest answer. Short and meaningful.

And Florian completely understood how the black-haired man felt. "Thank you for telling me, Noir..." Florian whispered as he smiled, pulling Noir's tearstained face down to him and kissing him passionately. But as soon as they broke off from the kiss, Noir's tears momentarily stopped.

"...But I don't want to buy my freedom."

Florian answered softly, making Noir's eyes widen so suddenly. "Because... I want to remain yours..." The blonde said. "I want to remain close to you..."

"I want to remain..."

"...As the one who will love you for all eternity." Florian smiled.

"Baka." Noir instantly wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist, crushing his lips into Florian's below him as Florian did the same. Florian circled his arms around the black-haired man's neck and pulled him tightly, not leaving gaps between their bodies. They just want this moment to last forever. As soon as they broke off from the contact, Florian looked up to his lover dreamily.

"Just as I thought, you're still a kid." Florian giggled, making Noir pout on top of him. "Whatever. If I didn't tell you the truth, then I would have you all to myself!" Noir said in a bratty manner. "Selfish brat." Florian muttered, but smirked as a sudden idea came to him. "This calls for blackmail purposes." Florian snickered as he took the diamond into his hand. "I'll have you do anything as I say."

Noir fumed playfully, "You wouldn't dare."

"Try me."

"Then I'll hide that stupid diamond somewhere where you can't find it!" Noir countered.

"Fine. Keep the diamond. I can always run away and trust me, I'll never come back!" Florian snapped, not realizing that he had hurt Noir by that statement. But soon realized that it was too late to counter what he had said before. For the first time, Noir looked as if he had just lost all hope and that there was nothing he could do about it.

"It was a joke." Florian said.

No reply.

"Noir..." Florian whined worriedly.


"I was just teasing you, okay? I didn't mean it!" Florian snapped as he embraced the man on top of him tightly. "I told you before didn't I? That I will be the one to love you for all eternity?" Florian repeated, "Damn it! I'll even throw the diamond away tomorrow!" Florian finally said, making the thief laugh suddenly.

"Works every time." Noir snickered.


Knock. Knock.

"Florian? Is everything okay in there? Are you having a nightmare?" Noir and Florian exchanged shock looks and realized that they were both still butts naked under the sheets.


"Laila!" They gasped in unison.

"I'm coming in, okay?"

"A-Ah! Laila, don't--" The door slowly swung open and soon, the night was filled with Laila's high-pitched scream that was powerful enough to wake the dead up.