Amarezza Dolce

- a fan fiction written by Meeko Melodie

Warning: No JP in this fiction. Sorry if this offend anyone out there.

Meeko: If this looks familiar to you, don't panic. I'm just rewriting one of my old (and lame.. ha-ha...) Digimon fiction called "Betrayal". But many things will be changed so just read it anyway, okay? Hopefully, this will be better than my old one (because I notice I didn't write much detail in there).

Five years had gone by, the gang is now in high school. And in high school years, things seemed to get a little more complex than when you're young. Kouji and Izumi is an item; Takuya couldn't help but feel that sneaky jealousy beneath him; Kouichi has a suspicious he might be falling for his brother's girlfriend. What would these confused teenagers do? Hurt each other in order to gain what they wish? Or choose to suffer alone to create happiness for friends?

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, or its wonderful characters. The only thing I own is the plot, and an Edward Elric plushie.

Chapter One: Sweet Memory

The rush of the ocean echoed wonderfully in his ears; the waltzing sea breeze teased his cobalt locks, which he had put in its usual low ponytail style. He tried to relax and concentrate on the sounds of the seagulls above and the fresh salty air from the beach, but alas, his heart was beating in an abnormally fast rate and nothing could stop that.

Instead, he sat on the grind sand and let the cool powder slipped through his fingers. The golden drop that was the sun was falling towards the horizon of water; night was starting to claim the heaven.

As the night turned darker, his heart became more uneasy.

'What if she didn't get the message?' That would only be a simple problem.

'What if she doesn't want to see me?' That would be kind of a bad situation.

'What if she already knows what I want to talk to her about and decided to skip out on me because of that?' Okay, that was the worst it could get, right?

'Damn! Kouji Minamoto, when have you become so indecisive?' he thought, his eyebrows unknowingly kneaded in a troubled manner. A soft tap on his shoulder caused him to snap his head back; he could swear he almost broke his neck just by doing that.

"Izumi," her name sounded so smooth, like silk along his lips. She gave him a small smile and propped down beside the blue-haired teenager.

"I got your message," she told him, and shook her cell phone a little to emphasize her point. She looked out towards the dark ocean, its rippling surface sparkled a soft glow against the tiny star patterns that already appeared out of nowhere. He said nothing but nodded; thick silence began to brew between them but neither of them took attention.

The pause was filled in by the never ending rushing waves.

"How long have we known each other?" he asked and mentally hit himself on the head hard, 'great going, Minamoto. What kind of an opening sentence is that?' Well, it was too late now. Izumi looked at him, somewhat surprised at his question but replied him no less, smiling slightly at the memory, "it has been about two years since we first met in the Digital world."

"It's been that long?" he wanted to laugh, "it feels way longer than that." He was staring out at nothingness or anywhere but on the figure sitting so closely beside him.

"You sound funny today," she giggled, finally looking at the quiet male adjacent to her. Was her female mind playing tricks on her or did Kouji Minamoto look... different today? 'Must be my imagination,' she shrugged in her head.

"You sure don't act like yourself today," she said teasingly, "what's with you, Kouji Minamoto?" Her emerald orbs danced a cheery glow in the almost darkness.

"Izumi," he turned to her, his cerulean eyes a serious glint. She waited for him to continue, suddenly feeling the intense heat she had at the pit of her stomach. She tried not to wince under the gaze of the boy in front of her.

"What is it?" she asked softly, her eyes, as if had a mind on their own, was drew to his never wavering ones.

"I..." he began but paused and thought frantically, 'is this a right move? Damn I need signs! Any kind of damn signs would be good!'

'Okay then, hell with this!' Kouji began more loudly this time, "Izumi, I like you. I mean, more than a friendly like... I mean, look. I guess what I'm trying to say is..." Something stopped him in mid sentence; something he never expected.

Izumi leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips; she quickly drew back and refused to look at him. 'I cannot believe I just did that,' she thought in alarm, 'it's the hormones. Yes. Definitely the hormones.' That's right, people. When in doubt, blame those hormones.

"Am I dreaming or am I witnessing the cold hearted jerk admitting that he likes someone?" Izumi smiled mischievously, trying to lighten up the tenseness.

"Whatever you prefer," he replied simply, still not sure if she was just being friendly because she somewhat accepted him, or if it was the other way around. In fact, he was still shocked from that small kiss that he could barely talk.

"Seriously, Kouji," Izumi started again, seizing her laughter, "are you... asking me out or something?" She blushed lightly at this and she was thankful that the darkness surrounding them blanketed the sight.

"I... I guess," he stuttered. What was wrong with him? Where was the confidence he always had with him at all times? Well, guess they just got carried away by the seven winds.

"All right then," she said. Without any sort of warning, she jumped up to her feet, violently pulling Kouji up with her. He looked at her for a bewildered second, as if saying, 'what the hell was that for?' She laughed good-naturedly and explained, "you kept me here for so long. I'm really getting hungry so it's your treat." She began running, her blond hair flailing freely behind her.

He froze for a short moment before he got to his senses, "why am I paying for your food?"

"You're the one who kept me here in the first place," Izumi explained like this was two plus two, "besides, you can count this as our first date." She grinned and started to run again. Kouji shook his head, a small smile playing along his lips, "come back here!" He followed her towards the shore, leaving the black ocean behind him.

x – X – x

She rolled to her side and sighed happily at the small piece of memory that would forever be printed at the back of her mind. The light bulb above her seemed to wink at her in a cheerful mode, as if celebrating her great mood as well. Izumi sat up on her bed, unconsciously running her fingers through her long locks.

'It's already been three years,' she mused, glancing out at her bedroom window, where a few vehicles would occasionally passed by. There had been ups and downs in their relationship, she would admit that much, but most of them had been insignificant little fights. Nothing too major. Lately, however, another thing was bothering her to no end; she didn't know for sure but she had a sneaking suspicion that Takuya was... falling for her?

It was the attempt of ignoring her presence when they were alone, and the tiny blush on his pale cheeks at the slightest of contacts that were giving her the proof she needed. Just from this, she was starting to get a headache.

She did not wish to hurt her friend, nor did she want to lead him on to a destination of a never ending chase.

"What is wrong with me?" she sighed out loud, "it's the holidays and I'm thinking these depressing thoughts." She pushed a button on her CD player on her bedside table and an uplifting tone of 'Miss Independent' sung by Kelly Clarkson blared out, pouring into her empty room. She began nodding her head to the rhythm, losing herself in the music.

"Honey," the door opened and standing at the doorway was a woman with similar blond streaked hair as her daughter's but shoulder-length.

"Mom," she gasped in surprise, not noticing the woman's entrance. Mrs. Orimoto gave her daughter a knowing smile.

"You should go to sleep," she suggested, "you've got to wake up early tomorrow and I don't want to pour ice cold water on you."

"Mom, you will not do that," Izumi laughed, "that's just plain evil."

"See if I won't," she raised her eyebrows and was about to leave her alone when she added behind her back, "and turned that down, will you?"

After switching off the light, she flopped on her bed once more, turned down the volume a bit and stared at the darkened ceiling. It was only a few short minutes before she fell soundly to sleep.

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