Amarezza Dolce

- a fan fiction written by Meeko Melodie

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Chapter Five: Do You Understand?

The mouth-watering smell of freshly fried chips, burgers of various types and hot pizzas lured into their nostrils as they set their lunch on the beach blanket; white, hungry seagulls circled above their heads hoping to snitch off some leftovers. After several dips in the cool ocean, the five teenagers decided it was time to stay dry for an hour to eat as their rumbling stomachs growled in protest.

Just as Kouji was about to have his first bite of the oh-so-alluring roast beef sandwich, his cell phone, which he had placed in his back pocket after drying himself off, vibrated and he half jumped off of the blanket while reaching for the still shivering, and ringing, phone.

"Hello?" he answered, ignoring the lop-sided grins his friends were flashing him as they witnessed, as they opinioned, a very funny reaction from a cell vibrating on his butt; he was so tempted to give them the finger but then again, 'them' also included Izumi. Now, did he want to aggravate his girlfriend? Didn't think so.

"Mrs. Kamiah," he said in surprise when the caller revealed herself pleasantly; a pause issued when he listened to what her teacher had to say, "no, I'm just surprised that you would call on my cell. No, no trouble at all." He listened to the other side as his friends gave him slight curious looks; Kouji nodded, as if he understood what she was saying, even though she was not here and replied politely, "of course, I'll be on my way. All right, see you then." He clicked his phone shut.

Everyone looked at him all expectantly and he sighed, answering to the non-spoken question, "that was the music teacher from school, Mrs. Kamiah."

"We're aware of that," Takuya said, "no need pointing out, Mr. I'm-the-king-of-obvious. What does a school teacher want from you? It's the summer vacation, isn't it?"

"I'm aware of that as well, Takuya," Kouji gave him a dark look as to reply to his immature name calling, "I just joined this music competition and she wants us to go to her place and decided on a song, and maybe practice a bit as well."

"Us?" Kouichi suddenly voiced out for the first time.

"Don't worry, Kouichi," Izumi addressed, laughing slightly, "it's only Kouji and this other girl from the school choir."

"Right," Kouichi simply said, unable to look at the girl in the eye but attempted to do it naturally as to not cause any suspicion. Actually, he was doing a pretty good job of that for a long time. Way better, in fact, than the chocolate-hued haired boy sitting right beside him. During this short conversation, Kouji was already packing up his things, throwing his wet towels and shorts into the backpack he had with him, with various other items that he owned.

"Do you have to go right now?" Izumi was only saying this in mock disappointment; she really didn't want to stop him from what he loved to do best, and that was to make some music. Kouji, being with her for too long to notice when she was joking, or when she was being serious, hid a small, grateful smile as he nodded, zipping his pack at last. He stood up, throwing on a button down shirt and Izumi followed his action of getting up, dusting herself off of the sand dust.

"Sorry about leaving so soon," he said, partly to his friends, but mostly to Izumi, who just shrugged carelessly and put on a big sunny smile, "you know we wouldn't mind." Agreeing without words, the couple left their friends; Izumi wished to walk him to the concrete sidewalk that they came from.

The smooth sand sank under their feet as they made way across the packed shore, both were overcame with silence as Kouji grabbed Izumi's hand, swinging ever so slightly as they walk. All too soon, they have reached the sidewalk, where she knew she had to leave him.

"I guess I'll see you later," Kouji waved, beginning to walk away.

Izumi watched, as his back retreated from her eyes, like he was going away, leaving her alone, forever. It was a weird feeling, and it was impulsive. She could not explain why she had that strange sentiment all of a sudden. The sensation of darkness surrounding her body, coldness dripping and grinding at her skin; she shivered.

Without realizing what she was doing, she rushed towards the receding figure that was Kouji Minamoto and embraced him from behind, her head lying on his hard back. Said boy froze but relaxed when he realized the familiar form.

"Izumi?" Kouji was puzzled at his girlfriend's action, "hey, what's wrong?" He turned to her and looked down, his cerulean orbs full of worry while he drew his hands up her sun-tanned arms. Her emerald irises shone back brightly with confusion, because, hell, even she didn't know what made her suddenly felt this way - the feeling that Kouji would disappear from her life if he leave before her eyes this minute.

She simply shook her head, her blond locks flying everywhere because of her fierce shake. "I don't know," she whispered, "it's just that..." Her voice faltered. He wouldn't laugh at her childish thoughts, would he? Well, it was hard to tell.

"What is it?" he asked, this time more tenderly, tilting her head upwards to meet her gaze.

"Never mind," she smiled weakly, "it's just something stupid." She released her hold and put her arms back on to her side.

"If you say so," he glanced at her strangely, still wasn't sure what was biting her but decided to leave it at that until later for he was running very late as it is.

"You better hurry," Izumi suggested, trying to come up with a bright smile to veil the strange feelings her interior still held.

"I'll call you," was his last words before he turned again for the second time, and walked hurriedly, then broke into a run after taking a swift glance at his wrist watch and whispering incoherent, but surely, some colorful words under his breath.

Walking on the sand again, this time quite alone, Izumi's thoughts were racing in her slowly aching head. She didn't know exactly what it was but she had a bad feeling on... something. That was just it: she was having a bad feeling but on what, she couldn't really decide just yet. 'Maybe it's just me being over sensitive,' Izumi assured herself, even though she was having a hard time to believe in what she had just been told.

But heck, it would be real nice if she had some pills to take out the headache right about now.

x – X – x

"See you dudes later!" shouted Tomoki as he and a still somewhat quiet Kouichi began walking the opposite direction of the street. As the sun set behind the mountains, the frail clouds turned soft pink, lush purple, and flame red, as if the sky was on fire. Families were leaving in different paths back to their homes after a day of sun-burn and amusement. Izumi, along with Takuya waved as their friends disappeared into a crowd of chattering teenagers.

"Let me walk you home," Takuya said, while he was still watching the already gone pair; Izumi turned to the auburn-haired fellow that was his friend and gave him a strange look.

"What?" he exclaimed, catching her 'strange' look that suggested that Izumi was suspicious, "don't give me that look, Izumi Orimoto."

"I know my way home, thanks," Izumi smirked, crossing her arms in front of her chest and readjust her bag on her shoulder once more before looking up. But she wished immediately that she could never see his eyes, those eyes that were looking at her with such fond, such warmth yet at the same time, trying to hide it from her because he knew, for all reasons, that feeling was wrong. Her heart squeezed ever so tightly.

"May I ask, why?" she inquired casually as the both of them began walking on the concrete sidewalk anyway.

"Why what?" he refused to face her way, his eyes staring straight as if something was catching his eyes there.

"Why are you walking me home?" she laughed, in hopes of trying to lighten up the mood. See? That was it; every time they were alone together, they had these awkward silences and lame conversation. 'What was up with that?' she frowned mentally but showed nothing on the surface as they strolled on in a parallel manner with a fair amount of distance in between them. Takuya stopped in his tracks and it took Izumi a few seconds to notice the absence of a certain brown-haired boy beside her.

"What is it?" Izumi jogged back and halted in front of Takuya, whose cinnamon toned orbs were staring at the ground, or anywhere but the girl in front of him, that was. "Hey, Takuya?"

"You want to know why?" he questioned in an eerily quiet voice. Well, this was new.

"Yes." It was a definite answer. Izumi wanted to know what was wrong and sincerely hoped against all hopes that it was not the one thing she was thinking about that could possibly be bothering her friend.

"All right, I'll tell you why," he finally let his eyes averted back to her face, gulping silently inside his throat as her emerald irises looked at him expectantly, waiting for the reason. "I..."

'Oh God, please,' she begged inwardly, 'no, Takuya, I can't...'

"I like you." Silence met their ears as their breaths left their mouths.

"I know," she smiled easily, "as a friend. Takuya, I know."

"No you don't," he said, suddenly with fierceness in his voice as he stared hard into Izumi's emerald gaze, then he said in a gentler tone, "Izumi, I meant I really like you, not as a friend, but something more."

Before Izumi could reply, Takuya was quicker than she was as he leaned down, all this time, his eyes never leaving hers; he whispered, "I know, Izumi, and I understand." His warm breaths caressed her suddenly cold cheek and she shuddered. Not expecting what was going to happen next, she stiffened as she felt her lips being gently touched by the boy that was her good friend.

'Izumi Orimoto, what the hell are you doing? You're kissing your best friend!' her inside ego screamed at her.

'I know!' Quick as lightning, she pushed him off, her breaths uneven and brain woozy. 'Oh God, what have I done?'

"Takuya Kanbara..." she was at a loss of words; her cheeks flaming, from both embarrassment and slight traces of anger, whether it was aiming at herself or at her best friend, she was not sure anymore, not did she care at the exact moment.

"Does that prove to you that I'm not playing around?" he asked, his voice cracked and his expression saying, 'holy shit, did I just do what I think I did?' but only a minor one.

He continued, "Do you understand? I know you like me as a friend, and I respect that. But I can't help feeling what I feel. I don't want us to be just friends!" With that, he grabbed her hand and pulled her forward; her bag plopped to the ground with a harsh thud. Voices around them, near and far away, all seemed to fade away that long second. He had his one arm around her waist, while the other hand was still grasping Izumi's quite tightly.

'Kanbara! What are you doing?' He blocked out the usually sensible side of him and his inside beast was in control right now. Whatever it said, went.

"Takuya?" to say the least, she was scared shitless, but this was her friend, was he not? She trusted him. She should.

She did. "Takuya, please..."

'He's not listening,' she was telling herself. Not that it was of much help anyways.

She didn't get to finish any of her out coming sentence as he once again sealed her lips with a searing kiss. 'Just one last time.' With this thought, a lone tear, he swore he was trying hard to stop it, but none the less, it rolled off one of his closed eyelids and fell. Izumi witnessed this and thought forlornly, 'just this one time.'

She realized that it was hurting him, too.

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