Into the Future
Legend of the Slayer, p86 of 100
by Philister

Fanfic written for TTH100
Theme: Slayers
Prompt: #093 - Future
Crossover with Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers


Cleveland, 2086 AD

"We got confirmation?"

"Yes, ma'am. Three independent sources have confirmed that it's not a hoax or some kind of supernatural scam. The United Nations plan to go public with the whole thing in about four months."

Faith nodded in thanks and smiled to herself. For thousands upon thousands of years the existence of the supernatural had been kept secret from the world at large and many a government had made sure it stayed that way. But now aliens were here and the entire world would learn about them very soon.

"Call a full meeting of all Senior Slayers and Watchers," Faith told her aide. "We need to figure out how to deal with this situation."

Her aide left to carry out her instructions, leaving her alone for the moment. Faith sighed deeply, sitting back in her chair. She had turned 162 this year and age was starting to catch up with her. Oh, she still didn't look her years. Most people wouldn't figure her any older than a well-preserved fifty, if that. Still, her hair was all grey, her moves not as fast as they had once been, and over sixty years of leading a worldwide crusade against evil had also taken their toll.

She was tired. And now there was this newest development.

Two aliens had come to Earth, representatives of two different alien races, the Andorians and the Kiwis (and why were they named after a fruit anyway?). They needed help against an aggressive alien empire called the Crown and were willing to give Earth access to advanced technology in return.

Faith had known about the existence of aliens for quite some time now, ever since Buffy had shared her little adventure with the Green Lantern Corps with her, but this would not be a small visitation. These aliens would be here to stay. And if things progressed the way the Council's clairvoyants predicted, it would also mean that humans would soon head for the stars.

And vampires and demons would go with them.

"As if keeping multiple versions of one world safe from the forces of darkness wasn't enough," Faith muttered, massaging her temples. "Now we need to keep alien worlds and outer space colonies safe, too."

She looked over at the old-fashioned framed photograph that stood on her desk, showing the original members of the Scooby Gang in their prime. Her eyes focused on the blonde girl in the middle.

"Now I know why you offered me this job, B," she said. "You had enough sense to get out in time."

She rose then, still tired, and headed out to the meeting she had just called. Would be interesting to see which of her many, many Slayers would be interested in taking a trip into outer space.