I Love You, Just You.

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Ai shiteru ai shiteru ai shiteru anata dake wo Ai shiteru ai shite iru soba ni ite kimi wo terasou (I love you, I love you, I love you, just you I love you, have loved you, when I'm by your side, I'll shine on you) - Nakashima Mika "Aishiteru"

Goddess of victory, Bringer of Peace, Golden Princess, and Representative Athha of Orb; Those where nothing but titles, meaningless titles to the twenty year old; Cagalli Yula Athha. After the war two years ago everything seemed to go back to the way it was.


For Cagalli's life there was no peace in her life it was filled with everyday work, trying hard to keep what she gained from all the hard work of finally understanding her job, and how important it was. But for some reason she could not find the peace that everyone found, she felt like she still did not understand what she was missing in life. But at the same time she knew she was missing something.


But that did not matter to her anymore, they all forgot about Cagalli and moved on to have a family. Even the one that she thought she would grow old with moved on. It did not seem like a long time. But then days turned into months and months turned into years. Two years she waited for the best time to mail that letter, or press the numbers on her cell phone. But Cagalli could never mail that letter or call him. She was scared of being rejected only to hear another woman's voice answering the phone or having to read that he had fallen in love with someone that was perfect for him. Kind, Gentle and beautiful everything that Cagalli was not.


It was true that they had never really broken up in person but that day on the Arch Angel everything around told her that everyone had moved on with their lives finding, growing. "Meyrin…where is she? Is She okay?" He had asked right after waking. Cagalli's heart broke a thousand pieces and all she could do was lead him to her and just make a smile. That told her everything she needed to know. It was over; the dream was gone in a flash.


Maybe it was because she was too proud to face him and ask him if it was truly over. Had he truly given up on him, but she was scared and worried that he would say yes. All Cagalli wanted to do was run into his arms and cry but she couldn't because it was over and she too had moved on in her little way.


But every morning she would wake up and plan to see him sitting on the couch watching her carefully, ever morning she was disappointed that he wasn't there anymore to greet her and climb into her blankets and hug her. The mornings, no matter how dark the day was, how many clouds covered the sky she would smile and knew the day would be bright because he was by her side. That was over the old days where gone.


'What happened to her?" Everyone would ask as they see Cagalli on TV, she never smiled this much before. Everyone could tell that it was not the same smile that she uses to smile. But there was another Question that everyone on Orb wanted to know; what had happened to the dark blue haired bodyguard that she was so close too. Where did he go?


"Our Lady Athha has sure grown up in front of our eyes, Her twenty-first birthday is coming up in a month from now, but she has yet thought of getting married. But I have to say I wouldn't get married that fast now days because of the freedom she has. We almost must not forget listeners that Our lady is a very busy lady traveling to places too make sure that nothing goes wrong with our beloved country. Lets all ask our listeners what have you plan to get our lady Athha?"

Turning off the radio, Athrun Zala Covered his eyes and sighed into his hand.

"Athrun, the light is green." Meyrin Hawke lightly put her hand onto Athrun's shoulder. There was something wrong with Athrun right after he found out that Meyrin wanted to go to Orb and see her sister. He went pale and lost in thought. Over the past week he was always thinking about something and seemed to play with his pendant that he wore a lot more. She could only wonder who gave it too him. But she was sure that it had something to do with Cagalli Yula Athha.

Note: Well this is the first time I wrote anything in …well a long time at else. I rewrote the beginning four times before it came to this. Yes random words always make stories stranger. Anyways. I'm back and rebelling at Gundam SEED DESTINY. Pointless story. Hated it.

Besides that I wrote this story to smite Chiaki Morosawa the writer for Gundam SEED DESTINY (SEED too I think but I forgot) Sorry but I' am pure Athrun/Cagalli and saying that they where never a couple and Cagalli never really liked Athrun hurts my heart. There so everyone of my Athrun/Cagalli stories are out to smite her. GRR.

Anyways if you like her go ahead I'm just mad at what she wrote. Yes I' am very one-sided. Oh well.

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