I Love You, Just You.

Chapter Seven: Passion

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" If we remember, that far far away the future is shining somewhere we only have to be afraid a little bit as we sit here under the beautiful blue sky" Utada Hikaru – Passion.

We need to talk.

The words hit her face and she could not get up, taking her hands out of Athrun's she turned around and started walking out the door. No more heartbreak, no more love. That's all Cagalli wanted and Athrun failed at giving her happiness. Losing everything but her country, and her only brother that she could not tell anyone about. If the secrets could and would only end.

"Cagalli, I'm sorry." Athrun wanted to hug her, but no in front of everyone. Cagalli would never let anyone see her love someone below her rank.

Turning she saw, Meyrin who smiled at Athrun. She understood everything. Athrun only really loved was Meyrin not her. Athrun did not smile; he looked like he was in pain.

"Go back to her, she is still young, kind and filled with life." Cagalli tried no to scream as they entered a empty room, the door closing behind them.

"She is like a sister to me, nothing more. You know she saved my life. That's all that is between us nothing else." Athrun stood under the moonlight, the stairs brightly shining under the bright window.

Cagalli sat down on a chair, the clock slowly ticked, no one said a word, the world seemed to slowly move for them. As if it stopped so they could work things out. Closing her eyes she begged for someone to come in and let her out. Cagalli was not ready to let Athrun back into her life, she thought she was every night, but now she was not so sure. Maybe life would be better if they went different ways; If Orb became the only thing that she would love. Then that would and could be better. But everyway they held each other so long ago. She longed to be loved that way again.

"I don't know what to do anymore, Athrun tell me and show me the right thing to do because I don't know what to do anymore. Just tell me what to do. I don't want to be confused anymore." Cagalli whispered, lost and confused. Covering her face with her hands she started to cry.

"There is no way I can say the right thing, but I want to stay by your side forever. I thought you did not love me anymore. So I left, I knew you had to help Orb first, but I missed you everyday. Everyday I wanted to just find you and be with you. But I can't. Not in front of everyone. You are too good for someone like me: a solder, a son to Patrick Zala, the man that almost destroyed everything. I would never and could never live up to you. But I want to because I love you too much to give you up that easily." Athrun said loudly, and boldly.

Over the years Athrun changed and grew up and Cagalli saw that, she looked up and looked at Athrun straight in the eyes.

"I don't know anymore."

Meyrin walked to the door and was about to knock on it. When she heard Athrun state that he still loved Cagalli Yula Athha. Stepping back she could not believe what she just heard. Everything she thought was all broken. Her heart hurt and everything along with it.

"I need to talk you." A voice said behind her, it was the idol Lacus Clyne Yamato. They never really talked at all but knew of each other. Following Lacus to the balcony, it was not the quietest place in the world at the moment but it was the most breath taking view ever. People at the bottom where dancing and talking. Music played, in a soft yet strong way.

"What is it?" Meyrin asked trying to sound calm and very much older then her age. But knew she had failed at doing so. For Lacus wiped her tears and smiled.

"Athrun wouldn't want you to cry." Lacus smiled kindly. Trying in hopes that everything would be better in the end. That everyone would smile and just be happy.

"Why would he care?" Meyrin asked as she walked over to the railing and looked down at the dancers. "Its not like he loves me." She whispered, her eyes following them as they moved like leaves on a tree that was blowing softly in the wind.

"Because he loves you, he loves you like a little sister that he never had a chance to have. His family is gone and right now, he only has you, Cagalli, Kira, and I. No one else is there for Athrun. He is just trying to replace his steps with Cagalli; they have been in a lot more then Kira and I. They felt what it was like to lose someone in front of their eye. I did not see my father die. But both Cagalli and Athrun did, they where there for each other. When no one could help them because no one knew what they have been though" Lacus smiled, but even a smile sometimes did not help.

"Ha, just a little sister. I have always been the little sister, and I would not help but think that when Athrun came along, he may really like me for more then a sister. He may love me, unlike every person onboard the ship that only thought about Lunamaria and how pretty, smart and nice. They only thought of me as a sister." Meyrin thought back to all the times that she was treated unfairly and tried not to cry.

Lacus looked on and knew that nothing in the world could make Meyrin feel better.

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