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For the tofuu fans...


By: Obsessed Dreamer

Chapter 1

Alarm Clocks

"Fuuko nee-chan, Fuuko nee-chan, wake-up already! We're going to be late." Ganko rubbed her reddening fists. She had been pounding Fuuko's door for almost ten minutes now trying to wake her up.

I wonder if Kaoru ni-chan found the keys yet?

Fuuko was never a morning person but it isn't like her to forget an important event such as this one. They still have a lot to prepare for the party later and not to mention the graduation ceremony itself.

"Found it!" Kaoru shouted while running up the stairs. "Here you go." He threw the keys to Ganko's direction.

"Nee-chan, we have the keys. If you don't open this door at the count of three, we're going to come in. One, Two..."

CrAaasshh! Blag! Braangg! a series of falling noises came from Fuuko's room.

"What the…?" Ganko and Kaoru said in unison as they turned to look at each other and back to the wind goddess's door. But before they can insert the key to the knob, the door was flung open by a sweat dropping Fuuko.

"Hey there! Good morning" Fuuko said in an overly joyous manner while ruffling both of the kid's hair. "Sorry, I overslept again. I was just so tired with the last minute practices last night. By the way, have you eaten breakfast yet?" her voice was booming as she paced the corridor towards the stairs.

The two can only look at each other in bewilderment.

When she was already out of sight, Fuuko released a sigh of relief. She never noticed that she was holding her breath just until now. They almost got me. For a while there, I thought I would be found out.

Truth is she was already awake hours before Ganko had gone knocking at her door. She was placing the finishing touches on it for she would no longer find any time to do it later. But when it was finished, she couldn't tear her eyes away from it—happy that it's finally done and at the same time overwhelmed by anxiety and anticipation that she became oblivious to her surroundings and the passing of time. It was Ganko's threat and the fear of being found that shook her from her trance-like state. She only had enough time to hide it rather haphazardly.

I wonder what he'd say. Will he like it? What if he doesn't? Jeez Fuuko! Pull yourself together. This is no time to be cowardly. You can do this. Fuuko scolded herself at her having second thoughts so she banged her head at the counter in an attempt to shake them off.

Unbeknownst to her, Ganko and Kaoru were watching her with worried expressions on their faces. They can tell that she is troubled since she could have easily sensed them had she been in her normal mental state.

"Do you think I should talk to her about it? I'm really worried."

"I don't know...this might not be the best time. We both know Fuuko nee-san. She'll pretend everything's okay so as not to worry us."

"What do you think we should do then?" Ganko looked crestfallen for not being able to do anything for her sister.

"Show her that we support her no matter what." Kaoru gave Fuuko a lingering look before following Ganko to the kitchen.

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