A/N: nonsensical tirade...will be deleted when the real chap 3 is posted.

I was in the middle of writing Himitsu and was quite depressed with the rate it was going so I thought I'd put all the sappiness here...then both stories came to a screeching halt. I don't know what came over me to poke at my stories again though. And whaddya know? I'm here again.

I checked my stats for the first time since I became an affiliate and guilt gnawed at me. That wasn't exactly an update--just added the last scene and did some minor changes. But it's a start since I haven't touched my stories for a year. Yes, I'm writing again...I'll torture my muse if I have to. LoL! It may not be at par with our favorite and wonderful authors here but I just couldn't leave these hanging--that other story too (YuiNak). Shen-san, sorry I can't concentrate on my promised fic; have to finish this first. but I'll get around to it. The scenes afterall are already playing in my head...in yours too, I think. LoL!

Tofuu forever!

Peace and Chaos,