The thought was still buzzing in his head when he realised that he wasn't standing anymore but was on the floor. He blinked. How had he fallen? He got up , rubbing his aching back. He looked around, searching for any signs of Ginny. There was nothing. Just a desolate corridor stretching before him. He frowned, this place seemed different. He walked a few paces, noticing that the paintings on the walls seemed familiar enough but still having the feeling that he had never been here before.

He shrugged off the feeling, forcing himself to concentrate on the situation on hand. Right, he thought, if Ginny had come in here she would have had to turn into one of the doors, other wise he would have seen her.

He ran to the nearest door on the right and was about to open it when he heard a voice,

'H – Harold?'

for a moment Harry thought that the voice was speaking to someone else, then he realised that there was no one else in the corridor. He turned around, wondering who in their right mind would mistake him for someone else.

The boy who stood in front of him could have not been more than twelve. And right now he was the most frightened looking twelve year old he had ever seen. Harry noticed not without a slight amount of surprise that when he turned around the boy flinched and walked several steps backward.

'Err – I'm not Harold', he said quickly, irritated that he had lost the precious few moments that would allow him to find Ginny. He opened the door and was dismayed to see another empty corridor with just as many doors. Harry felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. There was no hope now. she was gone. He felt like hitting himself. What the hell was wrong with him? 'I love you', how could that be difficult to say? damn him and his incapability to lie. He closed his eyes for a moment. Wait a second. This wasn't his fault. This was all Ginny's fault! She was the one who brought it up, not him. Women, he thought with great bitterness. Why couldn't she just be content with what they had going? It had been great…well, not great, but definitely better than what he had had with Cho.

Harry opened his eyes. Anything was better than what he had had with Cho. He sighed. Maybe he was better off with Draco Malfoy. At least he wouldn't be putting up with this drama.

With the pit growing deeper and heavier, Harry turned and walked to the door from where he had come from.

It was a few seconds before he realised that there wasn't any door there. He felt anger dig into the hole in his gut. Where the hell was the bloody door! He was sure it had been there! He cursed Hogwarts and magic in general and continued through the spot he had previously seen the door. It was then that he heard the voice again,

'H – Harold?'

Harry whirred around to see the boy still there with the same petrified look on his face. What the hell was wrong with him? he did not have the patience to deal with a stupid child right now!

'I told you I'm not Harold!', he shouted. The boy jumped and looked almost ready to cry.

' I – I-'

That was far as he could go. The next moment he was in tears. It took Harry a full moment understand what was happening.. He stood in absolute shock as the boy fell to his knees, violently sobbing. Shit, he thought

'Err..I – I'm sorry..', Harry said, feeling extremely guilty. How could he have been so stupid? Obviously this boy had assumed his full name was 'Harold', and he had yelled at a kid for trying to speak to him! what had he become?

He bent down to help him up but as soon as he touched him, the boy cringed and scrambled to his feet. The tears had reduced, thankfully. Gods, he thought, what sort of overemotional kids did they breed now days?

'Umm..Are you okay?', he asked the boy cautiously.

The boy sniffed and was determinedly looking at the ground. Finally he spoke,

'I – I have something to ask of you'

Well, Harry thought, he really wasn't in the mood of indulging an obvious member of Colin Creevey's fan club, but it was going to be necessary. He sighed, 'Okay, just – just stop crying will you?'

He did. He was about to ask for some parchment when he realised that the boy did not have any. In fact not even the customary camera was hanging from his neck. Harry frowned, the feeling of apprehension was returning again.

He heard the boy take a deep breath,

'please let my brother go.', he said, almost pleading.


The boy looked up for a second, a momentary flash of surprise in his eyes then it vanished, 'My brother, Fredrick, please, let him go.'

'Your brother?' Harry repeated dumbly. Obviously this kid had mistaken him for someone else and was still doing it!

The boy nodded.

'Umm…I think you've got the wrong person. I don't know any Fredrick', Harry said slowly.

The boy looked up and now openly stared at him. he seemed confused, 'But you're Lord Harold Potter aren't you?'

Lord? Harry thought, the uneasy feeling now spilling into the hole in the stomach, rather quickly.

'I'm Harry. Harry Potter', he said.

'B – but you don't like the name Harry', the boy said, openly incredulous.

'Who told you that?', Harry snapped, ' And who the hell are you?'.

The boy looked down again, 'I'm Abe, Fredrick's brother'

' Who the hell is Fredrick?' Harry said, extremely confused. Everyone knew him as Harry, no one called him Harold. And why was this boy refusing to look him in the eye? Surely he couldn't be that scared of him. And who the hell was he to tell him that he didn't like the name Harry? He wouldn't be calling himself that if he didn't like it would he?

'Your boy friend.'


His outburst made little Abe scramble a few steps backwards. Harry stared at him, the unease he had been feeling had mutated into horror. Something was wrong, he could feel it. Even the air here smelled different. He forced himself to remain calm. Obviously there was some other Harold Potter who had a boy friend named Fredrick. However as Harry repeated those thoughts in his head he realised how absurd it sounded. Another Potter in Hogwarts and he didn't know about it? That wasn't possible!

He looked around at the paintings. Yes he was definitely in Hogwarts. The only question remained was when.

'Umm..Abe, what year is it?', he asked, hoping he sounded calm.

Abe blinked but answered anyway, '2004'

'But – but', Harry spluttered, 'that's this year!'.

'Are you alright my lord?', Abe asked, backing away a few more steps.

Harry's mind was in turmoil. If this was the current year and he was in Hogwarts then why the hell did everything seem so different? Why did he not recognize this boy and why – why­ did he think he had a boy friend name Fredrick?

He massaged his forehead with his knuckles, calming himself down. It did no one any good by panicking. He saw Abe who was still in the process of backing away slowly. He then turned and ran. Harry saw him turning and yelled,


However Abe did not wait, and his raised voice just made him run faster. Before Harry could use magic he had turned a corner and disappeared.

'Shit!', he cursed. What was he supposed to do now? he ran after Abe and after a few seconds he heard a babble of voices. He felt more than a little anxious. Running had made the feeling of unease swirl around inside him, coating the inside of his stomach. He slowed down as he recognized the entry to the great hall.

For a moment before he pushed the door open Harry felt a little hope inside him that he would see the old Howarts with no Abe or Harold but it was crushed to tiny particles of dust as soon as he entered.

Harry stood with a mingled expression of shock, fear and disbelief at the great hall in front of him. He saw no one – absolutely no one that he could recognize.


Harold Potter was angry. No, he was not angry, he was furious. One minute he was having a nice little session with Fredrick and the next he was on the cold floor with a very bad back ache. And the worse thing was that he was no longer in his room but in front of 3 very annoying mudbloods who refused to stop staring. He heard one of them speak,

'Err, 'mione, what happened to Harry?'


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