Tales of a Lonely Heart

There is a world out there in some universe were life is perfect

for all beside one, that would be my world and that person lifes not

perfect for is me. Everyone around me is happy in life and in every

thing they do. In my world all are equal no matter the race or religion

we all amount to the samething except me.Over time this world has

become better as my life has become worst. My life's story isn't about

how I become perfect ,it's about how my life is everything but perfect

and how I learn to deal with it.

"( Can taska lovk tona toadda )-frog, " " Why did you turn him into a frog

Jason, turn him back now," Michelle said. As Jason changed me back into

a human-( whon boua hor gurla nouan) we walked into school just as the

bell rang and took our sits. There in Dooral Jason and Michelle are the only

friends I have so I stend all my time with them or at home.