A/N: What's to say about this one? It's random, plot-less, and something I'd likely spout at 11 pm on a Friday, mainly because it is. runs and hides Currently a one-shot piece, but this could be the spot where I dump all my random Erik/Raoul-ness. In the meantime, sit back, imagine your setting and your people and your ambiance, and read.

Dialogue Diorama

"The problem with you, Erik, is that you are too dead. You lack fire. You lack love."

"Your nerve! I don't believe it! What an assumption! A faulty, uneducated assumption! I mock you! I mock you! How dare you declare, with such pompous certainty, that I, the epitome of licking, naked flame in and of darkness, lack fire in my being?"

"Pfft. I take back what I said about you lacking fire. A commentary word from faulty, uneducated, mocked me yields an epic report from licking, naked, flaming you. I take it back, o fiery one. Though I still believe you lack love."

"Boy, do not look at me. Look around me. See what I have chosen to surround myself with. Music, art, beauty, expression, feeling. No, I have so much love in me. For my sake, I just choose to ignore it."

"Why so?"

"Because ignorance is bliss, that's why."

"Aha! I take it back. Surely do not lack love."

"How did you come to that decision, my boy?"

"Because only a man in love will justify his confusion with a cliché."

"Do you know that you are wise beyond your years, Raoul?"

"Yes, Erik, and by saying that, you only further affirmed what I previously said."

"Well, you know. There is truth in every cliché."

"It stopped being funny after the second one, Erik."

"Okay. Sorry."