Digimon 02

The Black Gatomon

Daisuke fanfic

Writer : Asheron Karuma


I was dreaming this the other night, i thought it would be awesome i fit would be changed into a story

Story is set after the battle with Malomyotismon, though it was 2 years ago that ife seen it I cant rewrtite those events, I cant remember them correctly

'1 year...'

Ken was lying in his bed, Minomon was fast asleep beside him on his blanket

Starring at the ceiling he reminded himself now everyday that it was 1 year when 'he' had disappeared, at first they thought 'he' would return smiling as always saying all was well and fine, but after multiple searches they couldn't find him at all

The strangest thing was, when he and Tai returned to his house and asked if they knew where he was, it was to painful to even remember...

They opened the door and met Davis's mom, they asked her about this, but she said that she didn't have a son...

Only a daughter, Jun...

This is what made things even weirder, the next days at school it seemed as if he never existed, h had snuck into the principal's office, checked out the student files but he wasn't in the records anywhere


Ken still wondered this, he missed him so much, he needed him...

As did everyone else, things weren't the same...

But how could he disappear just like that without a trace.. without telling him where he was going!

Maybe he was dead... maybe he was lost somewhere not knowing who he was...

Or captured by some evil...

Ken twitched at all those possibilities, he got out of bed and walked to the living room, his parents were gone tonight...

They were out for diner, celebrating, they wanted Ken to join them but Ken didn't accept, how could he be celebrating if his best friend was missing...

Ken let himself fall back on the couch, grapped the controller of the TV and turned it on

He started zapping around until something caught his interest, something that made him sit up and even nervous

"We stand here live at the museum of ancient art in Odaiba, recently the police has set of the area with high security..."

On the tv a woman, wearing a business uniform was giving liv broadcast from the Odaiba ancient art museum, in the background the large building stood, stairs going up to the front gates, a large glass loop covered the roof and several smaller halls formed a circle around it.

The police was also visible in the background, pushing off reporters and people who wanted to watch what was going on

Ken, having a strange feeling about this quickly turned on the VCR and pressed the record button, his instincts were telling him to be alert

Suddenly there was a huge explosion, the glass loop in the back ground shattered and glass started to fly all around

The reporter ducked down as did the camera man, but he still kept filming

As Ken watched slowly he could see something jumping out of the loop and within seconds this person landed in front of the camera, only his foot was visible before he jumped off again

Ken quickly ran to the windows, opening the door to the balcony he watched hoping for some trace, to his left he could see smoke in the distance, but nothing else

Confused Ken got back inside and picked up the phone

-Kamiya residence-

-Kari, it's me Ken-

-Ken why are you calling so late, I was sleep—

-Kari, turn on your television, now!-

for a moment nothing was heard, except for footsteps and later the sound of the reporter and the news

-Ken, what is...-

-I don't know, but it has something to do with the digital world, I'm sure of it... will you come to my house tomorrow? With the others?-

-Yes, sure... I'm going to hang now... see you tomorrow...-

-Bye Kari...-

Tthe next morning everyone came by Ken's house, some still didn't know what was the big deal

news reporters were talking about a terrorist attack, the media was full of it

when everyone had sat down, Ken turned on his TV

"What is all this about, Ken?" ; TK asked him, still not knowing what was going on, until Kari started to clear thing up a little...

"The media says that this is all a terrorist attack Ken... there is no proof that this has anything to do with the digital world!"

Ken didn't respond, instead he turned on his VCR and started to play the tape

"Watch this"

the clip replayed the live events that happened last night,

Ken paused them at a second after the explosion, through the flames a black figure was visible

Ken pointed at the figure

"If that is a terrorist attack then what is this..."

Izzy put his finger against his lip, indicating that he was thinking the others watched him and waited

"How come this wasn't broadcasted with the news..."

"Maybe they didn't want it to become public..."

"Could be... it could be a digimon, but that doesn't explain why it is in the real world..."

Ken looked down at the floor before he asked...

"Do you think it has anything to do with 'him'?"

then there was silence, nobody said anything for a while

it was then that the beeping of D3's cut the silence

Ken opened his, it was a message of someone called Geni

You have to come to the digital world at once, trouble arises


"who is this Geni?"

"Geni helped us in our previous battle, when you weren't Digidestined yet..."

"Well this means we are once again needed, shall we go?"

The portal to the digital world closed, the group had appeared in a large room, an office.

Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Izzy and Joe were greeted by their own digimon

Both sides were happy to be together again, they hadn't seen each other for a while

When the reuniting was complete a door opened, Geni walked in, followed by two men wearing apprentice clothing, their face cloaked.

"Aah welcome everyone, welcome... you all look well, how has it been?"

Izzy started to speak up

"We're all doing fine-"

"Why did you bring us here?"

Ken cut Izzy off, he was quite angry of being here, he just wanted to know what was going on, nothing else

"Well, I will go directly to the point, follow me please"

Geni walked back through the door, the group following him, the hallway they entered was filled with computers, many robotic digimons were working on them...

"2 days ago, someone tried to hack into our mainframe..."

They continued to walk, until they came to a circular room, in the center stood a pillar with digieggs in breeding cases, the surroundings were filled with computers

"The data the computer contains is highly secret, it contains data of all the digidestined and of all digimon, why this person was after them I don't know... what he is we don't know either, but rumours have gone that he goes by the name Black Gatomon, he's a thief according to some and witnesses say that he isn't a digimon at all..."

Ken's eye widened as did everyone else's...

"Do you have any records of what happened 2 days ago?"

"Yes we have, we have camera's hanging around the place, they were taken out by someone, but we menaced to get some images."

One of the apprentices walked to a computer and after pushing some buttons 4 images started to play.

On all images a young boy ran down the hallway, he was wearing a mask, the mask was black and covered his face until his nose, at the top sides 2 parts were sticking out, at their ending there were 3 little flukes sticking out in yellow (remember Gatomon's ears) he was wearing a cloak, but it wasn't very well visible.

The person ran down the hallway, jumped up in front of the camera at that time the image stopped, the camera must have been broken by that moment

"I am sure that he is coming back tonight, we've spotted him in the area several times, I want you to stay here and act as guards... I want him captured"

Later in the night the digidestined were remaining in the circular room, from time to time two of them went out to scout the hallways, Izzy was located to vieuw the camera's while the others simple hanged around

"yawn I'm so tired, how long do we have to stay?"

Yolei complained, wandering around the place, walking in circles

Everyone seemed tired, it was 3 AM, and still nothing happened...

Izzy starred at the different screens, all were projecting a different entryway...

TK stood up

"Ill go patrol...anything better then staying here..."

Kari responded as well, she stood up and stretched her self as she followed TK

"Im going too..."

Kari and TK were walking down the hallway, Kari started to shiver

"Are you cold?"

"A little..."

TK wrapped his arm around Kari...

Behind them Patomon and Gatomon giggled

Both walked around the corner out of camera vieuw when they met someone on their trail

They froze, in front of them stood this so called thief, The Black Gatomon

This time they could get a clearer view of him, he was wearing his mask, the skin underneath seemed a bit tanned,

This time he wasn't wearing his cloak, but a dark blue sweater, black gloves with small claws on the fingertips, black pants tucked into dark brown boots

The figure didn't move, as did Kari or TK

It was until he started to mumble...


then with great speed he charged at them, giving TK an elbow in his stomach, he fell over and lost consciousness...

Kari froze, not knowing what to do, she quickly bend down to TK as the figure started to fight Gatomon and Patamon


The Black Gatomon dodged the attack and charged at Patomon, striking him with his gloves Patomon flew back against the wall, sliding down K.O.

Gatomon took position in front of Kari, glaring at this person

"Don't you dare touch her!"

The Black Gatomon however showed no interest in her, instead turned around and walked to the other side of the hallway, until Kari spoke again

"Wait, what are you going to do!"

The Black Gatomon hesitated and turned around

"I'm looking for someone and I am sure I can get the data of him from this place..."

Kari's eyes widened as he walked on...

In the main room

Tai and Matt were getting worried about TK and Kari, still no word from them

Both were walking in circles until Izzy started to shout out

"Lost visual to camera 2! He's inside!"

Izzy stood up, but before they could take action smoke started to appear out of nowhere, in seconds the whole room was filled with it

Ken started to cough, asdid everyone else...

He looked around hoping to see anything, in the distance near a computer in the centre he could see a figure typing, Black Gatomon pulled out a disc, entered it into the computer and after a while pulled it out...

Ken charged at him, Black Gatomon seeing him coming, stepped sideways and tripped Ken

As Ken spun around on his back he could see The Black Gatomon jump up, make a back flip and with his claws take a hold of the ceiling, he pulled off the entrance of the air vent and disappeared

Ken was furious, not willing to give up he turned to the coughing Wormon

"Lets go wormon!"

Wormon digivolve to ... Stingmon

On the rooftop The Black Gatomon started to make his way to the edge, until Stingmon, holding Ken flew up from below.

He cursed as he spun around trying to run to the other side, but was stopped by Stingmon's attacks...

He turned around facing Ken, smiling he said; "We'll met again, another time"

He then spun around in a circle, waving his hands up...

Suddenly there was a bright glowing light coming from him, Ken covered his eyes.

When the light had faded, The Black Gatomon was gone, Ken cursed under his breath...

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