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A poem from Gojyo about his mother



When you looked at me

There was hate and anger in your eyes

After that, I knew you would never love me

You hated me

In me you saw traces of the man you loved

And traces of a woman you never met

You wanted to destroy me

You were always crying

You weren't even trying...

You never tried to love me

To you, I was just a child of taboo

Nothing more, nothing less

Everyday, I knew that hatred grew

Until that day

When you cornered me to the wall

And tried to put an end to me

Once and for all

If my death would make you happy

I was ready to accept

What else could I do?

Apparently my brother knew

He killed you...

He stole your life from you

So I could be saved...

He than ran off crying

Who could blame him?

After what he did to you

All to save me

Weak, pathetic me...

Mother, you wee MY mother

For I never knew my real mother

I wanted your love more than anything

Because you were my mother...

I wanted you to be happy

Because you were my mother...

Sha Gojyo

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