This is loosly based on 'When I look At the World' by U2. Victoria is basically at breaking point. Please read and review.

Deep Beneath My Snow White Fur

Deep beneath my snow white fur

Its starlight gleam so pure

An inner beauty resides

Lonely like an autumn morning

When the rain drives everyone away.

Deep beneath my gleam and charm

A dreamer lives, so hopeful

She craves forever,

For something more to her existence

Than people who merely see a translucent beauty

I wait for the day when someone sees the dancer

When someone sees the crazy insanity,

Of a queen kitten at play.

I seek someone who sees me

Someone who sees my soul laid bare before them

One day someone shall see my heart

They shall see the rich flame

The roaring passion of my truth

No angel after all

There is more.

I try to be like the others,

Try to feel things like they do

But without knowing who I am

I cannot see what they see

Tell me what is wrong with me.

When will someone find me?

How will they if I can't find myself?

When there's all kinds of chaos inside me,

But I still appear calm,

How will anyone ever know me?

Tell me that,

Tell me something,

Tell me tales of happiness from the past,

Tell me stories of hope and purity,

Tell me who I truly am.