The detectives' itinerary began at the precinct where they spent more than two hours filling the usual paper work, hearing the usual Connor's reprimands and finding out the last news of John's case. Detective Porter managed to phone to her colleague Hoyt who carried Wilcox murder case, but even she talked with him for a while, due her bond with the prime suspect, it was evident to her that Hoyt didn't take seriously her speculations. Between phrase and sentence the cop suggested her many times to give him the exact location of her husband, but she simply lied pleading to be ignorant of where he could be.

Hearing Hoyt's objections her mind started to work on the way to bring Richard into the game. So the solution came by the hand of a mail. She scanned the autopsy and John's medical file underlining the remarkable facts then she wrote explaining each one of the aspect of the suppositions Sam, John and she made. Automatically she sent the same e-mail to John's attorney. When her fingertip pressed the 'enter-key' she knew that a new phase of the Clayton match had begun.

Seeing Connor approaching her she foresaw what he would say, the Capitan ordered her to take a car and go to the hospital. He wanted to be sure of her physical condition. As Sam didn't plan to let her side both climbed at the patrol, her black partner would be her chauffeur.

Tarzan's cerulean eyes followed the car trajectory toward the hospital. He didn't miss the patrol jumping across New York building's roofs. It was relatively easy for him locate inside the policlinic where his wife was being assisted. Luck was at his side, the west wind of the edifice was deserted and the hanging figure was not of the interest of the passer-by people in the sidewalk at this time.

But a pair of gray eyes watched him playfully from the other side of street, hidden on a rooftop. The supposition that sooner or later the suspect would return to the hospital it had been correct, so focusing the binoculars on him the person enjoyed the view. It wouldn't be problems to wait some minutes until the hunt begin.

Without suspecting he had been watched, Tarzan leaned out of the window. All his sense was focused on his wife. Sam waited outside. The doctor examined her superficially without finding serious health problems. The ape-man fingers twitched as he watched the stethoscope, guided by the doctor hand, leaned on her skin, dangerously near her breasts. He inhaled deeply then his unconformity escaped loudly through his nose. His eyes stared carefully at the doctor's hand moving away from her.

It was always the same. He barely could control his anger closing his eyes. Larry image hit his memory. He could not let his jealousies controlled him that way.

It was an uncomfortable and disconcerting sensation that he wasn't able to control, most of the times he reacted badly and Jane didn't forgave him easily. Her cold stare chased him after any of his jalousie eruption. Kathleen used to justify his behavior explaining that it was a natural reaction by the insecurity their relationship made him feel.

Even though the publisher-powerful lady was thanked for the detective's actions, the auburn woman was far away of what the aunt considered appropriate for her nephew. She wasn't satisfied with his love lady election.

Kathleen had even presented him other women, a journalist, a psychologist, not secretly hoping he could forget his devotion for the problematic detective. They were indeed willing to share their beds with him and he even gave in to his carnal desire with them several times. But simply they couldn't replace the red-head woman into John's heart. They had arrived in a moment of his life where everything was calm, quiet and settle down. They had meet John Clayton jr., the moderately civilized part of him. He was the eccentric millionaire that fascinated them. They never meet Tarzan, the ape inside him. The beast as Richard called him. He was sure they would run panicky and terrify by his other personality.

His aunt wasn't happy at all with his decision of marrying Jane, but like a true Clayton, Kathleen hid her unconformity behind her well training mask. After all he was blind in love with this woman.

But he knew that the bossy, conflictive and insecure auburn detective was the only one could see the wild and innocence mixture inside him and didn't freak out. The distant image of her caressing his wet hair confessing that she could see the gentle and kind part of him that most people couldn't see "…and I'm glad that I do…" he heard her voice warming his memory.

He had never understood why she had put her work and life in danger for him, even when he was just a barefoot stranger for her. In spite of her fears, doubts and inhibitions she had always been there when he needed her. Even Larry couldn't break the bond between them even he tried it so hard. And now she was once again at his side trying to find an excuse to prove him not guilty. But he had his doubts about his own feelings that night.

Larry drugged him holing the little control that he had on his wild impulses, that thin and weak civilization cover that disappeared easily that night. He still couldn't remember what happened on Larry's consulting room. Probably he never could.

Seeing her walking out of the room he realized that Jane was the only human being able to reach at Tarzan, the ape inside him. It became clearly that Tarzan wouldn't ever allow nobody took her away from him.

Maybe John Clayton Jr, could find another woman to share his bed, but he understood why no other women could occupy her place into Tarzan's heart. She was the ape-man mate, his other half. Without her the wild animal inside him would die, would disappear buried by this cold society forcing him to use shoes, to eat and dress correctly. Of her strength he constantly was nurtured.

He smiled at this amazing revelation.

Tarzan could not exist without Jane.

His wild sapphire eyes was gazing at the main door waiting for the detective's couple to get out of the clinic building when his ears perceived a slight metallic sound. Tarzan didn't move any muscle as he listened the second click behind him. He sharpened his senses fully alert. His olfaction distinguished the scent of a person mixed with gunpowder, he was unable to decide if was a man or woman but surly he or she was armed. He heard another click again but didn't perceive scent of fear. How had Jane called it? Oh, yeah, adrenaline. Whoever it was, that person felt a false sensation of confidence and security. It was logical, how his pursuer could know that he had detected his presence.

When Jane stepped out of the clinic John stood up. If this someone was hunting him, he should move away. It wasn't his pleasure to be the prey but her safety was first. His lips drew a mocking smile. It was time to play his favorite game. He was the hunter and whoever was that person soon became his prey.

Looking up Sam pointed out to the masculine muscular figure clipped against the clean blue sky. Alerted by her partner's gesture Jane followed her husband's slow displacement across the roof edge. Then he advised ironically, "I think you have to explain better to him what 'not exposing himself unnecessarily' means..."

Her internal alarm started to hum. Instinctively her hand flew to take her weapon but she didn't carry one. "Damn…" Without a second thought she took Sam's gun. She was faster than his reaction. Being deaf to his objection Jane climbed by the nearest fire stairs.

Meanwhile, without looking back, the ape-man kept walking through the roof border making sure that his pursuer didn't loose him. Tarzan's ears perceived each step of the soundless hunter. An easy way to test your adversary skills was made him feel secure hunting you, so the ape-man jumped to the next roof. Some second later he heard the other person jump. 'Ok. Let's see how fast you run…' So John began to pick up speed. He ran some yards and then he stopped his pace spinning surprisingly to face his opponent.

He was a she!

The ape-man stepped back dumbfounded. How could a woman stop him?

As answer a silver hissing dart crossed the air impacting unerringly against his right shoulder. Without delay his fingers seized the pointed missile that was nailed deeply into his flesh pulling it out. A sharp pain and a cold tickling traveled through his arm. Wasting no time Tarzan spun running to the left zigzagging. The projectiles bounced around without hit upon him. Desperately, feeling his strength was drained off him, he started to run on his four jumping several times from roof to roof.

As the dart's sedative began to affect him his view began to cloud over so his pace become slower. Leaning his hands on a wall the ape-man wasn't able to stay on his foot and he fell on his knees. Consequently the ground slapped his face.

He had minimized his opponent talent and was paying the price of his stupidity. He won't make that mistake again.

Around him everything began to darken even the sun that warmed his numb body. The lids weighed too much, he couldn't hold his eyes open. His hope was diluted into his growing anxiety. He was the ape-man, lord of the jungle, why was he scared? His last thought reached to his wife memory then his conscience fell into a dark hole of the oblivion.


Jane set Sam's gun on her back between her shirt and belt. With her free hands she could climb the stairs easily. Reaching the roof top she witnessed as a tall brunette woman opened fire against her husband. The detective was too much dumbfounded to even scream her terror. Pain and fear showed on his eyes when he pulled out the dart off his shoulder. It was an endless millisecond while he stared at his wife, then he ran zigzagging trying to evade the projectiles rain.

'Why is he running away?' Jane couldn't find a logical explanation as she seized the gun's handle screaming, "Freeze! New York Police!" Behind her Sam reached the roof edge without stopping to curse. His eyes grew wide when the sculptural brunette spun shooting against his partner. By reflex action Jane hurtled her aside when she fired the gun in her hand. Her marksmanship pierced the aggressor's shoulder. Without delay both detectives charged against the female aggressor. Jane's shoe kicked the weapon aside as her hands immobilized the bounty hunter's arms. The detective's leg made her lose the balance falling both to the ground. Sam could handcuff the suspect easily because Tarzan mate's elbow pressed the wildcat woman's face on the ground impeding any movement.

"Idiots! I'm…" She shrieked the name of a well-known bounty hunter. "My target has escaped because of you." Then she recited from A to Z each one of the insults used by the English language.

"Wow! There's must be a sailor talking inside this pretty lady…" Sam exclaimed hearing her endless lists of cursing words. "No soap would be enough to clean your mouth, lady…"

Detective Porter wasn't in the mood to hold this stupid situation much longer. "Shut up!" she screamed commanding at the sudden mute woman when Jane's bloodshot eyes approached dangerously to her with the gun in her hand. Even Sam stepped back hearing her said "You have shot a policewoman, you idiot bitch. Where do you want another hole?" Recovering her composure coldly she added. "You're under arrest."

"But he couldn't be far away…" The woman dared to mutter. "I shot him a dart... Probably he fainted already."

Her words angered even more, if it was possible, at the already furious female detective. "Didn't you know that everything you said could be use against you? Fool woman, better shut up." Sam advised pushing the prisoner to the stairs. "Ok I take her to the precinct. You better look for the monkey-boy."

Jane began to search some dart-tip all over the floor. She found one incrusted in the ground. The scent emanated by it was strong. That wasn't a good sign. This woman used to mix illegal substances with the sedative darts, that way she simply solved her physical strength disadvantage against the male criminals.

The detective took a plastic bag from her jacket packet, it wasn't good to touch it. She didn't know what kind the drug the bounty hunter used and if it could be absorbed by the skin.

Looking at the plastic bullet held by her hand she wondered why he ran away. Could he felt losing his control again? Would he be conscious? Unconscious? No human could equal his speed so probably he would be miles away right now. What direction would he have choose to escape?

Her eyes examined the open sky discovering a helicopter, the one the police used to watch the morning traffic. She needed help. Staring at the fly machine she dialed her cell phone. It was a risky idea but it could work out. While she spoke by her phone, the helicopter started to make circles around the area. This was the better way to find her husband as soon as possible. Now all she needed was time and some luck.


A dark red tonality and deep silence surrounded the sleepy ape-man. After his nose perceived an offensive aseptic scent his ears detected a monotonous beep creaking at the right side of his head. Slowly his mind awoke realizing where he was, in a hospital room. How had he arrived there? There was no answer.

He tried to move but he wasn't able to, something held his wrist. When he tried to move his leg something held his ankles. It took him some seconds to realize that he was tied to the bed. It was an unpleasant feeling. His heart started to beat loudly. The last thing he remembered was the concrete floor under him. It seems that he had fainted. But, when?

He failed at his first attempt to draw up his lids. His physical weakness wasn't enough excuse to not try again, and again, so even it wasn't easy task, he slowly opened his eyes. But the only thing he could glimpse was the white of the ceiling blinding him.

Gradually his pupils got used to the intense light in the room. The exasperating tonality of the walls, ceilings and curtains was broken by the presence of cylindrical gray objects on the windows. Was it bars? Was he locked again?

His throat was dry, his head ached and he was lightly dizzied. It was like déjà vu. He had already gone through the same scene seven days ago when he woke up in another hospital room. The coincidences of both events were overwhelming and alarming. An incipient agitation perturbed his soul. His mental confusion was too similar. His last minutes disappeared from his mind, or it was hours? No matter how much he made tried, he couldn't remember what it happened during this lapse of time. Fear began to corrode his serenity.

Where was Jane?

Desperately he tried to open the mouth but his voice refused to go out. Just a guttural noise passed over his lips, but it was enough to get the nurse's attention. "Oh! You had wakened up again Mister Clayton." A familiar voice exclaimed mockingly. Tarzan leaned his head. The woman smiled at him. Where had he seen her face before? "You had only been unconscious one day."

His mind was a mess. He needed to know how his wife was. Making a huge effort he was able to falter lightly, "Is Jane ok?"

The nurse didn't answer quickly. She considered what she should say. It was a fragile situation, "Your wife is ok…" after a second she added, "…now…" (aca)

The fear stuck at his throat. "Please..." He pleaded.

Seeing his desperation she established. "You have the tendency to become violent when you're under a drug's effect."

"What had I done to her?"

The nurse smirked. "She is still in medical care but her state is stable. Her life wasn't in danger any longer." She confirmed his fears as her ring finger hit several times the needle of the syringe held by her right hand. Enough information had sprouted from her mouth for now. "You need this injection to be able to recover your health Mr. Clayton. You are useless if you get sick again." He nodded watching as the needle transferred the syringe's content to his blood torrent puncturing behind his right knee.

His lids started to feel heavy, as they carried a 200 pounds each one. Little by little the surrounding noises were going away until disappearing completely when he fell again into the unconsciousness. The nurse watched him sleep with his disturb expression face.

She threw the syringe into the trash can at the same moment that the door's room opened up. "Has the patient wakened up?"

"Not yet doctor." She answered showing her most professional facade.

The physician shook his head worried. "That is not good. I'll come later to check him. Thanks Helen" He said before closing the door.

"You're welcome." She beamed.

Kathleen made herself comfortable on the seat of the hospital corridor. It wasn't the best place to stay but, even she wanted to move her nephew to a privet clinic, as the circumstances were, she accepted reluctantly the situation. Richard had been there briefly thirty minutes ago. He received a phone call, cursed loudly and arguing about how useless he felt because he couldn't do anything for John, almost running, he went away.

She flashed an almost diabolical smile seeing him walk to the hospital's main exit. The publisher woman knew the reason of his concern. The flock of lawyers, hired by her had, begun to fly around her nephew's case. The mail that Jane had sent them had opened a few new roads of strategies to face the case. A particular one involved her brother with Wilcox in a suspicious way.

John's room door opened up and the aunt watched attentively the nurse leave the room walking through the police custody. Kathleen had escorted her nephew several times to Wilcox consulting therefore she recognized the woman walking out. The aunt frowned. She didn't consider appropriate that his former doctor's assistant could be his nurse. It sounded insulting to her mind.

Her gaze looked for some policeman around and her eyes quickly found Detective Sullivan chatting in a corner with other officials. Without a second thought she joined him. "Hi Sam."

Sam scowled hearing the publisher woman's voice, astonished that she even talked to him. "Hi." He replied distrustful. He knew each detail of the problem arisen between the two women in John's life. He couldn't look at that woman without feeling piques and nuisances. He had been the handkerchief on which Jane had cried when John began to date other women. There was not doubt in his mind about who had influenced on monkey-boy behavior pushing their rupture. He was sure that she cursed harder because it was just momentary.

It was hard to him to forgive anyone who made his partner suffer. He had to put aside his own displeasure to forgive monkey-boy in spite of her spilled bitter tears, but for this woman he didn't have any consideration. With icy tone he asked. "What can I do for you Ms. Clayton?"

She knew how to read voice's tones and body language, but it was better to be blind to his cold conduct. "How could be possible that doctor's Wilcox former assistant, Helen Singleton, is John's current nurse?"

Sam scratched ponderingly his chin. "I had no idea. But it is a disturbing fact." He confessed. He had promised to Jane to take care of the monkey-boy and he would keep his word. "I will talk to the doctor or whoever it needed to assign him another nurse."

"Thanks." She said "I will appreciate it."

"I don't do it for you lady, just for Jane." He heard his voice saying.

Sam shook his head walking away. Monkey-boy had been his partner's love election. The guy was odd, peculiar, eccentric, and he still wondered if he didn't have fleas, but she loved him. 'Powerful prove that love is completely blind.' John's biggest disadvantage always had been his family. The Detective beamed. 'You can choose your friends but your family is a load that you should carry all your life.' He sighed looking back, 'poor boy, he had a really heavy load.'

….…. XXVI

It was an exhausted and crazy day. The lawyers, like hungry vultures waiting for money's mouthful, had flown around her all day. But at the end of the journey a fissure had opened on the intricate net where John's judicial problems hung. Detective Porter Clayton flashed a mocking smile remembering Richard's face when he tried to explain his connection with the Doctor and why he had deposited 2 million dollars into Wilcox's bank account.

But all this chaos was over now. The night came quickly and all that she wanted was to be near her husband. Jane leaned on his lips giving him a brief good-night kiss. It had been an arduous job to convince the doctors but they finally let her spend the night into his room. They didn't understand why he still didn't wakeup. One reason could be that his unique organism had reacted in a weird way to the bounty hunter's narcotic drug. There were still traces of the drug in his blood stream.

Jane allowed fall her tired bones on the couch strategically located in a corner of the room to watch over his sleep. Her lids were almost closed when she heard the door hissed. Through the darkness she sighted a shadow stepped silently inside. She scowled waiting for the light but the room kept into the dark. Jane observed the person that seemed to be a nurse walking directly toward John's bed. The nurse took a lantern of her apron's pocket as her fingers forced his lids to open. Focusing the light on his eyes she observed how his pupils reacted.

Slowly and silently Jane rose off the seat. Why this nurse didn't turn in the light? Jane's heart started to pound, but instead of showing herself she decided to flatten against the wall and to be unnoticed when she heard Helen's voice murmured annoyingly, "Come on Mr Clayton it's time to wake up."

Jane was completely frightened seeing this woman near her husband. She had witnessed when Sam had spoken with the doctors asking them to change the nurse. Why Helen was there? The possible answer was terrifying.

She should do something but watching that woman seated at the edge of his bed something inside her stopped her actions. Evidently Helen had not perceived her presence yet. It was an opportunity to obtain information. Maybe John was right and someone was with Larry that night. That woman could have witnessed what happened that night and held her mouth shut, but why?

"Come one Mr. Clayton open your eyes…" Helen repeated sighing resoundingly. "There you are…" She smirked when he slid his lids up in slow motion. "You're a good boy Mr. Clayton awakening on time."

John's shocked gaze tried to focus the distorted silhouette standing in front of him. "Jane?" he pronounced brokenly.

Helen beamed. "No Mr. Clayton. I'm sorry but I have a bad news for you." He kept silence so she lied wanting to see some pain's expression on his face. "She died about an hour ago."

'Ok no one told me about my own death.' hidden in the penumbra Jane heard the joyful tone of this woman. How was it possible that she could enjoy hurting him that way? But the calm of John's face was a sign that he didn't believe her, probably he was smelling her scent right now. She stepped ahead letting the light illuminate her face momentarily and afterward she returned to the dark corner again.

While the nurse didn't stop to relate the details of his wife's awful death, Tarzan sat up difficultly on the bed and looked at the nurse without hiding his curiosity. "You're the woman that visited me in the prison." He assured breaking her monologue. "I recognized your voice, and it took me some time to identify your scent. You are Larry's nurse, I can smell his aroma on your body even now."

She clapped laughing. "Bravo jungle lord. It was time that you realize who I am…" Jane looked at the door worried. Why anyone came if Helen was making noises inside his room? Desperately she wanted to grab her gum 'Damn!' but the number one condition to let her stay inside his room was no weapon. She needed to look for help. Her finger touched the cell phone. Ok she could use it but she had to mute it first. The detective pressed the redial button hopping that Sam didn't go to bed yet. When he answered the call he heard a cold unknown voice talking lower. "It was a pity that your aunt rushed the end of this game. But if I can't reach you, I can't complete my revenge. And I can't let it happen."

Tarzan shook his head throwing away the last traces of drowsiness. "What you injected into my blood didn't let me move but I was still conscious and could hear everything around me."

"Isn't that drug wonderful?" She mockingly remarked. "With a tiny dose the doctors couldn't detect because your body was impregnated with the narcotics of the dart." The victorious smile didn't fade off her face. "It is one of the advantages of working for Larry so much time… knowing your medical file and the special way that your organism reacts to certain substances, it was relatively easy to manipulate your medication." She puffed, "But your aunt had to ruin my amusement and now I had to hurry the end of it."

He moved one leg to the side of the bed, "Why are you doing this?" Next he slipped the other leg.

"Vengeance, simply bitter-sweet revenge." He watched her to pull out a gun. "You're attitude caused Larry's death. You have to pay for it."

Jane stepped ahead hearing his voice. "But Larry drugged me. I didn't know what I was doing. I can't even remember if I stabbed him."

She laughed loudly affirming. "For sure you can't remember, but please let me invite your wife to our conversation." Her finger pressed lightly the trigger of the weapon held by her hand. "Oh! Jane, please you had to join us. You are the main character to this tragedy." Her arm rose slowly aiming to the ape-man. "Imagine the surprise of your partner when he'll find your cadaver beside your uncontrolled husband. Do you recognize this gun? It's yours." Suddenly Helen shot drilling his shoulder, but no sound came out off the gun. "This one was just a warning. Please stand up near your savage man."

He stood motionless letting the red line of blood fell down his arm. Voiceless Jane walked near him observing the emptiness of his gaze. She had seen that look once, long ago, when he almost kill his uncle. The man standing beside her wasn't John Clayton Jr. any longer.


Jane's fingers squeezed tightly her husband's hand as her eyes pleaded him to remain calm. Her eyes slipped from John's face to the weapon held by Larry's lover. The Detective softened her expression. How could she hold her desperation, extreme anxiety and frustration, it was a mystery, but it was a singular chance and her cold cop brain wasn't willing to lose this opportunity. Her voice sounded free of stress when she stated. "The revenge is useless, Helen…"

"On the contrary, it's sweet." The nurse declared savoring the immediacy of her vengeance. "You will die by your husband's hands because he will suffer another attack of fury." Her hand took out a piece of paper off her pocket. "I found this into Larry's locker the same day he died." She tossed it on the bed commanding her. "Read it loud." But Tarzan's hand grabbed it first. A cruel grimace was drawn on Helen face as she affirmed. "Your first hunch was the correct one Mr. Clayton. They planned ran way together…"

His eyes stared at the first word for some seconds. Helen had lied several times before, but he couldn't help but fear. How could he resist another deception? Tarzan swallowed hard and started to read the letter written by Larry's hand. It was a love letter. He grunted reading the doctor's declaration of unconditional love to Jane. Using his usual words Larry portrayed him like a uncontrollable and wild man explaining why he, John, loose his control causing the mansion disaster. Tarzan frowned, "…nothing happened into the mansion."

Jane took the paper. While she read a mocking smile grew on her face. "The wording is the quite ambiguous to fit perfectly with any thing that could happen… The letter was dated at the same day of the murder…" He raised his head to look at Jane, "But he could write it before... I think he even anticipated that Kathleen would call him. This letter… this letter could be the link we need to tie the events of this night. He drugged you on purpose waiting for a incident inside the mansion. We only have to look for a link with Richard…"

Helen's eyes sparked evilly. "Oh! Well done detective… very good." She teased, "Richard gave him two million dollars with one only condition, Larry had to show that John Clayton Jr. wasn't in a normal mental state. He built a plan, a good one. Knowing the bond between both of you, he just needed to break it. So he played the man desperately in love with your wife…"

"He didn't fake it, he was in love with Jane…" Helen shook her head hearing his words, tears in her eyes. "To kill her will not bring him back to you… Besides, I will never harm her." He stated.

"It doesn't matter." Helen refuted ironically, "I made it once, I could do it twice…"

The detective looked at her confused. "What does it mean?"

The nurse didn't answer at once, she measured her action course. To describe what she did, wouldn't damage her revenge, just the opposite, it would reinforce it. "When Mr. Clayton went to Larry's consulting room, he wasn't alone."

"You were there…" Helen nodded at his affirmation.

"You broke through the window." Her voice volume rose at the same time that her anger was growing as the events of that night came back to her memory. "You said, over and over again, that he never could take apart your wife from you. At first he tried to calm you down but then you affirmed that he wasn't enough man for her. I laughed of that ridiculous statement, but he got mad." Her gaze got lost into the images of her recollections. "He started to describe how he would spend the rest of his life with that woman making fun of my feeling. He didn't care that I was near him… he kept talking and talking." she made a silence, "We had made love minutes ago on the couch but now he was drooling imagining how he would fuck that bitch." Jane watched at Helen's hand, it began to tremble as she narrated it. "He laughed seeing you stepped ahead and fell. He didn't stop to laugh seeing you unconscious on the floor. But he couldn't laugh when I stabbed on his stomach." A dark shadow crossed through her eyes. "I took his favorite knife, the one that he always keeps into the first drawer of his desk." She smirked. "It was poetic, I bathed his ugly thoughts with his own blood." She breathed heavily. "I can still see his dumbfounded face asking me why…"

"So John didn't kill him…" Jane interrupted her. "He was innocent all the time…

"Your husband is guilty for Larry death." The nurse affirmed turning the gun toward Jane. "If he didn't show up that day I wouldn't have found out the truth and Larry would be alive." Tarzan's eyes saw as Helen's finger began to press the trigger aiming at his wife. "He has to suffer the way I did…"

"Nooooo!" The bullet escaped from the weapon but it didn't arrive to its target, Tarzan's chest intercepted it when the door was open by Sam's hard kick. Helen couldn't shoot twice, a bunch of police officer opened fire over her. Detective Sullivan's eyes slid down and he couldn't be able to hold a tear when he saw his partner crying over her husband bloody body.


The day had dawned cloudy but yet it refused to cry. Kathleen Clayton stood near the memorial tablet. The black marble reflected the figure of the nomadic clouds traveling across the morning sky. Her finger caressed the J chiseled on the stone surface. The anguish oppressed her heart each time she remembered his cerulean eyes pacing up and down through the mansion. Why life had turn out to be so frustrating? She hadn't an answer, all what she knew was that her family became smaller, and she couldn't do anything to stop it.

The green grew around his grave. The cycle of life should continue but it was difficult to be able to glimpse a light through her pain and agony. When her finger skirted the H a tear slid down over her cheek. Something had changed inside her throughout these last weeks forcing her to review some concepts into her values scale.

She felt guilty.

"Sorry John, I have failed. I couldn't hold my promise…" Slowly she kneeled down placing a bouquet of flowers on the grave.

She felt lonely.

Now she wasn't the powerful businesswoman, just a hopeless female whose family was disintegrating, dismembering, and she couldn't do anything but felt impotent in front of that situation. She was trapped into a silent net which she didn't know how to get out.

"You were smarter than me…" She spoke to the stone and then giggled. It felt strange to be speaking before a cold stone. "Here I am doing a ridiculous scene but I need your advice. What would I do if Richard goes to prison?"

"Nothing!" Jane's voice sounded exasperating at her back. "He deserves to be exactly where he is after all he has done to John."

The sharp voice of her nephew's wife startled her. She didn't expected company. "How are you?" Ok, that was a foolish question but her brain couldn't think anything better right now.

"I'm fine."

After the usual words of greeting an uncomfortable silence fell around them. Too much water had run under the bridge because of their opposite worlds. The breach had grown considerably in the last year but the aunt hoped, expected and prayed that there was something to be saved for both of them still. Kathleen was aware that she had to take the first step.

She stood up cleaning the dust on her knees with her hand, and then she faced the detective's undecipherable gaze. Jane stepped back. The Clayton was behaving oddly and the young woman didn't know how the aunt would react so the best shield she found was an inexpressive mask on her face. But nothing could prepare her for the words that she listened next.

"You should forgive me because I've been so rigid, pig-headed and even fool so many times…"

Simple Jane couldn't answer and her facial expression showed openly her astonishment.

The aunt began to laugh seeing her niece-in-law's confusion. It was a infectious laughter so the auburn woman couldn't help but join her.

From above two green-blue eyes watched the scene. Smiling he sighed. The white flag had been hoisted, maybe it was time to start over.

John Clayton Jr. allowed himself fall from the tall tree appearing unexpectedly behind both women. They screamed at the unison, "What the hell are you doing!"

He didn't answer, just bent down placing the wild flowers on his father's grave. He beamed mischievously seeing their fuming stare on him. His wife face showed clearly how worried she was. He foresaw her hand next move, she would slide up his T-shirt to make sure he wasn't bleeding again. He prevented it grabbing her littler hand with his own. Mockingly he said, "Not here honey…"

But she wasn't in a mood for jokes. "Do you forget your health condition?" She puffed, "You left the hospital seven day ago… You can't go jumping through the trees and you might fall off them!" Her fuming tone amused and touched him.

"I have been wounded worse …"

Hearing him she exploded. "I don't care about your Jungle Lord's tone mister…" Her finger approached to his nose threateningly, "just erase that stupid smile of your face. I almost lost you and that isn't funny. So if you…"

But he didn't let her finish her sentence sealing her lips with his. After a sweet minute he pulled back lightly exhibiting the most victorious smile on his scornful face. "Isn't she lovely when she gets angry?" He mockingly asked to his aunt.

Kathleen nodded smiling touchingly. "Let me take these flowers to your mom's grave and we can go to have breakfast together…" The entangled couple agreed and they walked away as the sun finally crossed the cloudily sky.

The day had dawned rainy but in that moment it began to fill with sunbeams, laughs and hope….

The End (Fin)