Where are you now?

What have you found?

Whose on your mind,

When I'm not around?

Main Street, Outside of City Dock Cafe

Annapolis, MD

Hermione Granger sighed into her morning cup of coffee and thought about the last 10 years of her life. She walked down the street reminiscing about all her old friends and all the good times they had together.

I wonder what the are doing right now She thought quietly Probably thanking God that your not there…

It had been 10 years had last even set foot in the Wizarding world, and left behind every friend she ever made there. Sure at first they had tried to find her, but she didn't want to be found, so she wasn't. She had been so confused. Even to this day, she didn't know what she wanted to do. Sure now she owned her own very successful company, and was wealthy, but she still missed her friends, missed her magic, but at least her friends were happy.

Harmione was sobbing she had to go, she had to get away .Everything was ruined, she had to leave. She started moving slowly toward the Burrow door, hoping nobody would hear her. She left the note, in the morning, they would have to understand. She turned to face the door and gasped.

"Hermione what are you doing?" Ginny had whispered harshly "What happened, why are you doing this?"

"Every time I come here I remember, they're dead Ginny, your parents are dead! How can you live with that!" Hermione sobbed "I know you guys don't blame me, but I blame myself! I hurt all of you, and I just keep on doing that, so I'm leaving!"

"Hermione you are our family, we don't blame you because it wasn't your fault, nobody thinks it was…"

"Ron does…I do… He said he couldn't live with me hear, and I really agree with him."

"Ron is an enormous git, you know that! What about Fred! He hasn't said it yet, but he loves you Mione!" Ginny was close to shouting now

"I'm…I'm sorry Ginny, please just let me go!" Hermione pleaded softly, sobbing "If you block this way, I'm just going to find another way, I have to leave, I'm only hurting everyone!" With that Ginny grabbed Hermione to take her upstairs, but she pulled away grabbed her bags and with a dull pop, she was gone.

Hermione shhok off the memory and continued walking up Main Street to her shop, McBride Gallery, where she was known as Heather McBride. It was her hiding place.

The Kitchen in the Burrow

Fred and George were sitting at the Kitchen table working the numbers from their joke shop, Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes.

"Mate, can you handle the shop today? Me and Alicia made plans to take Angelina to Diagon Alley. She needs to get her books today, she star…"

"I know that your kid is starting Hogwarts this year, you've only told me only five minutes ever since she got her letter!" Fred snapped crankily, they had been up all night working these numbers. "But yeah I can handle the shop for today."

"I don know if I wanna leave you around so many kids, your liable to bite one of their heads off!" George said laughing " Mate we also need to apply for work visas if we are gonna open those shops in the colonies any time soon"

"I'll handle that today then" Fred said tiredly, it had been a long night.

"Well I'm off then" George said happily then with a soft pop, he was gone.

Maybe I can just close the shop for today Fred thought No that wont work… George would kill me…Today is not going to be a good day Then he quickly apparated to his shop in Hogsmeade.

Ministry of Magic

Ron's Office (Minister of Magic)

Ron sat his desk and ruffled his hair with his hands. It had been 10 years today that Hermione had disappeared in the middle of the night. 10 years since he had spoken to almost anyone in his family. They hadn't really forgiven him for making Hermione, and resulting in her disappearing.

How was I supposed to know Fred fancied her that much Ron sulked

You know he more than fancied her Ron' s conscience scolded He loved her, and you didn't like it. You didn't want her to be with him, you wanted her for yourself. You got jealous. Now they can't even find her.

Ron sighed and opened his drawer and pulled out the top folder and opened it. It was all the evidence collected on the Granger case (A.K.A. Hermione's disappearance) Right on top was the letter she left.

Hullo Everyone,

I know that at this point, many of you already know I am gone. Each of you are probably handling this quite differently. Don't try to find me, because I am taking extreme measures to make sure I will never be found. Don't hate me, it is for the best. I caused you guys so much pain, and I am going to end it now. I have figured the only way I can stop hurting you guys, is to take myself out of your lives.

Ginny, I know you are going to hate for this, and I know that you don't think I should go. I need to do this. Thank you for never hating me for what I have done, you were really a great friend. Ron, I hope that someday you can forgive me for what I have done. I know you said this was unlikely, but I can still hope. Fred, you are one of my greatest friends and you have no idea how much you mean to me. That is the main reason I have to go. I can't live with myself knowing I caused you all so much pain, you guys are to good for me. George, you are great and I am so sorry for everything I have done. Tell the rest of my friends that when I am ready I will come back, and I am sorry I have hurt them all.



Ron sighed. Why did she do that to us? Didn't she know that it hurt everyone more by leaving? Ron leaned back I mean god Ginny considered her a sister, Fred pretty much loved her. Why was I such an idiot? Ron stood and walked over to the window. After Hermione left , no one would talk to him. 10 years later, not much had changed. Bill and Charlie had started to semi-contact him, mainly because they thought it's what their mother would have wanted. Fred still hated him, and George hated him just because Fred did. Fred never had the courage to say it to her, but he loved Hermione more than his own life. Even today he didn't flat out admit it, but everyone knew it. It broke Fred's heart that she didn't think of him before she left.

24 Conduit Street

Hermione Granger's Home

"Mommy your home!" Cried a little girl with frizzy red curls and freckles. She ran up to Hermione and gave her a giant bear hug.

"Hey honey! How was school?" Hermione asked while taking off her coat and walking into the kitchen.

"It was great! Except for my teacher, school is fun!" Hermione rolled her eyes at her daughter. Kymberly loved school as much as Hermione once did, but was always getting into petty disagreements with her teachers.

It's not like I didn't Hermione thought smiling, thinking back on all of her Hogwarts day. As soon as she realized what she was doing she stopped. Those days are over, I am a muggle now. They probably forgot I ever existed. Not that I don't deserve it. Hermione missed her friends, for some reason today she was thinking of them more than ever. She hadn't completely let go of her witch past, she was already teaching Kym basic magic. A few years ago an owl from the Daily Prophet, and Kym started asking questions, so Hermione had to tell her. The week after Kym had forced Hermione to take her to Diagon Alley for a wand and basic magic supplies. Ever since then, after school Hermione would teach magic to her daughter in order to keep slight contact with the magic world. It was also why she kept her subscription o the Daily Prophet. She kept slight touch with the wizarding world. It was how she knew the Harry was now leading the Auror department at the Ministry, that Ginny had married Harry last year, and the Ron was the new Minister of Magic.

"Mommy can you make dinner the other way tonight?" Kym asked grinning broadly. Hermione laugh and smiled at her daughter.

"Of course." They both walked into the kitchen and right has Hermione was reaching for her wand the phone started ringing.

"Hello? McBride residence, May I ask whose calling?" Hermione said tiredly, she didn't really feel like talking to anyone right now.

"Hermione? Is that you?" Hermione gasped and gaped at the phone.

"Umm no this is Heather McBride….Who is this?"

"Doesn't matter…I must have the wrong number" The voice said and then started mumbling something "Bye" the voice said quikly and then the line went dead.

Shit Hermione thought

"Mommy are you okay?"

"Yeah, Honey I'm fine. Mommy needs to go make a phone call, can you make yourself a normal dinner?" Hermione didn't wait for an answer she simply walked into her bedroom and closed the door.