THIS IS A SAD CHAPTER, be sure to read the authors note at the end, it has important info on the sequel ENJOY


The Burrow

The Family Room

George, Alicia, Bill, Fleur, Ginny, Harry, and all of the children were crammed into the room along with a few aurors from the Ministry. They had called some of their friends once Fred and Hermione had disappeared after their meeting with Dumbledore. That had been almost five days before. Kymberly had moved in with Ginny, Harry, and the triplets, and was helping Gabrielle and Ginny a lot. It was good to keep the even score, even if Kym seemed to be distracted just as much as the babies some times.

No one had told Kym how worried they were that her parents were missing, but she could sense it. The Order hadn't heard anything from Ron in days either, which was also unusual. He had been sending special letters to certain aurors and Order members he trusted to keep him informed on the situation. He hadn't been opening or replying to any of the messages.

"So no one knows where they went after Dumbledore's?" Kingsley Shacklebot asked for what seemed like the umpteenth time. George sighed and stood from his spot on the chair.

"Look, I'm not trying to be rude, but we've answered that question almost a thousand times already." He said exasperatedly. With that he walked in to the kitchen and the others heard him starting to make a pot of tea. It was almost five minutes before anyone spoke, and this time it was Ginny.

"I've got to get these three to bed, it's almost seven already." Ginny scooped up two of her children, while Gabrielle grabbed the last one and Kymberly grabbed their blankets and such before skipping up the stairs.

"Can nobody really think of any possibilities?" Tonks, the other auror on the case, asked. Everybody shook their head but Bill, who looked guilty.

"I know this sounds horrible, but could Ron have taken them?" He said softly. "They were all at Hogwarts, and we never really decided if Ron was guilty or not." The end of his accusation met silence, before Harry just shook his head, glaring hard at the ground.

"It wasn't him." Harry said firmly, causing everyone to turn and stare. "I saw his memory, the one from the night your parents were killed. He was here, yes, but as an innocent bystander. He had come home to surprise them and watched through the window as they were killed. Then they saw him and tortured him. Okay, I saw it all, and I know you might want to believe he could be behind this, he's not, okay. He's just not." This forced the room into silence again, making it all to eerie when the scream suddenly pierced the silence. Everyone was up, wands drawn, before the scream ended, leaving the odd silence to overcome them again.

"I'll go check the children and the girls." Bill said, but he was quickly followed by all the remaining Weasley brothers plus Harry. When they reached the nursery they were not prepared for what they saw. Ginny ran to Harry and buried her head in his shoulder as he stared straight ahead, fighting tears. Kymberly stood completely still, eyes wide, and still holding onto the three blankets that she had carried with her. Gabrielle was covering her face, sobbing, at the top of the stairs, leaning heavily on the wall behind her.

Fred and Hermione lay sprawled out on the floor, pale as snow and obviously dead.

The Burrow

Outside on the Path Leading Away From the House

The man smiled evilly and pulled his black cloak tighter around his body as he heard the scream from the house. That had been what he wanted. Complete shock and horror. He lived for it. Just the sound of their screams made him feel better, stronger, than ever before. Especially since it was such a personal victory. He had been looking forward to the moment he could inflict more pain on the Weasley's since the moment he laid eyes on their pathetically red, bright hair that annoyed him so much.

He sensed movement near by and stopped in his tracks. He pulled his hood down further to cover his features and tried to blend in to the forested surroundings, which was pretty simple considering the lack of moon and dense foliage made for an almost pitch black escape path. He saw through the darkness back to the shack they called a house and spotted some movement in the windows. It was that bloody Alicia Spinnet from school, how he had despised her. She was always so righteous and perky. He had dreamt of killing her more than once. She was leaning into her husband, George, who stopp as still as a statue, staring into space.

That look of complete loss and devastation fed him even more, and he felt near invincible. He almost wanted to go in and kill them all, take them all on at once. He grinned even larger and felt his hand reach instinctively towards his wand. The movement had disappeared and he deemed it safe to move again. As he walked he thought back on the events of the past couple of days and couldn't help but feel extremely victorious. Everything had worked out so perfectly.

They don't even know what hit them He reflected happily Just wait till they see who's next.

In truth he hadn't decided who was next. He needed to get the prophecy, which he knew the now dead Ronald Weasley gave, but he didn't know how to get it. He knew it dealt with the Weasley's so for now he was just enjoying killing them all off. His dreams all seemed to be coming true. Oh, the mind games he was planning on playing with them, not to mention the ones that had already started. This was going to be so much fun.

Pop, goes the Weasel he thought with a laugh. Ironic and suiting, even though it was muggle. Muggle filth making fun of filthy wizards, it works.

Gaspal Sound Cemetery

Weasley Family Plots

George sighed and tried to push out the sense of hollowness that filled him, but, as he had been finding for the past two weeks, it was impossible. The investigation was going nowhere fast, and it was becoming clear the it was never going to be solved. Fred and Hermione were dead and no one was going to pay for. George clenched his fist in anger but calmed when he saw his brother and his brother's wife's graves, letting the guilt wash over him.

Day to day life was taking its toll on him. He didn't want to be in public, he didn't want to go to work, he just didn't feel the motivation to do anything. Life seemed empty. Angelina helped. Helped a lot, actually. She was his personal reminder that life goes on. Alicia helped in little ways as well, but she was mourning as well. Fred and Hermione had been like family to her as well. He didn't know what he would do without Alicia and Angelina, they made him feel loved and hopeful again.

He just couldn't figure out how to move on. He still go the urge to shout at anyone who smiled at him on the street, and he couldn't find any way to pretend to be better than he was. His twin brother was dead and there was nothing he could do to make himself feel better. Except to solve the case and the wasn't happening so far.

"I'll find out who did this to you." George swore to the headstones, finally letting a single tear slide down his face. "I'll find them and make them pay for this."

George sat down on the ground, not caring that his nice pants would probably get dirt stains, and didn't move until he felt Alicia come up and sit beside him.

"He wouldn't want this for you, George." George tensed and Alicia sighed. "I know you don't want to hear it, but it's true. Who was the one who forced us to go out and celebrate Angelina's life, instead of mourning her death? Who forced us to play a memorial game of quidditch with only two chasers, just for her? It was Fred, George, and you know it. He hated it when people were upset, so just focus on that. Just do it, George, for Fred, or Me, or even Angelina, we hate seeing you like this." George nodded, letting a few more tears fall, she was right. Fred never believed in mourning, but preferred to celebrate the life of whoever had died. He wrapped an arm around Alicia and pulled her closer.

"I'm sorry, love." He whispered. "I just miss hime. He really was my better half." George ended with a small laugh, making Alicia giggle softly.

"I always did think he got the good looks." George smiled, remembering the old joke from Hogwarts when he and Alicia had just started dating, so sighing with fake exasperation, he shouted.

"For the last time, we're identical" They both collapsed into laughter, knowing this would be the part where Fred would say that obviously there was some mistake, because everyone knew he was the better looking and more talented one, but no one had clued George in because they felt bad for him.

"Let's go get the others and celebrate, okay?" Alicia whispered in his ear a few minutes later. George nodded.

"But no memorial quidditch game. Quidditch with one beater is just a bad idea"


The Cliffs of Mohr

Fred clung to Hermione in their dark cellar. He knew where they were only because the guards liked bragging about how they would never be found, and had even gone as far as to show them their own obituaries in the paper. Hermione was slowly weakening and becoming more and more silent and dismal. She was losing hope, and Fred was trying to do all he could to keep her safe.

He felt Hermione shiver and unconsciously rubbed her arm to warm her up. They had very few options. They were being kept in the small tower on top of the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland. It was a very public place, and seemingly very muggle, so they couldn't exactly steal a wand and blow their way out, and wards kept them from apparating. No one was even looking for them because everyone thought they were dead. It had been a month. Fred didn't even know why they were being kept alive, but they were, just barely.

"Fred?" Hermione sat up quickly, not realizing she had been sleeping against his shoulder. She looked around the room alarmed before noticing him behind her.

"I'm right here, love." He pulled her backward, wincing at the slight pain when he raised his right arm. When they had first arrived, they had been tortured unmercifully. "Everything's okay, just go back to sleep." Hermione nodded silently into his shoulder, closing her eyes. Fred sighed a few minutes later, when he knew Hermione was asleep. He couldn't help but start to loose hope as well. Just then, the door flew open and fred brought up his arm to stop the blinding light from hitting his eyes. He was grabbed roughly by the collar and forced into a room he noticed was sparsely decorated as an office. A flimsy card table served as a desk and there were two tiny wooden chairs and one slightly larger wooden chair with arms, which a mysterious hooded figure sat unmoving. Fred couldn't help but think about Hermione, and if she was okay.

"Don't worry about your mudblood whore of a wife, Weasley" A voice came from the hooded man, sneering. "She is beneath you, and no matter what, you will not come out together."

"Don't call her a mudblood." Fred managed to grit out before a guard hit him with a stunner and he fell numbly into a chair.

"Don't speak unless I ask you to, you filthy blood traitor." The voice sneered, rising from his seat. Fred was surprised to find that the voice belonged to a rather tall body. It was tall and wiry, it almost seemed to be swallowed by the flowing black cloak that hid his identity.

"I have a proposition for you." He said, and Fred could almost hear the evil delight in the sick bastard's voice. "Or more of a decision for you to make. You can either remain with your wife, and I will kill you both personally right now, or you can choose to spare your wife and I will release you to your family. Any questions?"

"How would I be sparing Hermione?"

"She would be sent into the muggle world, her memory completely erased, except for what we put in there, mind you."

"And my memory?"

"Would remain completely in tact. No one would cast a single spell on you." Fred considered his options, but felt that there was a catch. There had to be. The second option seemed to perfect. Then it hit Fred. The catch was he would go back to who he was before. To who he was like without Hermione. He let his head roll back, but he knew what he had to do.

"I'll go for that, then. Unless there is more to it than you're telling me." The voice sat back down in his seat.

"Nothing more. Though that's assuming you figured out that we will be keeping an eye on her, and no one from the magical world is allowed anywhere near her." Fred nodded, he had assumed that.

"Okay." Fred said, his eyes closed, hoping beyond hope that he was making the right choice. "What about her daughter?"

"Her daughter is comatose, practically dead, Mr. Weasley. Though should I say, your daughter?" Fred cringed softly, he'd forgotten about that. "But in the off chance she has survived and I don't know it, she stays with you, memory untouched." The evil amusement was back in his voice and Fred wanted to strangle him, but was too shocked to move. He'd have to tell his daughter that her mother was dead.

It didn't even occur to Fred until later that he was leaving Hermione to be a single mother all over again. She was going to be seven months, almost eight months, pregnant and have no idea who the father was or anything.

The Burrow

The Nursery

Kymberly sat rocking the babies in their bouncing chairs laughing. They were almost five months old now, and seemed to never stop growing. It seemed like every other day Ginny had to enlarge their clothes to fit them properly. They all had hair now. Darren and Andromeda, or Andy, both had extremely unruly jet black hair. James, true to his metamorphagus parts, would change his hair depending on who was holding him. If it was Ginny or Kym, he had red hair, but if it was Gabrielle it would be blonde, and if Harry held him it would look like Darren or Andy's hair.

"How are they doing?" asked Ginny, poking her head in to the converted guest bedroom. They had decided very quickly after they found the bodies of Fred and Hermione that they weren't comfortable with keeping the babies in there and had set to work making a new nursery. It was past five and Ginny had just finished seeing Gabrielle to the fire place so she could floo home.

"Fine." Kym laughed. "James has been changing his eyes and nose every two minutes, its almost likes he's on a timer." Ginny leaned over to get a look and James immediately changed his eyes, nose, and hair to match her. Ginny almost laughed at how feminine he looked. It was barely five minutes before he changed again, and soon Ginny realized they had spent two hours playing with the children and it was well past their bed times. Just as they finished putting them to sleep, Harry announced his arrival with a slammed door.

"Hey, Harry." Ginny shouted. "We're upstairs, be down in a sec for dinner."

"That's fine." Ginny could hear the annoyance in her husbands voice, and Kymberly could two. They looked at each other before shrugging and walking down that stairs.

"What's going on?" Ginny asked Harry, who was busy glaring at the empty fireplace.

"I'm beginning to get somewhat suspicious of everyone." Harry said with a laugh. "it's like paranoia, but only sometimes. Today I even got suspicious that Dumbledore might be involved with what happened." Ginny stopped short on her way to the kitchen and turned back, laughing.

"You were suspicious of Dumbledore? You thought he might be involved, or he might know something that he isn't sharing?."

"He always knows something he isn't sharing. I thought he might be involved. He claims that Fred and Hermione never made it to his office, and that Ron was sent back to St. Mungo's"

"Did you check around?"

"I tricked McGonagal, I think, into admitting she saw Fred and Hermione enter school grounds, and St. Mungo's has no re-admittance forms for Ron."

"It's not paranoia, Harry. Or I'm paranoid too, because that sounds highly suspicious." Harry nodded, finally tearing his eyes from the fireplace, bearing a small grin.

"But it's Dumbledore" He exclaimed, laughing. "The old bat may be crazy, but he isn't evil." Ginny laughed too and nodded, continuing on her way to the kitchen where Kymberly was already chopping carrots for a stew.

After dinner they all went back up to the nursery to see if James was still constantly changing, but he had fallen asleep, his hair changing back to it's natural Weasley red color. He was the only baby that was asleep, though. Andy and Damien were awake and seemingly talking to each other in some unknown baby language. They stayed up there watching and playing with the babies until both Andy and Damien were asleep, and then they all went downstairs for some tea before bed.

Ginny was sitting in the kitchen about to pour the pot of boiling tea when the door opened. She didn't think anything of it, thinking that it was Harry or Kymberly coming inside for some reason after using the back door. Anyone else would have apparated or knocked. It wasn't until the person spoke that she spun around so fast she spilled almost dropped the pot of bioling water.

"Do you have enough water to make me a cup of tea too, Gin?" Ginny couldn't breathe for a second before she smiled.

"Sorry, George." She said, grabbing another cup from the cupboard "For a second I thought you were….you know." She blushed and George came over and gave her a big hug as she started crying.

"It's okay, Gin." She nodded into his shoulder but kept on crying. A few moments later she composed herself and smiled at him sadly.

"Sorry. I just forget there were two of you, sometimes, I guess" She mumbled. "I' have to put the pot back on, the water's gotten cold now." George and Ginny talked for a few minutes as the water boiled and right as she was about to pour the water, Harry shouted.

"Hey, Gin. You might want to put on some more water."


"Fred's here." Ginny fainted.

(a/nI AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG my computer crashed, and then with the rush of graduation, I didn't even think about re-writing this until last week. This isn't everything that was going to go into this chapter, but this is the final chapter in this segment of the Trilogy (yes, I decided to make this a trilogy) The title will be Daddy's Little Rebel , and it will deal with Kymberly a year after everything you just read about.)