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Chapter One: Power


It was cold. So cold. That's all I can think about. My lungs feel constricted. My bones feel like glass. My skin, white and clammy, feels like a thin layer of rubber covering the glass bones. No meat. No meat on me. Then I hear him. I hear him walking towards me. Scared. I feel scared. No, not scared, terrified. Terrified for my life.

"My dear Lisa. Don't cry." He whispers and then lets out that harsh laugh.

NO! Not him. I'm not crying. I'm screaming in terror. He laughs some more. A screeching laugh. I hate it. I hate this. How did I come to be here? Then his cold hands reach for the buttons on my shirt. I can't move. Even if I weren't bound so tightly I felt numb, I was frozen. My voice goes blank. The screaming is gone. My vocal cords are frozen. Wait, my whole body is out of my control. I try to part my lips, but I can't. All I can do is breath. Breath and hope. Hope that someone will come and find me.

Soon, my clothes are gone. I feel revealed. Revealed as though thousands of people were looking at me. No, I hear him again. He pulls at my underwear. Laughing. At me, he is laughing.

Then it happens. I can feel his body, pressed so close to mine, I could have sworn I could feel every particle of his body. I smell him. He smells of dirt, of blood, and of garbage. Where had he been? Then I feel cold steel at my thin neck. He is going to kill me. And then it's gone. I feel a sharp pain at my stomach. I can't scream. He is breathing heavily. I can smell his putrid breath. Coffee. Coffee was on his breath. Alcohol. Strong whiskey. Hard whiskey. A lot of whiskey. Perspiration. I can smell the perspiration on his skin. A lot of it. He is sweating. I am too. But I'm so cold. So cold, yet I can still sweat. Horrible sweat. Cold beads of sweat rolling down my body. Blood. My blood. It's drizzling down my stomach. Blood, the thick liquid, is running down my thighs, down my legs. I can feel it. People say it's red. Red like the crimson of a dark sunset.

My throat is sticking. I can't utter a word. Not a word. Not one plea of help can escape my lips. Then it's gone. It's black. Nothing. I'm gone. Apparently he enjoys sucking the lives out of helpless people. Power. All for power. Sickening. So Sickening.