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Sara was home after a few days, and everyone on the team had taken turns to go and check on her. Everyone noticed the mysterious disappearance of the intense tension that used to be between Catherine and Sara. Ever since they had had a talk at the hospital, they realized that life was too short to hold a grudge with an empty base.

It was now three weeks after they had found Sara, and she was returning from a well deserved break. She, of course, was the first in the break room waiting for assignment. After her first week of leave, she was itching to get back to the lab and catch some bad guys. It took everything they had to keep Sara from going back; Catherine even had to sneak her police scanner out after her turn to check on Sara. They had really seen how mad Sara could get that day.

"Sara, surprise, surprise. Wow, if I had a doctors note to excuse me for six weeks, I would be vacationing right now." Nick commented as he poured out the old coffee and opened the canister of fresh grounds.

Sara took a deep breath in, letting the smell of coffee fill her up. "I never knew that one drink could dictate my life." She went over and retrieved a chipped mug from a little rack behind the counter.

"None of us did until we had Grissom for a supervisor." Warrick said as he came in, closely followed by Greg.

"Did I hear my name?" Grissom walked in, case files in hand, and Catherine came in trailing behind.

"Now Sara, if you don't feel up to it…" Grissom started.

"Really, Grissom, I'm fine. It has been three weeks, the only problem is my wrist, which won't really be a problem. It's just a bruise." She said.

"Sara, most wounds run deeper than skin." Grissom left it at that because he knew he would not be able to convince her not to work if she had a doctors note saying she could, which she did.

After their cases had been handed out, Greg, Catherine, and Warrick headed over to the strip to investigate a double murder, and Nick had forgotten something in his locker that he went to get. Sara was filling up her third cup of coffee, waiting for Nick to return. Grissom hung around, waiting until Sara turned around.

"Oh, hey Grissom," She said, sipping at her drink.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay, not only physically, but emotionally, too." He said.

"Since when did you care?" she blurted out. A few tense moments followed until Sara tried to fix her mistake. "I know that sounded harsh."

"Sara, I think that some things happen to point out something in our life that has been neglected for a long time. When things like that happen, we sometimes don't know it right away." Grissom sat down.

"Are you saying I'm insane?" Sara asked.

"No, Sara," He stood up again and picked up his papers. "This is all just a result of emotions gone wrong."

The End

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