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Chapter 11- A fight to the Finish

Aang's eyes scanned the ground below them as he, Katara, and Sokka soared through the air on Appa, desperate to find Kosho before it was too late. Aang's mind was still reeling on the fact that Mick, whom they had trusted, had turned out to be a traitor. I'm just one kid, he thought, how an I suppose to handle all this?

He returned his attention to scanning the grounds for Kosho. Not that he'd had any luck so far. He could get points for trying though.

"How do we know we're not on a wild goose chase?" Sokka asked impatiently, "I want to help Kosho to, but we don't even know where to look! They could be anywhere!"

"Then we'll look everywhere, Aang said, "I'm not giving up just yet"

"You said it Aang", Katara agreed. Aang couldn't help but blush.

Kosho darted through the woods, moving left and right, frantically running to get away from the Firebenders. If she tried to Airbend to get into the air, she'd be a sitting duck. But if she didn't get away soon, she'd be a roasted duck. Not the best choices.

"I know!" she yelled to no one. Begging silently that it would work, she jumped into the air and formed a ball. She jumped on, and balanced just like Aang had taught her. "Yahoo!" she screamed as she raced through the woods. She was so busy looking back she forgot to look forward. "AH!" she screamed as she was caught on a tree limb. She was lucky she hadn't snapped her neck. She rubbed her neck, which was now completely killing her. And scrambled up into a tree. A group of Firebenders ran past her hiding spot, never once noticing that she was a mere ten feet above them. " Not too bright", she muttered, restraining the urge to giggle, "too bad they're still crawling around here, I'm still going to have to be careful"

She scanned around for an escape route. The only thing she could think of was to jump through the trees. But she would make too much noise that way. No, she had to be quiet about it. But how?

They were flying over the ocean. They couldn't find any ships though. "Maybe they're still back in harbor?" Sokka suggested.

"That doesn't make any sense though", Katara pointed out, "They're being pretty slow, considering they believe they just captured the Avatar"
"Maybe she escaped", Aang suggested, "It wouldn't surprise me. Anyways, we aren't having any luck, lets head back to--"

"Fireball!" Sokka screamed unexpectedly. Aang swiveled around and sure enough, a fireball was coming at them. He yanked at Appa's reigns and pulled them up with just barely enough time to get away. They turned dangerously sharp, and Katara slipped to the edge of the saddle, but luckily, didn't fall off.

"Are you okay Katara?" Aang called back.

"Yea, I'll be fine", she gasped, "Where'd that come--"

"Zuko!" Sokka yelled, "Look!"
They followed his point and, sure enough, Zuko's ship had come out of practically no where. "Bad", Aang said, "Very bad. Maybe if we pull into the clouds we can loose them, come on! Appa, yip, yip!"

They weren't quick enough to get into the clouds though. Instead they were forced to move sideways again, and this time Sokka did fall over the edge. Katara grabbed him before he could get thrown completely off. Katara pulled her brother back on, "You okay?"
"I'm fine", he said, lets just get away from Zuko, maybe we can loose him on solid ground, it's worth a shot, Appa, yip, yip!"

Aang yanked at the reigns again, this time turning them towards land.

"He isn't getting away again", Zuko snarled, "Turn the ship, follow them!"

He rocked slightly as the ship turned sharply, but kept his balance. He took Aang at the giant bison the Avatar was flying on, and fired. Again, they dodged. They can't run forever, he declared silently. They were moving at top speed, but the Avatar was still moving faster, some how. He wasn't getting away though. Zuko was sure of that. Faster, he urged his ship, Faster! Can't this thing go faster?.!

"Aang, they're gaining!" Sokka called, "Can't Appa go faster?.!"

"Appa, come on!" Aang urged, "I know, this is a lot, but you have to go faster!"
Appa grunted and kicked into a speed he probably didn't even know he had. "That's it!" Aang yelled cheerfully, "Okay! Now, as soon as we loose Zuko, we keep looking for Kosho. Okay?"
Sokka and Katara nodded in agreement, but it wasn't as simple as just that. Zuko seemed determined to stay on their trail, firing constantly and making it very hard for them to get anywhere. "We need a new idea", Katara said after about five minutes of the cat and mouse chase, "We aren't going to loose him obviously, we need a new plan, a way to distract him, anything to give us time to get out of his view"
"I have an idea", Aang said, grabbing his staff, "Take the reigns"

"What are you doing?.!" Sokka yelled, diving for Appa's reign.

"Aang, no!" Katara cried as he jumped off Appa. His staff opened, and he glided down to Zuko's ship. As he got closer, he saw Zuko's eyes shift to him, and a second later, Aang was dodging a rain of fireballs Zuko was firing at him. His hand slipped off his staff, and he had to work hard to not fall. He struggled for a minute or so and nearly fell right into the water. He pulled up just in time to stay in the air, and landed on Zuko's ship.

"So", he said silkily, "Have you come to surrender, Avatar?"
"You wish", Aang said promptly. He jumped into the air to avoid a fireball, and jumped over Zuko's head, playing the dodging game. He moved left and right, just as he had done when he was on Appa. The difference being he could move faster than a ten-ton flying bison. He jumped into the air again to dodge another attack. Zuko's aim was getting better. This was getting dangerous, he had to get away. He hoped he had given the others enough time to get away. He whipped his staff around and blew a gust of wind at Zuko, who was thrown backwards. He opened his staff and took into the air to find Appa. He was pretty easy to spot, really. He landed on Appa's saddle, relieved he had gotten back to them. They were flying over the woods. He had definitely given them time to get away. "Any sign of Kosho?" he asked Katara, who was scanning the woods.

"No", she said, discouraged, "I hope we find her before it's too late"

Kosho jumped lightly out of the tree and darted through the woods. She didn't have much time, so she had to cover as much ground as possible. Already she was tired of running though, she had been moving a lot since she had broken away from the Firebenders, and she had never been all that hot of a runner to begin with. She came to a halt and doubled over, leaning against a tree, breathing hard. She heard footsteps approaching, and quickly tried to scramble up the nearest tree. She wasn't as quick this time though. I fireball hit the tree right where she was about to put her hand. "AH!" she cried. She tumbled out of the tree in shock, and hit the ground hard. She jumped out of the way as another fireball shot at her, and grabbed the nearest thing she could use as a weapon. She finally settled on a stick, and used it like she would a staff, whipping it through the air and slamming the Firebenders with a gust of wind. She backed away and jumped into the air. Higher, higher, out of the range of the Fire Soldiers…

"Appa!" she cried as she sighted the flying bison. She landed on a tree branch, gritting her teeth, and waited for Appa to get close enough to her for her to jump on. But she had taken her attention away from the Firebenders.

"AAAAHHH!" she screamed as the branch beneath her feet burned and crumpled, and she tumbled out. She hit the ground with a thud, and groaned as she pulled herself back up. She was surrounded. Her eyes grew wide with fear and realization. She knew. She knew.

"Kosho!" Aang cried as he watched his friend disappear from sight. He steered Appa lower, so he could see into the woods better. His eyes grew wide. She was surrounded. At least a dozen Firebenders posed for attack at the first move she made.

"She needs help!" Sokka said, grabbing his boomerang.

"We can't do anything", Katara said helplessly, "The first sign of an attack and they'll fire"

Not if I can help it, Aang thought. He grabbed his staff and jumped off Appa. He heard Sokka yell, "Aang!" but paid not attention. She landed in the woods, almost directly in front of the Firebenders.

"Aang!" Kosho cried. The Fire Soldiers turned their attention to him, ready to attack. Aang held his staff out, ready. A soft, almost whimpering voice broke through.


Heads snapped around to face Kosho, who was looking down at the ground. "Don't attack him", she said, "Do what you want to be, but please…please don't attack him"

Aang's eyes grew wide with shock, and a suddenly, he realized. He knew what was going to happen. No one moved for a few seconds, and suddenly, one of the Firebenders struck, hitting Kosho. Not enough to set her on fire or anything, but enough to knock her backwards, make her scream in pain. Aang gripped his staff tightly, and jumped into the air, slamming the Firebenders with gusts of wind. They may have been strong, but they weren't strong enough to handle the power of air. Once he was sure they were all down, he grabbed Kosho gingerly as to not hurt her, and jumped up into the air. Appa was down low enough he could jump right on. Once they were safely flying way, Aang set Kosho down gently. "Do you think…"
Her eyes fluttered as he tried to speak, and as soon as she saw them, she gave them a weak smile, "Thanks"
"For what?" they all said at the same time.

"For being my friends", she said, struggling with the effort, "Even if we didn't have that long…"

Aang did his best not to cry, "Tell everyone", he said softly, "Tell everyone I'm sorry. Tell Gyatso I didn't mean to disappear the way I did, and that I'm safe now. Tell all my friends I'll see them again someday"
"I will", she said quietly.

"Ready to go Aang?" three days later. They'd buried Kosho in a isolated patch of woods that they would be sure to remember. If they ever wanted to go back and see her…well, they'd be able to. They were preparing to leave, to continue their journey to the North Pole.

"Yea", Aang said, turning away from the water, to face Katara.

"Are you okay?" she asked quietly.

He thought about it for a second, "I always wondered", he said, "If I ever got the chance to see one of my friends from the Temple again, what would I say? Or do? I finally got that chance", his eyes were shining brightly, "And now, all my friends know that I'm sorry, and Gyatso knows that I'm safe. That's what matters, right?"

"Yea", Katara said with a nod, "It matters a lot"

"Are you two done talking?" Sokka called, "Lets get going!"
Katara and Aang made their way to Appa. Aang hopped on, while Sokka helped Katara climb on. They took off into the sky. Aang looked up at the clouds, smiling. He knew Kosho, Gyatso, and all his other friends were up there, waiting. Someday, when the war was over, he would join them again. But today he was here, and he would make the most of it.

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