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Just a tiny summary prologue: (Dated after everyone cries in the series and Kira is back onboard. Dearka and Miriallia haven't spoken, Kira is in the infirmary of the archangel and Lacus is in the Eternal. Athrun and Cagalli have been talking straight about what the hell they do now...We'll see!)


"Rock, paper, scissors?"


"20 Questions?"



"Don't even get me started..."

"Life...hmm, life. Life..." Cagalli smiled mockingly.

"Could you stop sayin' that? It's kind of getting depressing,"

"Life is? Or me saying the word...?"


"Cheer up, Athrun. Things are gonna get a lot better...I think," she pondered uncertainly.

Athrun chuckled. "Yeah right, as if 'getting better' means you having to take over for your father. I don't think you realize how hard he really had it..." he drifted off. Cagalli looked down at her feet. "You miss him, don't you," it wasn't a question, more of a statement. She answered it anyway.

"I do. But...there's no use in sulking over him, it's the last thing he'd want me to do," she rolled her eyes. "What a stubborn man he was..." her mind wandered off as her voice softened at the last few words.

"Hey, you never finished thinking of games to pass the time..."

"Oh," Cagalli smiled. "Lets play...uum, 'make Kira laugh'!" Athrun smiled at her made up game.

"Sounds like a great idea...but is he still hurt? Maybe we shouldn't bother the guy-"

Before he'd finished, he felt he was being tugged out of the room and down the hallway. "Don't be such a woos! Kira's fine..."


The Infirmary...

Kira slowly reached over for the glass of water on the nightstand beside his bed. Everything was white. Like a really stuffy hospital. All the smell of cleanliness and needle liquid fumed throughout the room, like the dentist. It felt wierd to Kira because he rarely needed to visit the hospital.

His arm limped at the realization that he didn't have the strength to reach the clear liquid at his bedside. He'd been so happy for the last hour, it was only now that he had realized his emense pain. He needed help.

Just as he stared at the unreachable glass of water, a slender hand rapped it's fingers around the cup and pushed it toward him. Kira looked at the slender hand with black nailpollish. His eyes trailed up the hand's arm, to it's shoulders, and finally to the owner of it all.

Cagalli smiled down at him. The smile was so big, he could see great, big creases in her cheeks.

"Hey Kira!" she looked so happy. Kira smiled up at her and took the glass that was now easy to retrieve.

He put the glass down and looked behind the enthusiastic girl to find a nervous, raven-haired wreck.

"Wow," Kira said quietly. "What the hell happened to you..." Athrun squinted at his sarcasm, knowing very well that his friend knew exactly what happened.

"Idiot. Hey, I'm the one in control of all the needles here, bud. I can make you stop talking any time I want," Athrun laughed slyly.

Cagalli narrowed her eyes oddly and turned toward Athrun. "That's not even funny, that's duranged,"

"I suppose. But who really cares about Kira...?" Athrun asked and stepped in front of the blonde haired girl. Athrun chuckled slightly and shook his head in a way that said, 'You know I'm just kidding'. He extended a hand to the brown haired boy.

Kira smiled at him, took his hand and said, "We're alive."

"Yes we are."

Kira's eyes brightened. "Is everyone okay, other than you guys I mean? Are my friends, Sai and Milly, are they alright? What about Dearka, and the Duel pilot...-"

"Relax Kira!" Athrun stopped him before he punctured a lung. "Everyone's is fine...and the Duel pilot...he..."


"Well, he subsided on a surviving Zaft battleship. He's also coming to Earth, his ship is kind of providing a bit of support through the atmosphere for the damaged Archangel, Eternal, and Kusanagi. But I know he's only coming so that he can talk to Dearka..."

"Why, are they friends?"

"More than you know..."


Speaking of Dearka...

He roamed the corridors, trying to look busy to ongoing crewmembers. He was getting too bored, too fast. He neede to find something to keep him occupied until they neede to secure themselves for the breaking of the earths atmosphere. He really didn't know how long it would take.

He walked into the hanger and looked up at the machines. The ones that saved so many and killed, all at the same time. Dearka was caught in a complete daze.

"Hey Dearka,"

"WAH!" he turned quickly, eyes wide and almost popping out of his head. "M-Miriallia. Hi," he could only plainly say.

"Wow Dearka, take it easy. The war IS over you need to be ongaurd all the time,"

"Sorry, I habit of mine I suppose..." he laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head. He decided to change the subject. "So..uum, how are you?"

"I'm not bad...but don't try to change the subject!" she eyed him warily. His nerves were rising through the roof and started to back away.

"Look Miriallia, can we not talk about the war, I-"

"What are you going to do with it, the Buster I meen,"

"What are you talking about? The Buster, what do I have to do with it?"

"Well, the fact is, the war is really over. Whatcha gonna do with the thing?"

He looked up at the Buster and worry went into his eyes. That's what it looked like to Miriallia. It was either a look of worry or longing...and she hoped it wasn't longing.

"I hate it," he stated coldly," Miriallia narrowed her eyes sympathetically at the words. "I absalutely hate the damn thing, I don't care what the hell happens to it. The problem is, is that it wasn't the machine who killed so many people. It's the pilot..." Dearka gazed to the Buster's eyes. "But it was the machine that persuaded me to do it. The machine is what gave me the power, but I don't want the power anymore," his gaze was broken and he looked toward Miriallia's worried eyes. "You're staring at me," he smirked.

Her narrowed eyes of worry perked up. "I was not!"

"Yeah you were!"

"NO! God Dearka," she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Why do I allow myself to get mad at Dearka every single time he speaks?She smiled slightly, but tried not to when Dearka laughed at her childish behavior. Her shoulders dropped and her face softened when his laughter died down and his face once again turned to the Buster. His eyes were glassed and his expression once again seemed to have no emotion from gazing at the machine.

"There's only one problem I still have, and I can never get rid of it..." he looked down from the Buster.

"What's that..."

He turned to her. "I feel so right in that cockpit. I'm almost missing the adrenalin rush when I'm in it. I don't want to kill, I don't want to fight,'s not just the earth forces, GAT X103 BUSTER to me anymore. It's my Buster. I don't know if I can give it up."



"Hello Mr. Yamato. How are you feeling. Are your friends any help to your recovery?" he smiled down at the boy. Kira looked up and smiled.

The man wore a big, white coat that went down just past his knees. He wore a stethescope around his neck and he smelled like dental floryd.

"I'm a lot better doctor. Uum, who dressed my wounds?"

"Oh, that would be Miss Clyne,"

"Lacus...Now I remember..." his friends, still at his side, looked at Kira strangely. "The ring!" it was only then that Kira noticed his clenched fists. He tore his hand up from under the white sheets.

"Ah, yes," the doctor saw him staring at the balled fist. He laughed. "It's quite funny. We tried to get your muscles to relax, but you never unclenched that one fist. Funny, huh? Well, maybe now that you're awake, you can do it yourself. Anyways, I have other patients to attend to, if you'll excuse me..." the man turned and was about to leave when something came to him. "Oh and...Mr. Yamato? You're free to leave if you wish," he smiled and closed the door behind him.

After he'd left, Cagalli and Athrun narrowed their eyes susspiciously at the unsuspecting coordinator.

"Well, Kira? What's this ring?" Cagalli crouched by the bed and Athrun hovoured over her, both staring at the fist. Kira slowly started to open his hand, and when he did, Cagalli screamed.

There sat a ring. An engagement ring. "Calm down's not Eric Clapton..."(A/N: I love Eric Clapton...hehe)

"What'd she say to you when she gave it to you-" Cagalli started but heard Athrun speak and listened intently.

"Oh I know! It was when we went down the elevator shaft, it was about the time Cagalli and I kissed-"

"ATHRUN!" Cagalli was about to shoot the boy who had just blown the secret she was trying so hard to keep. Kira's jaw dropped so far, Athrun could sware he heard it clunk to the ground.

"You made out with my sister!"

"Oh yeah...You guys are like, twins right?"

"Don't you dare change the subject, Athrun!" Kira noticed for the first time that his wounds weren't causing him any pain. He sat up. "Athrun! Did you seriously?"

"Well...uum, you see, it was kinda like, no...well, I was...she d-, no...uum, well, let's see, I...YEAH!" Athrun put his face in his hands.

"Great," Kira chimed. "You get to be my brother in-law!" he perked up.

"W-what?" Cagalli's jaw almost snapped open so hard that it cracked. "M-marraige? No way! I have WAY too much crap on my dealing with ORB!"

"Y-yeah Kira...I d-don't even know if Cagalli and I-"

"What?" Cagalli turned to Athrun.

Athrun laughed nervously and waved his hands infront of his face. "N-no, I didn't meen it like that Cagalli..I-ahaha," What a nerve wracking coversation we have here...

"Chill you guys," Kira laughed and stood up.

"KIRA!..." Cagalli was frightened that Kira didn't recover fully. She was shocked when Kira stood up straight, smiled and started to streach.

"Wow Kira, I suppose you feel better..." Athrun countered to Kira's actions, eyes wide.

"You know what...I do. Let's go over to the Eternal," Kira replied shorty, rubbing the back of his stiff neck.

Cagalli smiled slyly. "Why, Kira Yamato...Do you want to go over to see your...FIANCE!" Athrun chuckled and Cagalli's mocking tone.

"What? She's not..well, no. I just want to go over and see how the crew's doin', that's all..." Kira replied. His nerves were rising up and he started shifting his weight from one leg to another.

"Oh yeah righ...well, maybe...But if that's true, could you please stop with that nervous fidgeting? It's increadably iritating," Cagalli turned and walked out the door. Athrun shrugged and Kira started to laugh as they followed her down the hallways to the hanger.

When they had arrived as planned, Athrun and Cagalli found a small transportation pod to lead them from ship to ship.

"What are you doing?" Kira questioned, clearly confused.

"Well," Athrun started. "You said you wanted to go see Lacus right? We're gettin' you a pod and we're commin' too, do you mind?"

"No...uuh, not at all," he paused for a moment and was finaly seeing why Athrun and Cagalli had stopped and grinned wildly toward him. "Hey no! I didn't say I wanted to see Lacus..I just said-"

"Sure you don't..." Cagalli replied sarcastically.

Athrun played along. "Yeah, we all know how much you hate Lacus, so we know for a FACT that you don't want to go see HER, of ALL people," Athrun smirked, but it quickly faded when they heard a high, pitchy voice from behind.

"Who hates me?" Lacus glanced toward them with big, bright eyes, when she noticed, "KIRA!" she rushed toward the boy and rapped her arms around him. "I am too glad that you are safe Mr. Yamato, or Kira..."

"Oh, Lacus, it's nice to see you again. We were just going to come see you in the Eternal, I gues you got here before we got there, huh..." she smiled at him. Athrun and Cagalli laughed under their breath so that Kira could notice and Lacus couldn't, she just kept on smiling at the 'Perfectly safe' figure infront of her.

Kira narrowed his eyes at the twowhen something caught his eye. "Hey guys, look over there," Kira smiled as his friends looked to where he was pointing.

"Are you serious? Them? Isn't that guy the Buster pilot from Athrun's team?" Cagalli was shocked, still looking at the figures who couldn't take their eyes off eachother. "Kira, isn't that the CIC and one of your friends from Heliopolus? Her name's Mir or something..."

"Yeah," Kira responded. "She's one of my best friends..." he turned toward Athrun. "Isn't that the guy who was taken prisoner here while I was gone? I met him and talked to him, but I was never really sure how he deflected from Zaft. If it is, I'm suprised that Mir's even talking to him..."

"Why's that?"

"I heard that the guy made a couple remarks about her boyfriend, Tolle. Milly went nuts... Apparently she tried to stab him with a knife. I don't know what he said to her, but I heard from then on that she was servin' his meals and stuff in the cell..." Athrun raised his eyebrows.

"Was he hurt?"

"Not badly I don't think...I guess Milly was just suprised to see him there, and Tolle just died. But I think that's him...Dearka,"

"Yeah, Dearka, you've talked to him. He's the sarcastic idiot I always told you about. He's one of the two guys that weren't really my friends on the team. Dearka and Yzak. A deadly team of 'me' haters. But Dearka's a little less hot-tempered than Yzak, he can be a good guy, he's about 17 now. Though he's the least mature out of all of us were. It's just that Yzak would start yellin' and then Dearka would either back him up 'sarcastically' or laugh..." Athrun rolled his eyes.

"He seems like quite the gentleman. And Miss Miriallia Hawwseems to be taking a shine to him quite nicely, I wonder how they'll work out..." Lacus giggled and everyone smiled at her schoolgirl behaviour.


The pavement of the hanger just suddenly started shaking.

"Aah!" Miriallia screeched. She began to loose her balance and drift off. She leaned forward and caught a pair of strong hands that grabbed her shoulders and held her close. Miriallia had fallen into Dearka's arms and he held her to keep her from drifting off. Dearka grabbed the foot of the Buster and shut his eyes.

Kira, Cagalli, Athrun and Lacus saw the two in a moment but were unable to enjoy the view. They decided that what they were doing might be a good idea. They quikly hurried for somewhere they could grab onto without drifting.

Athrun and Cagalli were happy to find that Lacus chose Kira as her support. Kira was a little nervous, but held her anyway. Athrun and Cagalli's gazes soon met, but as soon as they did, hot blushes began to form on both of their cheeks and quickly decided that the wall was just fine.

"Attention! All crewmembers please, quickly secure yourselves! We're sorry. This is an unnexpected enter of the earths atmosphere!" Murrue called over the com.

The hanger immediately started to shake and the room became red in red alert. Buzzers going all over the place, crouding everyone's ears. Dearka had accidentally let go of the Buster and they'd floated down toward the others when immediately he tried to regain his composure.

After about a good ten minutes, the buzzers went silent and the code red red.

"Oh dear...that was certainly unpleasant wasn't it haro..."

"There's a problem!"

"Yeah no shit, Sherlock...

"Dearka!" Athrun narrowed his eyes at the blonde haired coordinator. "Don't say those things around the girls.

"Oh yeah, sorry ladies..." Dearka apologized sarcastically. "Look Athrun, I don't think you've realized it over the years,that everything you talk about...I don't care," Athrun rolled his eyes at the smirk that was creeping up on Dearka's face and turned to Kira and the others.

"You see what I meen?" Dearka heard this and just chuckled under his breath.

The six of them felt a big crash on the ground that rumbled throughout the hanger.

"What the hell was that?" Dearka looked around. He noticed his body had become heavy and limp.

"Crewmembers...please remain calm. We've safely made it through the atmosphere, as far as I know. We've landed in a great fieldin southern Canada.The Versalius crewmembers have already entered the Archangel, Eternal, and Kusanagi to confirm amount and health of passengers. You will be escorted out by the Zaft crewmembers, please remain calm, thank you."

The six were a little bit shocked at what was going on when all their eyes fell on a slender, silver-haired male.

All had no clue who he wasbut Dearka, Athrun and Lacus. Lacus never really knew him THAT well though, she'd never talked to him. Miriallia still had her fingers scruched into Dearka's shirt. She released them when she noticed the strange look the silver haired boy was giving her. The guy looked to Dearka.

"Dearka...with a girl? I could have sworn you didn't swing that way..." He gave a smirk.All but Athrun were suprised to hear him say Dearka's name and that he talked so casually with him. What Dearka did next shocked them all.

"Yzak," Dearka walked up to him, leaving the other five behind. He stopped aboutthree feet infront of him. He extended a hand and Yzak took it. "It's nice to see you again,"

"Yeah, you too..."they both then (manly) hugged, and patted eachother on the back. (Not Yaoi! Thet're just sayin' hi! GOD!)

"Well, Yzak and touching as this may be...I don't want to see it," he grinned at the boys and walked over. "Yzak,"

"Athrun," they shook hands and everyone was clueless. How could the three of them all know eachother? Well, I guess they all WERE on the Versalius together... Kira thought.

"Do you want me to tell them, Yzak?"

Yzak grunted. "It's not like I care...I donno em' so, it's not like it'll make a difference..." Yzak wasn't up for it, but he wasn't in the mood for arguing with the likes of Athrun either.

"Kira, you remember don't you?" Athrun asked.

"Uuhm, no...?"

"I was just talkin' about Yzak ten minutes ago,"

"Whoa wait...don't ever talk about me..." Yzak interupted. Athrun rolled his eyes and turned back to Kira for his response.

"Really?" he scratched the back of his head nervously. "I don't's the curse of the short attention spand..." he laughed quietly. Kira nervously fidgeted around and grabbed his water bottle that had dropped to the ground when they came through the atmosphere. He sipped his drink.

"Oh my god...This is Yzak...the pilot of the Duel..." Kira immediately choked back his water and it spilt all over the floor.

"Kira...are you okay?" Miriallia smacked Kira's back a couple of times. He wiped his mouth and straightened out, regaining full composure.

"I-I'm fine, th-thank you," he looked over to Yzak and squinted. "Hmm, I couldn't see YOU in the Duel. You look too, uum, scronny. Yzak's temper rose.

"What the hell would you know about it!" Athrun and Dearka put their faces in their hands at their friend. It was like they were saying 'here it comes' silently.

Kira walked over to Yzak and extended a hand. "I'm Kira Yamato, pilot of the GAT-X103 Strike and the new ZGMF-X10A Freedom. It's nice to meet you under these different circumstances," he tried to smile at Yzak, but found that it would be hard to befriend him as well and as quickly as he did Dearka just because of his beliefs and hot-temper, or so he's heard.

To everyone's suprise, Yzak smiled back at him. "You're a great pilot, you know that? You caused me hell, I'll give you that much..." he took the boy's outstreched hand. "Don't ask me why I'm in a good mood today, I'm probably drunk today or something, I just can't remember..." he laughed. "So..." Yzak eyed Miriallia. "Is that your girl, Dearka?"

Miriallia eyes widened. "What!" her hair was all straight because of the recent events. If it was up to everyone else, she should have kept it that way. "I am no ones property! You got it! I don't care if you're the pilot of...whatever you are, don't you dare talk down to me!"

Dearka laughed nervously. "Calm down Miriallia...-"

She turned her gaze to him and he immediately shut up. She stormed out of the hanger.

Everyone laughed when they heard Yzak say, "Dude, you're whipped!"


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