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"So, you really like her that much, huh..."

Dearka just stared out the window, watching all the little things go by so quickly.

Shiho smiled and leaned her head foreward to look at the boys in the two front seats. "Stop buggin' em' Yzak, he's just a little shy about it. He's never really had a real girlfriend before..." She giggled.

Dearka tore his eyes from the sights before him and glared at Shiho."What the hell are you talking about! I've had tons of girls-"

"But no girlfriends."

"Well...I've had many girlfriends..." he crossed his arms.

"For an hour? Ten bucks a minute?" she laughed.

He scrunched up his face and turned to Yzak. "Clearly...that is not the girl for you..."

This only made the girl laugh harder.

Yzak laughed. "You're just egging her know that right?"

"Whatever. She's not staying overnight is she?"

Shiho's laughter immediately died down and the car was filled with uncomfortable silence between the couple as Dearka smiled to himself.

Yzak looked in the mirror. "Would you like to stay, Shiho?"

She blushed a firey red. "Sure."

"Aw crap." Dearka rested his face with one hand on the window cill. "I don't want to hear anything. I'm sleeping in the bathroom."

Yzak narrowed his eyes. "What? Hear anything? What did you think we'd be doing?" After a moment, Yzak's head snapped up to find Shiho blushing even harder in the mirror. "No! Uuh, I mean, n-not...nevermind...ha...Yeah, W-we won't be, uuh...doing that..." He laughed nervously with his eyes shot wide.Yzak kept his eyes on the road.

Dearka laughed to himself and shook his head at the naive silver-haired boy.

Shiho sat in the back seat shifting her weight constantly.

Yzak broke the silence. "So uuh, wat's up with you and the natural?" He sighed mentally, glad that he could change the subject by putting his friend on the spot now as well. He smiled when his presumtions came true. Dearka sweat-dropped and gulped before he replied, not taking his eyes off the view out the passenger seat window.

"Nothing." He seemed to calm down slightly and his face was emotionless. Though, his mind couldn't help but wander to the face of the young woman.

"Heh, didn't look like nothing. Did it Shiho?"

Shiho smirked and poked her head through the seats again. "Sure didn't, Yzak. It seems as if he's falling for the natural earthling."

"Oh I am not!" Dearka didn't look back, not letting the others see his eyes shot wide. "She was just a little bit sad. She wanted to dance so I danced with her. End of story." His eyelids started to shut and stopped half-way. He knew she was more to him, yet he talked about her as if she were just a one time gig. It kind of hurt him.

Shiho and Yzak stared at him sympathetically before she sat back in her seat and he snapped his eyes back to the road.

They had finally reached their destination. The apartment stood tall before them as they jumped out of the jeep.

"Hey, is that...your apartment?" Shiho asked hesitantly.

Dearka and Yzak looked to where she had pointed. The two gasped and Yzak grabbed Shiho's wrist, running after Dearka into the building. They skipped the elevator and ran up the stairs to the 14th floor.

Dearka stopped in shock while Yzak and Shiho peeked around him.

"Shit!" Dearka yelled and proceeded slowly to the site before them. He snapped back to Yzak. "You fag! You didn't lock it did you!"

Yzak's eyes widened. "Uuh, i-it may have slipped my mind...Uh But! How the hell was I supposed to know that someone would come in and just happen to pick the apartment that wasn't locked..."

"Oh shut up. An absalutely horrible excuse!" He said through clenched teeth as he made his way further into the apartment. "Aaw fuck, moneys stolen, things are broken, glass is shattered..." He turned around to Yzak and quirked a brow. "What are you doing now you half-wit," he asked coldly staring at the cellular device in his friends palm, Yzak frantically dialling numbers.

"Calling my Mother," he stated shortly as he brought the phone to his ear.

Dearka's eyes widened. "What! No! Yza-"

"Hey Mom..."

"Oh god! You retard!" Dearka slapped his palm to his forehead.

"Yeah...No, we just...have a slight problem." he paused. "No, it's the apartment. It's been...well...sorta trashed."

Dearka covered is ears as Yzak tore the phone away from his ear, trying to block the screaming from seeping from the other end.

He slowly brought it back to his ear. "I-I'm sorry Mother but...Yes I know..." He paused for a moment. "It was Dearka's fault though!"

Dearka's eyes widened at him and Yzak just shrugged and gave him a look like, "Sorry!"

"Yes Mother. Of, never again. I'll tell him, okay, bye..."

Dearka crossed him arms and shook his head.

Yzak blushed slightly. "Mother wants me to tell you you're a moron."

He sighed. "Yeah yeah, heard it all before. Why the hell did you call your mom! And worst of all, you told her it was all my fault! How could you do that! You know she already hates my guts!"

"I know! That's why it was so easy!"

"What so everything we've done wrong together you tell her it was me!"

Yzak shrugged and scrached his head. "Well, she finds it so easy to believe..."

"Ugh..." He rolled his eyes. "So how do you plan to make this better?"

"My Mother's sending some money down, we'll be fine after that..."

"And until then?" He raised his eyebrows.

"I-I dunno," he looked down before turning back to Shiho. "I'm so sorry Shiho, how can I make this up to you?"

She looked at him sypathetically. "Don't worry Yzak," she thought fora moment."Well, you could always stay at my place...but...There's only room for one."

Dearka rolled his eyes. "Figures...Just a sec. I have an idea." Dearka grabbed the cell phone from Yzak.


"Shut up," he stated calmly as he began dialing numbers.

"Who the hell could you be calling?"

"None of your damn buissiness." He smirked at the boy as he brought the phone up to his ear.

Someone picked up and Dearka sighed. "Hey, I need your help..."

They all sat in the large room, laughing at their little game.

"Okay Cagalli, truth or dare..." Lacus smirked.

"Dare!" She replied.

"Okay, I dare you to run around the house naked."

"What! No way!"

"You gotta do it!"

Kira crossed his arms. "Hello! I don't wanna see that," he suddenly smirked. "Athrun might though," he turned to his blunette friend.

"Uuh, I-" Athrun blushed furiously.

Sai grinned. "I have a better idea. I dare Cagalli to stay in this room with Athrun for five minutes and we'll all leave."

Athrun's eyes widened. "What! No! You can't involve someone else!"

Miriallia leaned foreward with a deadly smile. "You sure can. In our game that is..."

Cagalli and Athrun were fidgetting nervously. A phone rang, and the two practically jumped out of their skin out of nerves.

"Uuh, ha, it's mine..." Athrun picked up the small blue phone in his pocket. "Hello?"

He paused in shock for a moment, and everyone soon turned their gaze, curious as they were.

"I'm sorry, I can't help you...I'm staying at Kira's with Athrun...Who else? Uum...The girls are here."

He paused for a short while, earning whispers from the others, but all he did was hold up a finger isuing "One minute".

"Who is it Athrun!" They all started to whisper, but he didn't even think of responding.

Athrun just ignored them and continued his conversation with..."Anonimous". "It's us guys...then there's Lacus, Cagalli and Miriallia. Why?"

The others quirked suspicious brows and cocked their heads in such a matter that is was becoming quite irritating to Athrun in the corner of his eye. As his jaw started to drop and his eyebrows started to rise, it only filled the curiousity.

"A-are you serious! That happened tonight! H-how can I help you..." he asked hesitantly. He suddenly laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. Slowly taking the phone away from his ear and shielding it so "Anonimous" couldn't hear, he turned toward the three unsuspecting girls.

"Uum, guys..." Athrun put on the face like he was saying, "I know this will never work but this face will make them think I don't think it will work and I thinkthey'll try to prove me wrong by saying yes and make me think I was wrong but really since I came up with this plan I'm actually right...I think". "Dearka's in lots of trouble, can one of you let him stay the night at your house?"

"What! NO!" Cagalli fake gagged.

Lacus shook her hands infront of her face. "I don't mean to be rude...but he's too rude.

Athrun sighed in discontent before turning to Miriallia, the last hope. "C'mon Milly, the poor guy doesn't have a place to stay..."

She groaned.

"Oh please! It's just for one day, two at the most!

She sighed heavily. "Oh alright...But I swear-" Her voice went cold. "If he dares to try anything with me, he's sleeping outside!"

He smiled. "Thanks a lot Mir. Oh and don't worry, he's a good guy, he won't try anything..."

Cagalli rolled her eyes. "That perverted dog...I highly doubt it," she mumbled.

Athrun cocked his head. "What?"

"I said Lacus has a big nose!"

She gasped. "I do not!" She grabbed her nose self-conciously.

Athrun finished his conversation with Dearka. Miriallia sighed. "I guess I'm goin' to pick him up. I'll see you guys tomorrow!" She waved as she exited the room.

"Bye Milly!"

"See ya Mir!"

"Later! Love ya!"

She giggled. "Yeah bye."

She couldn't leave without one little comment from Cagalli Yulla Attha.

"And good luck in pervert central..."

Dearka closed the phone slowly with wide eyes.

"Everything okay Dearka?"

He looked up quickly. "Oh yeah, everything's fine...I'm sleepin' at Mir's."

Yzak smiled and tried to hold in a laugh. "Wow...that's great."

"Oh yeah," he replied with unsure eyes. "If she doesn't kill me."

Shiho shook her head. "Look, I don't understand why it's so awkward between you two. You're going out aren't you?"

"W-what! No! Where'd you get that idea from!"

"Oh, sorry...I just assumed," she stated hesitantly.

Dearka sighed and brushed past Yzak and Shiho, making his way to the elevator. He looked back and narrowed his eyes before the elevator reached the floor and he stepped in alone.

Shiho scrunched up her face. "Sorry, did I say something wrong?"

Yzak laughed. "No. Dearka just has a hard time admitting his feelings. He's like that, I wouldn't worry too much though. Things with Dearka just seem to slip out..."

Yzak looked to see the sympathetic look on her face.

He sighed. "Look, Dearka doesn't need someone to feel bad for him. He'll figure it out when he wants to. Give him time."

Miriallia kept her eyes on the road. She really shouldn't have been driving; she didn't evenhave her lisence yet. Her friends always let her drive with them, but that was because they were all older than her. They were all a grade above, including Dearka. Speaking of the devil...

There he was. He was sitting on the curb, rather distraught. He looked as if he was in deep thought.

Miriallia pulled the car up beside him, rolling down the window. He looked up, seemingrather clueless. She poked her head out the window with a smirk and quirked a teasing brow.

"Need a ride there stranger?"

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