Not Meant For Misery

My life has been pretty boring. I used to be an average 9th grade girl until I had a strange dream or well nightmare because it had dead bodies and blood. I dreamt I was on a battle field, surrounded by the dead bodies of horrible monsters and in the center was a buch of discarded tentacles.
Certain bodies held a strange significance to me such as the body of a monk, demon slayer, fire neko, kitsune and hanyou. I'm no great shakes at history so I don't know how I knew what they they were dressed as and looked like and even though it was just a dream it felt so real.

I remember I was crying over the body of the hanyou calling out his name although I don't remembre it. the monk didn't appear to have anything wrong with him but he was pale and as cold as death so I assumed he'd been poisoned. the slayer, neko and kitsune all looked like they'd been stabed by something but the hanyou's body was cut slashed and stabed in so many places it was a miracle he was recognisble.

Suddenly everything was engulfed in a strange light and a powerful voice said that the ending was meant to be happy and full of bliss instead of the horror and misery it had be come and then I woke up.

At first I had no idea who I was when it began to come back to me, my name was Kagome Higurashi, I was in 9th grade, my life was boring until Hojo the hottest guy in school had asked to the carnival and it was 10:00 which meant I was going to be late! I leapt out of bed to get ready for a date that would never come. Litle did I know my life was a bout to be turned upside down.