Ermmm, my apologies to all but I won't be able to even write a summarized version of this story. Why? Because I don't care for InuYasha anymore, I won't be able to concentrate. I tried but it didn't work, all you need to know is the Kagome and InuYasha were gonna end up together at the end. I've moved on to a new obsession, this one will probably last a lot longer than my InuYasha obsession because it's such a powerfull story and people can't make the main female character appear weak or less dominant than her partner because whoever would be brainless enough to write a sexist thing like that they'd be flamed so bad there'd be to many people to be able to retaliate, but the people who read/write on my new obsession are much more mature than the people here. My new obsession is a book/musical called Wicked, Wicked tells the story of the wicked witch of the west and it's the most amazing story ever, but the book is odd and it has a crappy ending. The musical is so much better. An interesting fact about Wicked: The scarecrow used to be a human and when he was he and the wicked witch of the west were lovers. I probably shouldn't have written about it, but I can't help it, I'm so obsessed with the story. By the way if for any reason you need to mention the wicked witch of the west in any possible reviews call her Elphaba, it's her name after all. If Elphaba is to long then call her Elphie, like Glinda the good did. Well, I'm off, it's been nice knowing you but a new ship has ummm, I forgot what's supposed to be at the end but you get the point. Bye.

There"s been an update, someone might be continuing this story, but I don't know the full details, I'll inform you if the continued version will be written.