Icy Destiny

By: xxlostdreamerxz

Chapter 1: Desolate Melody

It was the first of December when it happened - the worst storm in the history of both Muggle and Magical folk alike hit the coast of Scotland. And it was during this very night that a tall yet slender man apparated right into the proposed 'eye' of the storm. The man was in his early thirties, with a head full of long thin ebony hair and a pair of becoming emerald green eyes. He was none other than one - Tom Marvelo Riddle.

"Daddy? Where are we?" a young voice asked curiously. The boy peaked his head out of the thick, warm shawl that his father had carefully wrapped about his person, as he studied his surroundings in awe. The child, who looked to be around the age of five, was almost an exact copy of his father. He had the same pair of bright, emerald green eyes, the aristocratic nose, and lastly his father's high cheekbones. The only thing that was different about him was his head of messy, wavy black hair - his mother's, as his father had once mentioned fondly. As he waited for his father's answer, the boy gave him a warm smile and snuggled trustingly against his shoulder.

Tom shook his head sadly, mindlessly ruffling his son's hair. "It doesn't matter," he said quietly, almost to himself. Tom flinched as his son nodded absently and snuggled closer against him. He turned away, carefully avoid his son's gaze...knowing that the warmth and honesty that he saw in them would be his undoing. "It'll be over soon, m'boy. Soon," he whispered, tightening his hold on his child. Feeling his doubts and fears start to grow, Tom forcefully squashed them down within a moment's notice. He didn't want to do this...he didn't...

...there was no other choice.

A child, especially one who carried his blood, would be the death of him. Tom knew that should his enemies manage to get their hands on the boy, death would seem like a lover's caress for his son. At first he had been willing to risk it, planning to start training the boy at a young age so that, given time, his son would be able to defend himself. A bitter laugh escaped his lips.

His plan had failed completely.

The boy, his beloved son, was the embodiment of all the things that he hated. The things that he had once planned to destroy the moment he gained immortality. Unconsciously, Tom wrapped his arms tighter against the bundle of clothes that his son was in, causing the boy to squeak at the pressure.

The boy...was a squib.

"Harry?" he whispered softly, staring gently down at his child. "There is something I need to tell you."

The boy gave him a toothy smile, his emerald green eyes focused upon his father's face. "What?" he asked curiously. "Tell tell," he chanted happily.

Tom stared at his son's face for a long moment as he mentally drank in every detail. This was the last time he would ever see his child again, hear the boy's shrieks of laughter, and feel the boy's sunny presence. "Harry," he whispered softly as he looked away, unable to face his son. "I want to say goodbye," he said slowly. "There is something that I need to do. I...I will be leaving for awhile." Sneaking a glance at his son, Tom was surprised to see the confused expression plastered upon Harry's face.

"Y-you go away?"

"Yes, I am going away," he said as evenly as he could.

Harry was quiet for a second as he stared into his father's eyes. The boy's troubled expression disappeared as an idea popped into existence. "Then I'll go with you!" he declared stoutly, giving his father a warm hug. "I'll be with you forever."

Tom didn't know whether to laugh or cry at his son's words. "T-that isn't possible, Harry," he whispered softly, his voice growing hoarse with emotion. "The path that I'm taking is too dangerous for you. It is a journey that I need to make myself." The Dark would never tolerate someone as undeniably Light as you, child. If it wouldn't kill you, then I, as its vessel, might.

His eyes darkened with pain as he imagined waking up to sight of his son's sunken emerald green eyes staring accusingly at him. Dead. Tom flinched, a hint of hysteria tingling his thoughts. How is this any better? Instead of letting my subconscious Dark side kill him, I'm actively allowing him to die. His hands would be soaked in blood either way.


Tom looked away, his arms tightening automatically around his child. He knew the real reason why he was doing this…why he was here in the middle of this frozen wasteland with his heir. I don't want to kill him…not that way. If he allowed the boy to stay as he delved deeper in the Dark Arts, chances are, he would slip and torture or even kill his son. Harry deserved better.

This was the only way.

As if feeling his father's resolve, Harry's body shook in fear. "But...but I can help you!" he said desperately, large, fat tears forming in his emerald green eyes. "I'll...I'll do anything! J-just don't leave me!"

Tom looked away.

"Y-you can't leave!" he stuttered out, "You promised me!"

Tom sighed softly as he recalled his promise to his Harry a few years back. "I sorry," he said once again. Bowing his head in defeat, he slowly took out his favorite silver dagger and handed it over to Harry. "Take this," he said softly, "You deserve it more than I ever will. As long as you have that...I shall always be with you."

The Slytherin name and legacy will die with you. Tom thought sadly, as he forcefully relinquished his magical hold on the item. You are my true heir, Harry. There will be no one after you; no one else to carry the Ancient and Noble name of Slytherin. I will be the last of our kind.

Harry flinched back, causing the silver dagger to fall into the snow. "I won't! I don't want a knife! I...I just don't want you to leave!'

Tom forcibly made himself let go of his child, placing the small bundle of blankets onto the snow. His eyes darkened in pain as Harry grabbed his robes and held on. His hands shook as he gently pried his boy's fingers off his robes.

This was it. This was goodbye.

He could do this.

Tom glanced back at his son one last time and leaned forward to kiss the boy on the forehead. "May Merlin be with you," he whispered softly, before disappearing with a soft pop. However, before he left, Harry caught sight of a single tear trailing down his father's face...

"I love you m'boy..."

And with those five parting words, Tom Marvolo Riddle finally cut his last tie to his past - to his humanity. It was upon this very night that the demon known as Lord Voldemort rose into being - a demon whose heart mourned the death of a single green eyed child.