Mental Trauma

Stage One: Paranoia Panic, and a broad imagination

Cross fusion had been perfect as usual, and the opponent was hardly formidable. The dimensional area was small, but as if they would need to do any running away. He aimed his shimmering sword in the direction of his gray plated opponent, from which was generally all cylinder armors.

"Emotionman was it? Well, Emotionman you're going to wish you could feel emotion after we delete you." Said the Net Savior. Eyes unreadable through the visor. The blue orbs rolled in agitation. 'Damn…' he thought 'I think I just pulled a Netto right there.' He made a note to smack himself silly afterwards.

"Bah! You want emotion? I'll give you emotion!" Emotionman's body turned red. Sly grins from Emotionman in a split second changed to a meek and shy one, and his body changed a taint pink. "Ah… sorry I have to do this…" switching to some demented look that Netto would have after showing him up, and a bright yellow glowed on his armor. "BUT! I'm so going to enjoy this, that's for sure." Emphasis on the 'So.' "Brain wave!" The mentally challenged Navi howled, a clear ball of what seemed to be nothing that seemed to just warped the vision of whoever looked through it was shot towards the Cross fused Enzan and Blues. He just easily took a leap and glided over it. The only thing that could possibly get hit was the black edged hair that hung oh so gracefully, but as if he'd let that happen.

"Is that it? I'm shaking in my virtual socks ugh--!" Spoke too soon. The strange ball had came back around and slammed him hard and loud at the neck. He cringed at the feeling of digging needles, wishing he could scream right then and there. He nearly blanked out, but came back to his senses and continued on his charge. Emotionman charged for a punch with his large fist, which was even bigger up close. "AREA STEAL!" Enzan hollered in an unusual panic. He vanished into thin air, and vanished into thin air. Emotionman's fist slammed hard into the color-inverted ground and he turned an enraged red. "UP HERE!" Enzan howled, his voice cracking for a moment there. His sword already drove into the Navi beneath him. The letters came quickly of 'Log out' in the place that Emotionman previously benched over at.

In seconds the colors surrounding the dimensional area returned to their normal grays and blue of the warehouse. Enzan's cross-fused armor shattered into ribbon-like strips and formed in front of him, into the slick PET that contained his Navi Blues.

"That was easy, other than the blow to the head." Enzan rubbed the back of his head, in the undyed area; the small bit that proved to kids that looked at the back of his head that he wasn't an old man. He noticed that Blues had yet to say anything following the comment, but shrugged it off and continued massaging his neck. The moment he turned his neck he cringed at the searing pain that now ran down his spine and through his shoulders, and possibly down to his elbows. He shrieked in agony, almost like high-pitched wailing. He shut his eyes, fell to his knees and hugged his body tightly, but didn't once dare to let go of the PET. He couldn't hear if at all the screams of Blues for him, the terror in Blue's voice of what was happening to his operator.

Soon he began to hear someone else screaming, as if right in his ear, and concentrated on the voice, trying to figure out who it was. His head spun and he was overwhelmed with confusion. The pain hadn't subsided, and he was alone with his cries except for Blues, who he couldn't hear over the mysterious screeching. He clutched his body even tighter, PET digging into his hand and shoulder blades. Well aware that if he were to pass out he'd be alone for a long time, he made his best effort to stay awake, trying to ignore the screaming and the pain. He had yet to realize who was screaming around him until his throat grew sore and caught. The screams faded into whimpering, and another's persons muffled screams in the background. Unable to process what had just happened to him, he just lay there in his agony, panting heavily. His hands eased away from clutching his shirt, to his fingers gently stroking his shoulders as if cold. Then his body went numb for what felt like a split second.

When his mind had indicated it safe to open his eyes, his eyes slowly slid open, to find himself looking into sharp blue eyes, almost similar to his that was looking across from him. His blurred vision had soon returned to normal, and he came to recognize the stern face of his military teammate.

"L… Lai…ka…" Enzan muttered. Coming to realize he could barely speak was one thing; it could have been laryngitis. When he tried to move was when his heart nearly skipped the beat. Laika's narrow eyes lowered to his direction, as if ghostly. It looked so heart-stopping that he couldn't help but feel the need to shudder.

"Ah, Enzan, good to know you're not dead yet." Laika said quite blankly. Enzan couldn't read his face whatsoever. Whether he was joking or not he didn't know. It frustrated him so much, that if he didn't have so much respect for Laika he would have backhanded him. That and he couldn't move.

"What… happened…?" Enzan managed to utter out; it seemed more like air flying through his lips, but it was enough for Laika to hear.

"Well, from what Blues told me you two took a major blow to the head; and what the doctors tell me, you have a gash in your left shoulder, you got a minor concussion; you were out for about three days by the way." From what Enzan could tell Laika was about to announce more bad news, but he stopped him in his tracks.

"Wait… three days… from a… minor concussion." Enzan emphasized the word minor for all his vocal chords were worth, and his tone was curious and almost like he was confirming (if he had a tone that is).

"Well if you let me finish, it would have made a lot more sense." Laika's tone was almost comical had it not been… Laika, "anyway, you sustained more damage to the in your upper body than a person could from a lead pipe to the head. Well, chucked by a minor of course. An adult would be much worse—"

"Just get to the point!" Enzan snapped most likely using all his might just to say so.

"Anyway," The mint-haired soldier said rather bitterly, "They took an x-ray and the doctors suspected a hairline fracture." Enzan tensed up. "It was just a hair on the x-ray." He glared a dagger at him now. Laika seemingly satisfied kept a blank face and continued. "Now, for some reason when we found you in the warehouse, your entire back was emitting some sort of… electrical charge."

"Elect..." Enzan wouldn't be able to finish his sentence; his voice had been completely defeated from the last verbal stunt. However, the thought of him giving of jolts of electricity made him grin. It'd make him some sort of energy conserve.

"It's gone now. However, as you can tell you aren't going to be moving for a while. It's strange, whatever hit you seemed to have numbed out the nerves in your body. The doctors are looking into that. As for those jolts around you body..." Laika came to a fading pause. If Enzan didn't know better, he'd say that Laika was twitching ever so slightly. "Netto..." He was now glaring across Enzan's bed. "callled an exorcist... shortly after your retrieval." Enzan's eyes widened, his eyes rolled to his right, and saw Netto sleeping oh so soundly with Rockman's PET on his lap. An exorcist... what in God's name made Netto think of calling an exorcist. "He was apparently watching a program on ghost hunting, from which they hunted through the differentiated areas of electro magnetic waves..." Enzan gaped, without looking Laika probably already saw and read what he wanted to say.

"Yes... 'idiot' indeed. We had a feeling the electrical jolts had something to do with the numbing of your body no doubt. Also... Blues..." Enzan hadn't taken his eyes off of Netto, he was glaring knives that had idiot written all over them. "Ahem... BLUES," He redrew his attention to Laika. "Hadn't sustained any critical damage, other than supposedly pierced sound receptors from a certain someone screaming." Enzan felt his face heat up. "However... apparently Emotionman... did something to his emotional subroutines... go figure." Laika turned around to the counter and picked up a PET. Enzan's PET, he activated it, and a green light came into view. As the red colored armor became to form, Laika added one last statement "Um... Brace yourself." Enzan wondered why, at least until he heard yelling coming from the familiar friend.

"ENZAN-SAMA!" Blues shrilled, in a voice that seemed almost unlike the Blues he knew. His eyes grew wide as it seemed Blues was trying to return the favor of the deafness. He noticed that Laika had covered his ear with his free hand, leaving the other to suffer. He heard a clanking and screaming to his right. Netto had apparently woke up. "Enzan-sama! Are you alright! I thought... I could have sworn that they got to you." Enzan raised an eyebrow, and his eyes had widened. "Did they get to him Laika-san? Did they get to him?" Enzan was getting considerably confused for very good reasons.

"Erm... No Blues; they didn't get to him. Seems more like you did." Laika seemed rather sarcastic at the moment.

"I did? What did I do? Did I get controlled by something? Or perhaps I did something horrible, and deleted my memories! Enzan-sama what happened to you? Enzan-sama? Answer me!" Blues' hands were pressed against the screen, if that was even possible. Enzan was staring; he opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. "Laika-san! They took out his vocal chords! Help him if you have a soul!"

"Relax Blues... He's fine, he'll be talking in a few hours. Just don't prod him." He placed the PET back onto the charger. "Erm... Yeah... about his emotional subroutines...?"

Enzan opened his mouth to something, again it was a failure; however, anyone could read his lips of what he was saying. If you had fairly good hearing, he blew out of his mouth to make the sound "...Shit..." He could just sense disaster on it's way.

"E-Enzan!" Netto called from the side. "Are you okay? Can you get up?" Enzan glared heavily at Netto. "What? You're going to let a stupid ghost take over your body?"

"Netto..." Laika said warningly. "I've told you once, and I'll tell you again... Enzan's condition has absolutely nothing to do with the paranormal... And Enzan, as for Blues... His emotional subroutines have been going haywire for the past days. When we first found you, he was slamming the surrounding... data in the PET. He was lashing out and screaming..." Enzan grew wide-eyed and worry-some. Had his Net Navi gone completely off his rocker? Laika had already assumed that Enzan would come to his conclusions, so he continued before he could think up some crazy story about the poor red navi. "The next day, we found him almost completely relaxed and carefree... as some people would call it... Mellow... todays the third day... and apparently today he's having a nervous breakdown." Raika scratched the hair that met his wedge momentarily. Enzan just stared. "Apparently whatever Emotionman exactly did seemed to patternize and exaggerate each emotion for a certain period of time. Almost like he expands the subroutine throughout the thought processing of Blues here."

"Enzan! I'll have you know he looked like he wanted to bite me when we found him! It was scary--ow!" Netto exclaimed, rubbing the back of his head in agony. "Meany!" He whined

"Now let's go, and let him have some rest." Laika turned back to Enzan shortly after giving Netto the look of death. "Don't worry, you'll be back on your feet in no time, and Netto sent over a scan of Blues' seemingly corrupted files to Hikari-Hakase." His tone was reassuring, yet blank in just the slightest way.

"A shame you aren't possessed.." Netto said, disappointed. Enzan had half of a damaged mind to smack Netto over the head. "Papa is going to find what's wrong with Blues! Don't worry! Get well soon Enzan! You owe me five bucks for the exorcist by the way. Tah!" Netto got up from the hard tile floor, and walked out the peachy windowed hospital door. Just before it was closed, Netto said to himself "Hmm! Peachy color!" and the door clicked shut.

Enzan sighed in the relief that the overly hyperactive teammate was gone, but so was Laika, who was more easy to chat with... or listen to in this situation had taken his leave as well, leaving him to his own petty thoughts of doom and gloom...

Or so he thought...

"Enzan-saba..." A near high-pitched, but masculine voice whimper. "You're going to die aren't you...? You're going to die! And it'll be all my fault!" Blues had been sitting there in a little ball, completely petrified.He watched in horror as Blues muttered bitter nothings to himself. This was the first time... the first timeBlues ever showed terrorand panic this openly... It made him think one last time how human Blues really was...regardless ofthe data he was composed of... and how many times had he treated Blues like a human...?

Enzan flexed his left arm momentarily. Figuring it safe to move without it falling completely off, he reached toward the Red PET, picked it up and pressed it against himself. He whispered something inaudible to his Navi. "Enzan-sama...?" Blues said pleadingly. There was a silence... and Blues didn't like it. He started making funny klunking sounds against the screen. "Enzan-sama! Don't die! You can't! You can't..." His voice faded, as his knees gave in to sadness. He fell into silence momentarily, until he began to hear some kind of strange hissing sound. Wiping the tears underneath his visor he stood up in full alert. 'What could it be? A snake? A loose pipe from one of Enzan's life supports? Did he have a life support? What if an assassin came! And is suffocating Enzan-sama right now!' He paused from the swarms of thoughts and focused on the sound. Realizing finally it wasn't mechanical, or deadly. Enzan had been steadily breathing over Blues' panic. Or from the steady breathing was what he could tell. "Enzan-sama?" He said timidly. "Are you asleep?" There was a momentary silence.

"No Blues... I'm dead." Came Enzan's raspy voice. Blues gave a sigh of relief. His NetOp was alive and sarcastic. "Now if you shut up I promise you I'll be breathing when I wake up..." He heard a slight cry of agreement. With that, Enzan's eyes slowly slid shut. Before he could even think he fell asleep. His mind couldn't take the stress of whatever Blues was going to be acting like tomorrow.


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