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A collection of one-hundred short Pretear stories. Originally written for Fanfic100.

These are just short 100+ word drabbles. They don't go in any particular order and may or may not have any relevance with previous or later chapters. Please keep this in mind.


Himeno idly picked at her fingernails, trying futilely again to repress her glum thoughts. Outwardly she seemed attentive and almost prepared for her upcoming Pretear battles, but on the inside she was a mess of emotional turmoil.

Just what in the hell did they expect her to do? She was a teenage girl, with enough problems in her life, and now she had the extra burden of oh, you know, saving the world from hideous Leafe-sucking monsters and a Princess of Disaster. This would've been a crushing set down for only a sophomore in high school, had it not been for…

Glancing up at Sasame, who was watching her with that curious-contemplative stare, she half-mumbled, "Do you think Hayate really hates me?"

He didn't answer her, and that made her even more nervous. How could she have just blurted that out? That sounded so insipidly stupid!

Slumping her shoulders more she felt her cheeks burn in embarrassment, but the Leafe Knight of Sound didn't seem to notice, in fact he seemed downright distracted.

It had seemed like forever before he answered her, and the thought of going home grew steadily in her head. She could always train more tomorrow, right?

"No," Sasame's voice was just above a whisper over the wind, "I don't think he hates you Himeno." He turned to her and gave her an eerie smile.

There was definitely something Sasame wasn't telling her.

Himeno's only choice was to rant on about how high-and-mighty Hayate thought he was and how it had no effect on her whatsoever. And so she did.

It only seemed to amuse Sasame more.