Memories flashed in her head, tearing at something she had thought died long ago. Time had slowed to a spine-twisting stop, and she could do nothing to stop it now...

When had it come to this? How could she let this happen? What had she become?

Her breath stopped when she saw the blood spurt from his chest, precious globs of his life landing in a puddle, collecting precariously at his feet. And so he fell, and she knew he would not rise again, and as he crashed to the ground that tantalizingly sweet smile stayed on his lips as his last sacrifice for her.

The scream ripped through her body as she threw herself at his side. His breath was slow and shallow, and she could see the gray in his once flawless skin beginning to peak through. Death was beckoning at his door.

Tears spilled down her cheeks in earnest as she bowed her head in prayer; although she had asked the deities for mercy before, she would hope this time it would be answered.

It was no surprise the Gods frowned down from the heavens and ripped him from her. She hadn't asked for him in the first place, and had used and ravaged him beyond belief, but he had willingly been her knight. Her knight…

"No! Sasame!" she cried. There was no use asking for God's assistance now. His leafe was draining away before her very eyes. After all the power she had gained there was nothing to do but weep.

He had given everything for her: his friends, his life, his knighthood, in exchange for her wretched and undeserving life. And all he asked in return was for her smile.

She couldn't deny him. She needed him now more than ever, and even though she knew it was futile, she smiled. She smiled like she used to, when she was sixteen and the cherry blossoms fell effortlessly in the autumn wind, and all the while the tears fell.

Though when he was with her no more, she felt much older, like she had lived and already died an unfulfilling, lonely life. The world of the previous Pretear seemed to never have existed; as if it all had been a fleeting memory she had lost in a naïve dream.