Theme Challenge: Tori and Blake

Series presented by: Tori Bradley

AN: Response to the Ars Amatoria's Ranger Romance Themes Challenge…

I own nothing…

Set During 'Looming Thunder'


They had listened to Dustin talk about his friends for a few days now. Of course the Thunder Rangers knew he was talking about his ranger teammates, and Hunter and Blake had decided that no matter what, they'd play it up like they wanted to be their friends, just like they had done to the airhead yellow ranger.

The day everyone was introduced threw the Navy Ranger completely off his task.

"Great you guys finally get to meet!" Dustin said excitedly as two people walked over from the back of the store.

Blake's heart literally leapt into his throat when he saw the girl next to Dustin.

Tall, blonde, gorgeous…

Hunter made the comment that Dustin had told them about his friends and Blake couldn't help it when he stared at Tori.

"Not everything," he replied. A small blush appeared on her face and he couldn't help but grin back.

'What the hell was wrong with me?' Blake thought. One minute he had a plan and the moment he set eyes on her it was out the window.

Tori felt her cheeks warm as soon as she saw the shorter of the two brothers. His dark skin and bright eyes captured her attention from the moment she saw him from the back of Storm Chargers.

Shane pulled Dustin aside, and Blake was grinning like a moron.

"So you guys race with Dustin?" she asked nervously, hoping to calm her racing heart.

"Yeah, we met up with him at the track a few days ago," Blake said. "You race at all?"

Tori grinned. "No, I surf," she replied.

Blake's mind wandered to what she would look like in a bikini… he mentally slapped himself. He had a mission to take care of.

Shane came back with Dustin, and both Tori and Blake looked a bit disappointed when they had to be parted.

"See ya later!" Tori called.

"Yeah, later Tori!" Blake called back.

As soon as she was out the door, Blake rethought his plans…