Theme Challenge: Tori and Blake

Series presented by: Tori Bradley

AN: Response to the Ars Amatoria's Ranger Romance Themes Challenge

Takes place after 'Dare'


They had been to the various outdoor vendors at the Blue Bay Harbor Boardwalk. Tori couldn't remember the last time she had had this much fun. The date was turning out to be everything she hoped it would be and more.

Her arm was securely around Blake's waist as his was around hers. It was nearing sunset and Blake pulled her a bit closer as they walked onto the beach.

Tori grinned as she took her sandals off and they walked hand in hand along the shoreline.

"The waves are so good right now," she commented as they paused. Blake grinned.

"Well, you brought your bathing suit like I suggested right? I figured there was no way you could stay out of the water.

Tori playfully smacked his arm. "I was not thinking of going in there… but I do have my suit on."

Blake laughed at her a bit and began to take his shoes and jacket off.

"What are you doing?" Tori asked.

"Well," he said as he lowered his pants to show his bathing suit. Tori shielded her eyes for a moment only to turn red when she realized he was wearing a suit underneath.

Blake grinned wickedly as he removed his shirt and saw Tori's expression change a bit.

What she saw literally made her breath hitch. He was absolutely gorgeous. Sure she had known that before, but seeing him like this… his time on tour had honed his upper arms and his torso was everything she thought it would be… toned, tanned, and perfect.

A moment later, Blake felt his heartbeat increase and he swore he started sweating.

Tori pealed off her t-shirt revealing her bikini top to him. If that wasn't enough, she then removed her skirt and Blake was unable to speak. Not only was she everything he had ever dreamed of, but her suit… it was his color.

"What?" Tori asked as she saw the look in his eyes. "You don't like it?" she asked as she turned around. Blake only nodded as he saw the tight navy fabric hugging every one of her curves perfectly.

Tori grinned. She had a feeling that he would react this way. She had deliberately worn this suit in hopes that he'd understand that she really cared about him.

Blake finally got his senses back. "You look… wow…" was all he could say. Tori smiled and grabbed his hand.

"Come on!" she shouted as they ran into the water.

As they rode the waves with their bodies, Blake realized that he was more in love with her in that moment than he had been before… she wore his color and he knew why.