Disclaimer: I own Renee Oliver, Chad McKnight, Jade Scott, Frank, Meagan, and Tyler and Carter Smith.

Summary: The year is 2021, and Renee and Chad are in high school.

Chapter 1 So Much for a Normal Year

Renee Oliver and Chad McKnight had been friends since before they stared grade school. They had so much in common knowing that both of their parents were Power Rangers. Well, former Rangers that is.

"This is great. I'm a junior and Frank's a senior," Renee smiled.

"And your point is, Renee?" Chad asked.

She looked over at him and rolled her eyes. Chad was a senior in high school, too. He also happened to know Frank, Renee's boyfriend. Chad laughed at the thought that he and Frank had even been friends at one point.

"Oh come on, Chad… the prom," Renee said.

Funny, Chad could remember asking Renee to the senior prom before either of them even stared high school. But wait, why was he so jealous? He never felt this way before, but ever since Frank came into the picture, Chad had been overprotected, if you would like to call it that, over Renee.

"We got to get going," Chad said. This was the first time that Renee did not wait for Chad to open the passenger door of his truck for her. "Um, Renee, why am I still the one taking you home? Shouldn't that be Frank's job?"

"My dad trusts you more, being a friend and everything," Renee said.

Chad found himself yelling inside something he thought he would not be thinking in a million years.

"Um Renee, did you ever wonder why your father trusts me more?" he yelled as he drove off to drop off Renee.


When they got to Renee's house, Chad was surprised to see that his parents were there, too.

"What the…" he began.

"You think something's up?" Renee asked.

They got out of the car and began walking towards the house.

"I have no clue," Chad said.

They walked into an empty house and looked around. There was no sign of the four adults anywhere.

"There's only one place they could be," Renee said, pointing to the door that led to the basement.

Chad looked over at Renee and nodded. They walked downstairs, into the basement they had been in only a few times in their lives.

"Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad," Chad smiled.

Conner turned his head from the computer and looked at his son.

"Hey son. How was school?" he asked.

"Fine, but Mr. Oliver killed us," Chad joked.

"I can't wait to see how he treats me next year," Renee laughed. "Say, Mom, aren't you supposed to be at the gym?"

"I told them I couldn't make it in today," Kim said.

She soon turned her attention back to the computer.

"Anyway, Mr. Oliver," Chad said, "how did you get here before us?"

"I had eighth period off today," Tommy replied. "The class had a presentation."

"Oh yeah, ours is tomorrow," Renee said.

"Wait a minute, why haven't I gone?" Chad asked.

"It's only for juniors, and my eighth period is a junior class," Tommy said.

After all the demand for the class, it was decided that twenty one juniors would be chosen to take Tommy's class a year.

"All right then, why didn't you go?" Chad asked.

"It said I didn't have to go. I hate going to those things anyway. It's the same thing every year," Tommy replied.

"All right, enough, let's get back to work," Kim said.

"Mom, what's going on?" Chad asked.

His mom took a deep breath and looked over at Tommy.

"Tommy, care to tell him?" Kira asked.

Tommy turned around in his chair and got up.

"Mesogog's back," he sighed.

"What?" Renee yelled.

She almost fell from the shock. All of this was supposed to be over with.

"Didn't you guys destroy him all those years ago?" Chad asked.

"We thought we did," Kira said.

"So, what's going to happen?" Renee asked.

"I think man made power will for sure destroy Mesogog," Tommy said.

"No offence, Mr. Oliver, but you guys aren't really Ranger fit anymore," Chad laughed.

Tommy laughed and shook his head. He was in pretty good shape for being in his early forties, but Chad did have a point. It had been years since he had taken out a Tyrannodrone.

"That's where you come in," Kim smiled.

"But, Mom…" Renee protested.

"No buts, Renee. You, Chad, and Jade must do this," Kim said.

"How do you know Jade's ready for this?" Renee asked.

"Tommy called Jason," Kim said.

"You guys really think we can do this?" Chad asked.

"Come on, Chad," Conner said. "You have the blood of two Rangers in you. You can do this."


On Mesogog's new island, he was planning his attack on Reefside. The only helper he had besides the Tyranodrones was his new Silver Ranger.

"Master, you know Tommy will be prepared," the Silver Ranger said.

"I do. Now, send out the Tyranodrones," Mesogog hissed.

"As you command, my lord," the Silver Ranger nodded.


Trent Fernandez had his mouth opened for a while before he could say anything.

"But how, Tommy? My father was released from Mesogog, wasn't he?" he asked.

"Yes, Trent, but he has found a way to survive without him like last time," he said.

Ethan gasped as Tyrannodrones showed up on the screen.

"Um, we got trouble," he said.

Everyone turned to Ethan, who was pointing to the computer.

"Oh no, not Tyranodrones," Kim moaned.

Tyler looked over at Carter.

"Those things are always bad news," she sighed.

"That's for sure," Carter said.

Tommy quickly grabbed a box from within his desk.

"Renee, Chad, these are your power morphers and communicators," he said. Tommy handed both of them a gold coin. "And these are your power coins. Chad, I've given you the power of the Red Dragon. Renee, I have given you the power of the Pink Crane."

"What about Jade?" Renee asked.

"I've given him the power of the Black Wolf," Tommy said.

After smiling at her daughter, Kim looked over at Hayley.

"Speaking off a wolf, where's Billy?" she asked.

"He's on some kind of business trip. He should be in tomorrow," Hayley replied.

"It's time," Tommy said.

"Dad, what about Jade?" Renee asked.

"They're on their way, now go," Tommy said.

Kim gave a little laugh after the two got into position.

"Wait, what do we say?" Chad asked.

"Old reliable," Tommy said.

"Right. Dino Thunder, power up," Chad yelled. Everyone busted out laughing. "What's so funny?"

"I think he meant the other old reliable," Renee said.

"Are you serious? I've always wanted to say that," Chad said.

"Calm down before I say it," Renee laughed.

"It's morphin time," Chad yelled.


The two appeared where the Tyranndrones were.

"So, you're the Tyranodrones?" Chad asked, crossing his arms. "It's very nice to meet you and everything like that, but I'm afraid you're too loud."

"And that means you have to leave," Renee said.

They all suddenly disappeared. Chad and Renee looked around in confusion.

"Weird," Chad said.

"Very. Dad, what was all that about?" Renee asked, putting her communicator up to her mouth.

"I'll guess Mesogog wanted to see if we were prepared. Now that he knows for sure, who knows what will happen. Teleport back," Tommy said.

"No way, you mean we can do that?" Chad asked.

"You sure can, Chad," Tommy said.

"Come on 'Mr. Excitement'," Renee laughed.


Jade Scott sighed as he looked out the car window.

"Dad, are you sure I can do this?" he asked.

Jason Scott turned back to his son.

"Jade, you're the son of the original Red Ranger," he laughed.

"Wasn't Mom the Pink Ranger?" he asked.

The blonde looked back at her son.

"Yes, but not the first," Kat Scott smiled.

"Here we are," Jason said.

Jason drove into the Oliver's driveway. Before Jason could knock on the door, Tommy opened it.

"Hey, Tommy," Jason said.

"Hey you two. Look at you, Jade. You've grown up so much since I last saw you," he smiled.

"It's been too long, Uncle Tommy," he laughed.

Renee's eyes grew as she saw who was at the front door.

"Jade," she squealed.

Renee ran over to her two-month younger cousin.

"Hey, Renee," Jade smiled.

"I haven't seen you since you were fifteen," she said.

"It hasn't been that long," Jade laughed.

"It seems like it has," Renee said.

"Renee, I saw you a couple of months ago," Jade laughed.

"Whatever. I guess I'm jealous because you're going to our parent's old high school," she sighed.

"You should really come by and see it some time," Jade said.

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