Shino was on the desk, wearing a ten gallon hat. Sure, this was still incredibly OOC for him, and the OOC chip was no longer working, but what else could he do? Of course, he could always use genjutsu, but just to make the world a happier place, he'll stick with the hat.

He looks better.

"Hey everybody, welcome back! Great to see you all for the last game-" The Violent Tomboy was interrupted by Uremeshi Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho).

"Hey! You're not upset anymore that your Know Your Stars story got deleted for breaking a rule you didn't break!"


"At least no one can ever read that stupid story about me and the others ever again, even though chasing Koenma was fun," Yusuke said.

"At least you don't have an obsessive OC chasing you," Kakashi said, shuddering at the thought of the annoying woman that the hostess created from some sick twisted imagination.

"At least your butt isn't attached to an asshole!" Naruto blurted out, looking uncomfortable in the seat he was sharing with Sasuke. The two rivals tried to glare at each other, but it was rather difficult with their asses stuck to each other. Curse her crazy imagination!

"WHATEVER! Shino wins, and the rest of us are going to play props!"

Kurenai and Hinata were given two long Styrofoam tubes, while Kiba and The Violent Tomboy were given two giant Ls.

"Now we have to act out as many things with them, and Shino buzzes. Kurenai and Hinata start!"

Hinata somehow wore her tube halfway up her left arm, while Kureani stood in front of her, holding the other tube like a staff.

"Now I summon the Dark Magician!" Hinata cried out very dramatically.


The Violent Tomboy tilted the L to the side and held it above her head like long ears and Kiba held his near his lips, like some giant beak.

"Duck Season!" the hostess snapped.

"Rabbit Season!" Kiba snapped back.

"Duck Season!"

"Rabbit Season!"


Kurenai held up one tube and attempted to whack Hinata with it, who was popping up and down.


Kiba held the Ls over his head like a big M.

"Osuwari!" the hostess yelled, and Kiba fell flat on his face.


Hinata wore one tube completely up her right arm and the other up her left leg.

"Fullmetal shrimp," Kurenai said to her, while Hinata jumped up and down, shrieking, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING SHORT!"


Kiba and the hostess both carried an L like a gun.

"Remember, three paces then shoot," The Violent Tomboy said. "One, two-"

Kiba then whirled around and screamed "BANG!", and in response the hostess stumbled realistically and fell to the ground.


Kurenai and Hinata held a tube each, and began swinging them at each other making zhing zhing sounds with their mouths, occasionally one of them holding out their hand making the other stumble back with 'the force'.


The Violent Tomboy put the Ls together to form a rectangle, and held it in front of Kiba. Waving his arms around, he said in a moronic fashion, "I'm ready, I'm ready!"


Hinata mounted the tube and was rushing around with it, arm outstretched while Kurenai spoke into hers like a microphone. "And Harry Potter has finally has spotted the Golden Snitch!"


The Violent Tomboy held up one L to her neck so the angle was snuggly fit around her throat.

"Now die, ye foul witch!" Kiba said as he pretended to kick something underneath her feet. Her head slumped over with her tongue sticking out.

Buzz! Buzz!

"All right that's all, the-" the hostess was cut off as a side door opened and Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny stepped out.

"Ah fat ass, the show's over and we missed it. It's all your fault," Kyle said angrily.

"My fault? How is it my fault, you stinking Jew?"

"Mmmph-mmmph mmph mmmmp-mmp," Kenny cried out just before he randomly exploded in a tiny nuclear explosion that only affected him. Everyone stared at the black ashes where he once stood.

"Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" Stan shouted.

"You bas-wait, who killed Kenny?" Kyle scratched the back of his 2-D head.

"Who cares, he always dies," someone muttered. He was smacked by who could be assumed for his canon girlfriend.

"That's mean! That poor little boy just died!"

The audience immediately split itself into two sides, the ones who knew it was wrong for Kenny to die, and the other who didn't give a shit.

In other words, the girls vs. the guys.

Battle of the sexes, baby.

Punches flew, energy blasts were shot, attack names were shouted, balls were kicked, guns were shooting, and there was an occasional pervert attempting to grope breasts in all the confusion.

The Violent Tomboy took a gas mask out of thin air and strapped it on before pulling out the remote control and pushing the red button. Sleeping gas was issued out, and everyone (except the hostess) who wasn't a robot or something along the lines of that fell asleep. Pushing the button again, electric lasers popped out of the walls and shot everyone left standing (except the hostess).

"Man, what'll I do with everyone?" she mumbled as the South Park boys slid silently out of the doors (how the gas and lasers missed them, no idea). A light bulb was above her head. She turned to the readers, grabbed the nearest person, who happened to be Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, and screamed, "Auctioning off anime characters! Auctioning off anime characters! Starting bid for the rubber pirate, fifty bucks!"


The end.