A/N: Hiya Roswellian fans! Okay, okay, this will be the fourth story on the Roswell section, so I think I'm going to make from the book series, NOT the television series. Please forgive me, I've never seen anything from the third season. If I'm informed correctly, Liz and Max (as predicted) get married. As well as Isabel and what-his-face, Jesse Remirez. But that doesn't matter. However, when I describe the characters, I will be going mostly by what they look like in the series on television, mostly because I can picture them better that way. So instead of a blonde Max with blue eyes, he has dark brown hair and eyes. Alex has black hair, Maria still has curls, but Michael will be described a s he is in the books, as he I think he looks hotter that way. Liz will be Ortecho, not Parker, and Alex is a Manes, not a Whitman. Just for future reference, different pieces of time or a change of place are separated by a line of x's. Here we go!

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own any characters from Roswell, the t.v. show, or the books. Please don't sue me, pretty please.


"Isabel, I... I'll come back. I don't know how long it will take, but I promise I will." Trevor smiled, then let go of his strap that kept him from being sucked into the wormhole.


"I love you, Maria." Michael watched as silver sparkles in her beautiful blue aura glittered like the stars.

"I love you, too."


"I'm never going to let anything come between us again. Never," Max murmured against Liz's lips, not wanting to lift his completely away from hers.


A shimmering rainbow of color appeared around the six of them, the strands of jade green, warm amber, screaming orange, rich purple, bright blue, and brick red binding them together.

"Remember?" Liz asked, looking each of them in the eye. Everyone smiled, clearly thinking about that first time they'd all connected, back when they'd needed to prove they could trust each other. It seemed so long ago but it was the clearest memory in Max's mind. He pulled Liz and Isabel a little bit closer and sighed with content,

"How could any of us forget?"