Every Second

A House Fan-Fic

by - entercreativename

Disclaimer: I am not the creator or owner of the characters mentioned in this story. I am instead a poor college student with no money and no hope of ever earning money. I wrote this story as a means of exploring the characters in the show; not for profit, notoriety, or other self-assuring means.

Chapter 1 – Late Night Mayhem

Tick, tick, tick…

A man lay in bed where an alarm clock continued to drone on endlessly next to it. He was like any other man in appearance – common – with the exception of his limp and his cane. He could hide in any crowd. More specifically, he WANTED to hide in any crowd, especially if it meant that he could sleep. If I had a penny for every second..., he thought as he carefully turned to hide the clock in the drawer of his bedside table. With one less sound out of the way he stared at the ceiling and the fan slowing revolving around in its endless life of circles. He closed his eyes and tried yet again.

He knew he wouldn't sleep tonight.

Tonight, like every other night, would be another sleepless night. The aged man slowly sat up, turned on the light, and maneuvered himself up in bed. No sense in wasting time lying there, especially since he had spent enough time in bed since it happened. He opened the drawer to salvage the ticking time bomb that kept him from his task. 2:57 am. He had been lying in bed for almost two hours now without any chance at sleep.

What to do, what to do…

He took his phone from the bedside table; he knew he wanted to do it, just for some satisfaction.

Time to call his boss, Lisa Cuddy. If I can't sleep, then the least I can do is make sure she can't either.

The man dialed the number and waited for seconds to tick by but to no avail. She was out, late. He'd have to remember this tomorrow and actually attend the required staff meeting. Perfect time to get after her, the "Dean of Medicine," about not being home on a work night.

The mind is a curious thing, especially the mind of Gregory House, MD. He had never been much of a sleeper, even before the infarction, or even college. As a child he would often annoy his parents by getting up in the middle of the night and playing piano. At first, he was reprimanded for it, then he got better, and then his parents learned to sleep through it. He enjoyed the piano; it gave him a chance to think. Often he would ponder his studies by sneaking into the Fine Arts Building late at night and playing piano. He chose to become a doctor while playing the piano. He fell in love with Stacy and decided he wanted to propose to her one sleepless night while playing piano.


He missed her; her scent, her laugh, her smile. Her – everything. Everything was all right in his life with Stacy. Then the infarction; he would never forgive her. After the infarction, he turned to his piano as a means to escape what little life he had left.

Tonight, was different though. Last night when he couldn't sleep he went to his piano to be surprised by a visit by Princeton's finest. Damned neighbors. This was the third time in the last week his neighbors had called the cops for breaking the "noise" ordinance. Infernal idiots! Wouldn't know good music if…. He'd get a digital piano, but acoustics were far better. Driving to the campus was out of the question too, especially with the snowstorm outside. So, he'd have to find something else to occupy his mind.

House sat at the edge of the bed staring at the phone. In the other room, he heard his pager buzz against the table it was sitting on; instinct told him to take his cane and check what the page was, however, his leg told him otherwise. He instead looked over through the open door and looked back at the phone in his hand.

Chase. He could be a fun person to prank at three am.

He picked up the phone, dialed the number, and a woman's voice answered on the other end, "Chase's phone, Lisa speaking." Tomorrow would be interesting.