My Best Friend

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Here are their ages for any references you might want. Kagome and Sango are both sixteen. Miroku is eighteen and Inuyasha is seventeen. Both Kouga and Ayame are nineteen. Sesshamrou is twenty, Rin is eighteen and Kikyo is nineteen. Kohaku is eleven, Souta is ten and Shippou is seven.

Summary: They'd been best friends for almost their entire lives. The only problem is, Kagome is head-over-heels in love with Inuyasha—and he has no clue. Kagome devises plan after plan to get Inuyasha to see her in a different light, but nothing ever seems to work, until Inuyasha gets in the kissing booth at the fair. Despite his popularity with the ladies, he knows there's no way he could get involved with a woman — not yet anyways. Who would think that one dazzling kiss could change all of that?

Chapter One: Unavoidable

"Kagome we're going to be late. You have a booth to open remember?" Sango said knocking on Kagome's bedroom door.

"I'm coming. I'm coming." Then there was some mumbling about "8:00? Who has a Fair at this time of day?'

Sango giggled. Even though Kagome was one of the most cheerful people in the world, she was not a morning person.

"Take your time. We've got an hour, just hurry up." Sango said and headed downstairs.

"Whatever." She grumbled. Kagome with her eyes halfway open dragged her feet to her closet to find an outfit and then undergarments before heading to her bathroom.

There were two kinds of men who saw the kissing booth at the Tokyo Summer Fair that sunny May afternoon; those who laughed outright at the idea of men kissing women was pathetic on the men's part, and those who'd try for more than just a kiss. The first kind simply kept walking or rolled their eyes at the booth. So would the second kind except that man would to end up on his backside in the dirt and on crutches if he tried to get lips locked to Kagome Higurashi's especially if Inuyasha ever found out. At the very least the unfortunate soul(s) would get a tongue-lashing if he tried, and Kagome's tongue could be every bit as bruising to the male ego as any physical harm she could inflict with her five and a half feet body and spiritual abilities.

Perhaps that was why her booth, Kisses for Kids Charity wasn't all that successful. A dismal failure was more like it, Kagome thought as she surveyed the meager stack of one-dollar bills in the cash box. Counting the five dollars in change she'd started with, she'd made exactly…two dollars — and that was only because she'd refused to give them back and she reframed herself from vomiting at the memory. She would've made a lot more but it seemed her temper and Inuyasha's reputation for beating the shit out of most of the male population was riding against her.

"Hey, Kagome, Koga's talking kind of funny." She looked up, her heart kicking once, hard, the way it always did when she set eyes on Inuyasha. And if she didn't stop staring and start breathing, he'd think she'd lost her mind. So she tried to focus on seeing him as her best friend, the boy she'd known since they were children, instead of the man she'd fallen in love with.

"That's what Koga gets for sticking his tongue in places it doesn't belong," She said, managing, somehow, to sound casual.

That son-of-a-bitch! Inuyasha looked a bit ticked off about what Koga did but tried to, unsuccessfully, shrug it off. He tucked his own tongue in his cheek and both thumbs in his front pockets, sauntering over to rest his long, lean frame against one of the uprights of the booth.

Kagome looked into those mysterious and soul searching amber-eyes, those cute puppy dog ears and the way he grinned showing off his fangs, she damn near fainted dead away. Want red-blooded woman wouldn't? She touched her lower lip to cheek for any drool which seemed to happen to 9/10 girls who came in contact with him.

And wouldn't that everyone's day in Tokyo grand. She thought as she watched his lips move and fought to hear what he was saying instead of wondering how they'd feel on hers.

"And Miroku swears you broke his wrist — and it's his 'groping arm'." And when she did figure out what he'd said, she snorted.

"Well he got off easy especially when Sango was distracted at that candy stand with Kohaku. He's lucky I was standing behind this —" She said, indicating the waist-high front of the booth "— else he wouldn't be sitting down normal for a few days."

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. "Just where did that lecher try to put his hands?"

Kagome's gaze dropped to the front of her shirt. Inuyasha's did, too, his face reddening — anger, she thought, sighing because she knew it wasn't the kind of anger a man felt over a woman. It was the kind of anger a brother felt over a kid sister who'd been manhandled.

"What was that sigh for?" He demanded. "You aren't saying you wanted him to —" He made a couple of vague gestures in the general vicinity of her body and all the while flustering to get words out"— touch you like that?"

"No," She yelled. "Old habits just died hard." Miroku maybe a pervert but he knew his limitations where Kagome was concerned and that he was into Sango too much. Kagome sighed again.

It earned her another confused and suspicious look from Inuyasha, but how could she tell him she'd like to be touched that way…by him? How could she tell him how she fantasized about—?

"Why, hello, Inuyasha." Inuyasha straightened and nodded his head, while a few of the boys nearby gave the newcomer a somewhat quick once-over.

"Kikyo," Kagome said in a strain tone and with an ever more strained smile. Kagome would have kicked the girl, if she hadn't already put so much effort into acting like she didn't care. Kikyo, Kagome distant cousin—which wasn't distant enough for Kagome's piece of mind, simply didn't take "leave him alone" for an answer and Kagome decided she wouldn't be the one to be civilized if sparks flew—from a catfight.

"Well, Kagome, I see the Children's Home will have to wait another year for that kitchen they've been wanting," Kikyo said, looking at Inuyasha like a starving goat eyeing…anything. "But of course, Inuyasha, you're going to contribute, right?"

"That'd be like kissing my sister," Inuyasha said, sending Kagome a get-a-load-of-the-crazy-woman look. Kagome had no choice but to roll her eyes as if she wasn't devastated. In all honesty, Kagome wanted him to kiss her.

Inuyasha bought it. "Since you're not…producing," Kikyo said to Kagome, "Maybe you should let someone else take over."

"You know, Kikyo, you're right. And I think it's time not only for a change of personnel, but a jump into the twenty-first century."

And before Kikyo could suggest she take over, Kagome hooked Inuyasha's elbow, dragged him into the booth, and slipped out. It didn't solve her problem entirely; Kikyo would continue to plot to find a way to get to kiss Inuyasha, but that would be a lot easier to bear than watching him ante up a buck to kiss another woman…or not.

She got more than she bargained for. Activity at that part of the fair came to an abrupt halt — not to see a man, well, manning the kissing booth, so much as to see this man. Every single woman and half the married ones within a hundred-mile radius of Tokyo wanted to get her hooks into Inuyasha. But he wasn't taking their bait—thank you, Kami! He was severely underestimating the female sex in general and the Tokyo faction of it, specifically — not to mention his own charms.

Few would have hesitated to jump and live on love alone with a man as attractive as Inuyasha. And even those who wanted more solvencies in a man would only be too happy to part with one measly dollar to take Inuyasha's lips out for a test drive. It was for a good cause, after all. The children's charity would profit, too. This being Tokyo, where gossip was as inevitable as the sunset and a whole lot more frequent, it took less than two minutes for a crowd of women — mostly single — to gather at the kissing booth and start jockeying for position. Nobody wanted to be first, that would just be pathetic, but nobody wanted to be too far back and take the chance his lips would swell up, giving him an excuse to duck his civic duty.

And did Inuyasha have the good grace to be embarrassed by the spectacle? No, he just stood there, thumbs tucked into the front pockets of his jeans, grinning from ear to ear. "Ladies," he said, spreading his hands as if to say, there's enough for everyone.

He's been hanging around Miroku way too long. Kagome and Sango thought.

They grow up so fast. Miroku thought and pretended to dab a 'tear' with a napkin in a way of a proud mother or teacher would do.

A silence fell, broken only by giggles. There was a lot of blushing, too, and the occasional surreptitious drool check. Otherwise, nobody moved.

"Uhm…how about if I close my eyes?" Inuyasha offered. He leaned his hands on the low wall in front of him and grinned. "It's not really a good kiss unless I do, and seeing as how you're paying for the privilege, it had better be good."

And down went his eyelids. This prompted even more giggling, some whispering and a bit of nervous shuffling that took the crowd of women no closer to the kissing booth.

Miroku began to drool and his palms began to itch for a butt or two. Hell, why stop there? Oh man, so many ripe ladies. Why does Inuyasha have all the luck? Miroku pouted.

Oh come off of it. This is so pathetic. Sango thought and elbowed Miroku in the stomach when she caught his eyes roaming the large gathering of the opposite sex.

"Ouch. I'm sorry, Sango." Miroku pleaded. "It's a family curse, I swear."

Ok, note to self: never leave Miroku alone with Inuyasha to discuss charming the ladies. Sango added.

Oh or the love of—Inuyasha is way too cocky. Kagome thought and rolled her eyes.

Oh goodie. Kikyo thought and applied some lipstick to her lips. She was never one for makeup but this was a good cause, a very good cause—for her, anyways.

"For pity's sake," Kagome muttered, "Somebody has to go first."

"You're right," Kikyo said stepping up and managed to shove Kagome forward, right into Inuyasha! He caught her by reflex, and while she was frozen in shock, he laid his mouth on hers, and the world caught fire…..


Next Time: Finding the mystery woman

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