My Best Friend

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Personal Reference: The term "Kami" means "God" in Japanese.

(Last Time)

"For pity's sake," Kagome muttered, "Somebody has to go first."

"You're right," Kikyo said stepping up and managed to shove Kagome forward, right into Inuyasha! He caught her by reflex, and while she was frozen in shock, he laid his mouth on hers, and the world caught fire…..

Chapter Two: Finding the mystery woman

It seemed the entire world had stopped moving. Miroku's eyes dominated his entire face as did Sango's. Kikyo, bright red with anger, looked ready to explode and snapped her tube of lipstick into two. Everyone else was just as shocked as Miroku and Sango.

"Holy…Shit..." Miroku managed to say and Sango just nodded, still too stunned.

It's only a kiss, it's only a kiss. It's just a harmless little kiss…right? So why do I feel so… Inuyasha thought.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Kagome thought. Her cheeks began to become bright pink with embarrassment.

Inuyasha knew he shouldn't have gone up there into that booth but now wasn't the time for regrets. Especially with a woman who's kiss was so sweet. It was also hot and electrifying. The perfect kiss or so one romantic would describe. His hands lifted as he brushed his knuckles against her soft skin. She smelled like jasmine, a scent that always brought him comfort because it was something his mother, whom he loved, always smelled like.

Before he could gather his wits and open his eyes to see the woman that was causing such a reaction—she pulled away!

What the hell? He opened his eyes, but the situation didn't improve when he found out the woman was gone and Kikyo was giving him a sly look.

Gods, did she kiss me? Inuyasha wondered. He grimaced at the thought.

Kikyo was surrounding by a few men including one of his rivals since middle school and her current boyfriend, Naruku. Some men — okay, who the hell was he kidding? A lot of men — bought her I'm-a-poor-orphan-girl-who-go-hurt-in-the-past-and-needs-a-big-strong-man-to-help-her-out act. Inuyasha wasn't one of them; he wasn't stupid enough to fall for it twice.

Inuyasha quickly glanced away, much to Kikyo's disappointment and her 'suitors' relief. He skimmed the crowd, trying again to get a glimpse of who the mystery woman was. Had she truly walked away? And why did he feel suddenly disappointed.

Keh. It's nothing….

So…uhm why the hell are you looking for her, eh Inuyasha?

Fuck off. Damn human side.

Damn demon.

The idea of making a fool of himself made Inuyasha hesitate, but only for a minute. Damn his pride. That kiss was so alluring and irresistible so it was only normal that he wanted to see the kisser up close and personal, right?

Something caught his eye for the moment. What the hell are they staring at me for?

Inuyasha spotted Sango and Miroku who were looking at him dumbfounded with their mouths opening and closing but no words were coming out. Miroku recovered first and groped Sango which earned him a well deserved smack.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. Pervert.

Once more, he scanned the crowd again. Obviously, the woman who'd kissed him must've been someone he'd never kissed before. This, Inuyasha groaned inwardly, would mean a lot of searching. True he was popular, possibly because of his family, but not many females dated, let alone married demons, especially half-demons. He couldn't possibly have lived in the same town with a woman who could make him feel that way and not have known it, right? Chemistry just didn't work like that!

Inuyasha sighed once more. Ok, time to get to work.

"Huh? What? Wait! You can't leave the kissing booth empty yet!" Kikyo called out and was looking through her purse for another lipstick. I haven't gotten my kiss yet.

Inuyasha muttered something underneath his breath, something Kikyo might obviously take offense to, and took out his wallet. He placed in some money into the small jar. "Here."

"Ah. And now, the charity will be grateful," Sango said.

Inuyasha snorted and proceeded to leave.

"But look at the long line, Inuyasha. You can't leave your post. You'll crush the hearts of millions." Miroku said gestured lazily at the large crowd beside him. A few of the teen girls nodded in agreement with the pervert.

"Kagome is supposed to be in the booth right now, but she wasn't making any money—I wonder why? So I suggested maybe someone else should take over." Kikyo said. "And it paid off, ne? The charity made more with one kiss than Kagome did all day, right?"

"Why you little—" Sango snarled. Kikyo was oblivious to the fact that Sango was glaring daggers at her and Miroku was holding back the now ill-tempered girl from slugging Kikyo.

No one talks behind my best friend's back and gets away with it. Damn lecher won't let go! "Come on Miroku, just one little hit." Sango pleaded and tried unsuccessfully to remove him from her. "One is all I ask."

Miroku smiled. "Ok, only if you grant me a favor in return, Lady Sango." Miroku wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Sango paused and stopped wrestling him. "It's not worth it." She sighed.

Miroku pouted. "Damn."

Pervert. Sango thought and moved out of his arms.

"—meaning you," Inuyasha pointed out to Kikyo. Kikyo pretended to look offended. "You don't even give a damn about charity, Kikyo." Kikyo opened her mouth to protest but Inuyasha continued. "Oh sure once in a while during Christmas—whoopee-do—but that's beside the point."

"Beside the—? You can be so cruel, Inuyasha." Kikyo frowned.

"Keh, you don't know the half of it." Inuyasha retorted. "I didn't exactly agree to be in that booth either."

"Didn't see you complaining," Miroku said giving Inuyasha a knowing look.

Damn conniving bastard. Some friend you are! Inuyasha thought.

The rest of the crowd agreed with Miroku, again. The pervert grinned at them while an annoyed Sango merely sighed and tried to, unsuccessfully, ignore him.

Inuyasha then noticed Kagome. She was laughing with Ayame and Rin about Kami knows what. He really, really didn't want to go over there especially seeing two more of Kagome's high school pals, Eri and Yuki, about to join them. Those two alone—Eri and Yuki—would drive anyone crazy with their questions. He still didn't see how they all became friends when they're so different.

But I have to. Inuyasha sighed in defeat. Kami, you can be so cruel.

Inuyasha had to admit that Kagome knew him better than anyone, sometimes he wondered if she knew him better than he knew himself. She knew him since 1st grade and they, for the most part, hit it off.

"Heey, stop pulling my hair." A young Kagome cried and dropped her shovel. The large boy continued to pull at her pigtails and laughing mockingly.

"Stop or else." She threatened getting a bit annoyed.

"Or else what?" The boy teased.

"Or else—this!" A voice came from behind them. Before the boy knew it, his face was in the sand. He stood up, cried out suddenly and held his nose. The third grader ran out of the sandbox crying, or rather screaming, for his mother.

Kagome blinked and looked at the boy who'd saved her. He was about her height with silver hair and amber-colored eyes. He was dressed all in red and still had his fist out. "You ok?"

"Huh?" Kagome blinked once more.

He looked at her now. "I said, are you ok?" he glared at her. "Are you stupid or something?"

"I'm fine—hey, who are you calling stupid?" Kagome retorted and stood up.

"You. Who else?"

"Why I ought to…" Kagome glared at him, they were really close to each other and then suddenly she began to tweak his ears. A blush crept upon the boy's cheeks.

"Wow! Are they real?" She questioned and continued to rub them, loving the sound they made, the feel of them and his innocent expression.

He scoffed. "Of course."

She frowned at his tone. "Oh." She smiled and backed away a few inches from him. "Hi, my name is Kagome." She held out her hand. "My friends Kag."

He blinked at her. "Uhm…Inuyasha." He looked at her outstretched hand and after a moment he shook it with one of his own. "My friends call me…erm Yasha."

She grinned. "It's nice to meet you." She smiled at him, again. "You know Yasha; I think we're going to be the best of friends."

"How would you know that?"

"Because I just do." She said simply and wagged her index finger at him. "My mom says its calls woman's in-tuit-ion."

He snorted at that. "You're not a woman."

She frowned at him. "I will be, someday."


Kagome giggled and took his hand into one of hers. "Let's go play, Inuyasha."

It seemed like if had been just yesterday he'd beaten a kid twice his height, but now more than a decade had past since then. From that moment they'd gotten to know each other so well that people sometimes believed they were glued to the hip. He knew she loved Oden and hated peas, he knew she wanted to become a pediatrician when she grew up, her favorite color was pink and that she loved his ears more than Oden. She knew his favorite color was red, that he valued family, his hate for being mocked for him being a half-demon and his weakness for ramen and tears.

She especially knew his reasons for being single.

He wanted to be with a woman who'd love him, demon and all—like what his father found in his mother. Not someone who'd say she loved you then dump you because you wouldn't change for her. That was why he'd dumped Kikyo within the first week of their relationship. He'd seen guys fall for that too many times, once too many as a matter of fact. That was probably why a week was the longest his relationships last.

Let's be realistic here. Inuyasha thought grumpily.

He was a half-breed—not a full demon nor a full human, just smack-dab in the middle. What woman would really want him forever? They'd be mocked and looked down upon because of being with him. He wouldn't ask anyone to share that kind of burden. Or maybe he just needed to find a woman who could make him believe everything was all right even when it wasn't. Where could he find a woman he could love enough to forget all his bad memories? He never knew until now that is. And when he'd found her, she got away.

Surely Kagome would understand that something incredible had just happened to him.

Rin said something and all the girls nodded in agreement. The five girls began to leave to go somewhere but Kagome paused to tie her shoe. Now was definitely his chance. No girlish chitchatting or twenty-twenty questions, just him and Kagome.

Kagome stood up and tapped her shoe and nodded to herself. She must've sensed him coming for her eyes widened and she turned away, but not fast enough to keep Inuyasha from catching her wrist.

"Ok, wrench, who kissed me?" He demanded. Before Kagome could respond, someone else did for her.

"I did," Kikyo purred from just behind him. Inuyasha ignored her.

What a stalker! "Who kissed really kissed me?" He asked.

Why you—Kikyo opened her mouth to make a comment about his dismissal of her but quickly closed it. Kikyo huffed and stormed off passing by Naruku who didn't even bat an eye at the angered teen. He simply leaned against a nearby booth with both his hands in his pocket with his usual impassive expression on his face and closed his eyes.

"Figure it out for yourself." Kagome brushed him off. "If you don't mind, I got to—"

"Come on."

"Buzz off." She snapped.

Inuyasha took a step back and hesitated. She looks really pissed.

"Kagome, hurry up." Eri said waving from her car.

"Ok. I'm coming." Kagome waved cheerfully at Eri before marching off again.

Women are so confusing! One second she's moody then next…. Is this what they call PMS? Inuyasha thought then dismissed it. He'd asked Kagome that before and got several poundings. He paled at the memory.

Inuyasha jogged up to her. "Tell me!" He looked like a kid who was denied dessert after dinner, pouting as he was.

She paused for a moment and stiffened. Kagome turned around, crossed her arms and pouted. He smiled. Anytime she pouted like that in an argument it meant she'd give in—for now. But he knew that she knew that he knew he'd have to do a bit more pushing—while keeping his distance just in case she got moody again.

"I know you're ticked off because I made more money than you but can't we call a truce? We're best buddies remember?" Inuyasha grinned. "Come on. Don't pout, Kag, your face might get stuck that way."

"Keh." She mimicked his usual one answer reply to everything and glared at him. "Don't worry about me pouting and I don't recall seeing anyone putting in any money in that jar but you, Inuyasha."

He pretended to look hurt before he grinned again. "You know, you're right?" Inuyasha looked over his shoulder. "The woman who kissed me didn't pay up." He gestured to the booth. "And the sign clearly says 'One Dollar.' So we must correct this injustice." He said in a determined tone and an equally determined expression. "Now, are you going to tell me who kissed me?"

"Inuyasha, you naïve …" She shook her head. "You want to know who kissed you?"

Inuyasha nodded and gave her a look that was similar to that of an I-thought-I-just-said-that expression. Kagome bit back a growl from her frustration. Kagome dug in her pocket and pulled out a dollar, took his hand out of his pocket and slapped the bill into it. Inuyasha blinked and looked at the dollar in his hand.

I don't get it. "I…don't get it, Kag." Inuyasha said. "So tell me already."

Kagome wanted to scream. That dense—Ok remain calm. He's a guy—a dense guy to be exact. Count to 10. You can do it. 1…2…3…

"Well?" Inuyasha asked getting impatient.

"You idiot—" Kagome yelled. I didn't even make it to five this time. Ack. Maybe I need to go back to anger management next summer. "It was me. Me! I kissed you, ok?" She said almost in a hysterically manner.

"Y-you did?" Inuyasha stared at her for a second and then he laughed. He laughed! "Good one, Kag. Seriously though," He said. "Who was it?"

"I…" The emotions running through Kagome's chocolate-brown eyes were unreadable to the dense boy before her. She felt her heart was ripped into two.

"Inuyasha…" He blinked innocently at her, fueling her anger all the more. Kagome clenched her fists and yelled as hard as she could—right into his ears! "YOU JERK!"



Sneak Preview of Next Week's Chapter

"I heard what you did to Kagome, you jerk!" Shippou, who was standing by Souta and Kohaku, yelled.

"Clam it, runt." Inuyasha pounded him in the head once and the child yelped.

"Inuyasha, you're such a jerk!" Shippou exclaimed.

"Keh, like I haven't heard that one before!" Inuyasha rolled his eyes and turned to leave—to find his mystery woman, however Miroku stood in his way.

Inuyasha scowled at him. "Get out of mine way, you damnable pervert."

"I resent that. I'm just your average heterosexual teen boy."

"Whatever." Inuyasha snorted.

"Miroku you better get outta my way." Inuyasha growled.

Miroku shook his head. "You're such an idiot."

"I dare you to say that again." Inuyasha threatened.

"That kiss got to you, huh?" Miroku grinned.

"You're cruising for a bruising, Miroku!" Inuyasha cracked his knuckles and gave him a death glare.

Miroku gulped but he saw Sango in the corner of his eyes giving him a death glare that would rival Kagome's! So he took a deep breath and did a little pray. "Forgive me for my taunting, my friend."

"Whatever. Now, like I said before, get out of my way. I won't ask you so nicely again."

He calls that nice? Miroku wondered. Miroku grew serious and looked as if he was trying to read Inuyasha. "You think of her as one of the guys, don't you?" Miroku said simply.

Taken aback, Inuyasha didn't answer for a moment. "Keh," Inuyasha retorted.

Miroku looked as if that wasn't even of an answer for him.

Inuyasha fought back a minor blush. Gods I'm pathetic. "Well, yeah." Then Inuyasha thought through and misinterpret Miroku's comment. Inuyasha grabbed him by the collar and lifted him a good two feet off the ground. "Are you calling me 'gay' Miroku?"

"What?" Miroku squeaked.


What will happen next?

Will Inuyasha realize who the mystery kisser was? Will Sango finally get that punch she wanted? How the heck did Inuyasha come up with that interruption? Will Kikyo return to get her kiss?

Only time will tell, my darlings.

Next Time: Searching for answers

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