My Best Friend

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(Last Time)

"Well?" Inuyasha asked getting impatient.

"You idiot—" Kagome yelled. I didn't even make it to five this time. Ack. Maybe I need to go back to anger management next summer. "It was me. Me! I kissed you, ok?" She said almost in a hysterically manner.

"Y-you did?" Inuyasha stared at her for a second and then he laughed. He laughed! "Good one, Kag. Seriously though," He said. "Who was it?"

"I…" The emotions running through Kagome's chocolate-brown eyes were unreadable to the dense boy before her. She felt her heart was ripped into two.

"Inuyasha…" He blinked innocently at her, fueling her anger all the more. Kagome clenched her fists and yelled as hard as she could—right into his ears! "YOU JERK!"…..

Chapter Three: Searching for Answers

"I heard what you did to Kagome, you jerk!" Shippou, who was standing by Souta and Kohaku, yelled.

"Clam it, runt." Inuyasha pounded him in the head once and the child yelped.

"Inuyasha, you're such a jerk!" Shippou exclaimed.

"Keh, like I haven't heard that one before!" Inuyasha rolled his eyes and turned to leave—to find his mystery woman, however Miroku stood in his way.

Inuyasha scowled at him. "Get out of mine way, you damnable pervert."

"I resent that. I'm just your average heterosexual teen boy."

"Whatever." Inuyasha snorted.

"Miroku you better get outta my way." Inuyasha growled.

Miroku shook his head. "You're such an idiot."

"I dare you to say that again." Inuyasha threatened.

"That kiss got to you, huh?" Miroku grinned.

"You're cruising for a bruising, Miroku!" Inuyasha cracked his knuckles and gave him a death glare.

Miroku gulped but he saw Sango in the corner of his eyes giving him a death glare that would rival Kagome's! So he took a deep breath and did a little pray. "Forgive me for my taunting, my friend."

"Whatever. Now, like I said before, get out of my way. I won't ask you so nicely again."

He calls that nice? Miroku wondered. Miroku grew serious and looked as if he was trying to read Inuyasha. "You think of her as one of the guys, don't you?" Miroku said simply.

Taken aback, Inuyasha didn't answer for a moment. "Keh," Inuyasha retorted.

Miroku looked as if that wasn't even of an answer for him.

Inuyasha fought back a minor blush. Gods I'm pathetic. "Well, yeah." Then Inuyasha thought through and misinterpret Miroku's comment. Inuyasha grabbed him by the collar and lifted him a good two feet off the ground. "Are you calling me 'gay' Miroku?"

"What?" Miroku squeaked. "What the hell man! Where did that come from?"

"You heard me!" Inuyasha scowled.

"Inuyasha, stop being a jerk." Sango said.

Inuyasha growled angrily. "If I hear one more person call me that, I'll—"

Shippou rolled his eyes. What a jerk. "OUCH! I never said anything!"

Inuyasha snorted. "I know you long enough, runt."

Inuyasha had stormed off leaving everyone to merely blink in confusion.

Sango watched Miroku start to take several things out of his backpack. "Do you think this will work? I mean—"

"Don't be so negative." Miroku said.

"It could backfire."

"But 'could' is the key word, Sango. And knowing them, they need a little push especially Inuyasha. He needs it the most!"

"He's the densest boy to ever grace this planet."

Miroku agreed. "Kagome's been in love with the guy since junior high. But they do say everyone knows it except those that are in love."

Sango sighed and Miroku looked at her. "But how can he not know she loves him? When she looks deep into his eyes and loses herself. How can he not know how her heart flutters at the very sight of him? How her blood boils when he flirts with other girls. How when he gropes her it confuses her. How she longs to kiss those sweet lips—"

"—uhm, Sango…" He held her by her shoulders. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

"Uhm…" Oh gods. Does he know? It's too late to deny it now. Sango looked up at him and blushed lightly. She turned away. "Miroku I…ayyyiiiee!" She slapped him right across his face. "Miroku, you damn pervert!"

"Ouch." He rubbed the red imprint on his face. He dared to tell her that in someway he loved it. She was actually paying attention to him, even though it was out of anger. But, he couldn't help wondering, if he hadn't had groped her…would she'd said the thing he'd long for since the day he'd groped that bottom so many years ago? Kami he hoped so.

He sighed. He wasn't sure and he didn't want to ruin their friendship especially if it was one-sided on his part or wishful thinking, perhaps both. "Forgive me…maybe I was imagining it."

Sango looked at him, all traces of her anger and embarrassment gone. "Imagining what?"

He shook his head. "Nothing, it's nothing. I'm just going go look for Inuyasha and spring our plan into action."

"You mean your plan."

"You wound me, Sango." He said dramatically and gave her a bright smile.

Wow. He sure recovers fast. Here I thought he was a bit upset. Guess I'm not the only one who's imagining things. Sango thought.

Miroku continued. "But, my dear Sango, aren't we partners in llllooovvvveeee?"

She blushed and tried to sound a bit angered when she felt quite the opposite. "No, we're not. 'Partners in crime,' that is the saying. And we're more matchmakers than anything, Miroku."

He shrugged. "A man can dream, can't he, Sango? Well I best be off, Sango, my love." He teased and kissed her on her cheek. He ran off. "I'll call you about how it's going in about an hour."

Sango watched him go while a blush crept upon her cheeks and spread throughout her body, from her toes to the very roots of her brown hair.

He just kissed me—well on the cheek—but he still kissed me.

I'll call you

About the mission. Why do I wish it was about something else….l-like asking me out? Sango wondered and slapped herself on the forehead. All this matchmaking is making you lose it, girl. He's a pervert and a womanizer. He'll never be anything else. And that very thought depressed her all the more.

Sango sighed. She wasn't going to change him. She wasn't going to be another Kikyo.

Sango made a face and shoved the image of her dressing up like Kikyo. "…Cheap shot." But she knew it was true. If Miroku wanted to change, it would be far most for himself and then for her, if he wanted too.

She glanced at her watch. "Time for Plan A."

Miroku looked around the small café until he saw a familiar half-demon a few tables away.





Inuyasha kept hearing Kagome saying it over and over again. She'd stormed off after she'd said that, leaving him temporarily 'deaf.'

What was it that she was trying to tell me? Kami…why can't girls be more up front about what they're saying? Is that so much to ask? Inuyasha thought and took another sip of his drink. Is it possible…could it be that—?

"Hey bud-dy." Miroku slide into the booth, on the opposite side of the table. He leaned forward resting his elbows on the table. "So…what's happening—ouch? What was that for?" He rubbed the large bump on the top of his head.

Inuyasha hit him again. "Beat it."

"Ouch." 1 + 1 2 lumps. Ok, brain cells intact. I'm being royally abused over here. Someone call my lawyer—the one I wish I had. Why must everyone take their anger out on a poor defenseless man such as myself?—this so sucks. "What are you trying to do? Kill me?"

"That did cross my mind. Besides you ruin my train of thought." Inuyasha grunted.

Miroku just blinked and continued to nurse the two large red lumps on his head. "You're in bad mood." Miroku heard Inuyasha growl. He cowered when Inuyasha was going to punch him again, but the half-demon lowered his fist and slammed it into the table, surprisingly, not breaking it into pieces.

"Keh and whatever gave you that idea?" Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"The second lump." Miroku said in a matter-of-factly tone.

"And so what if I am?"

Miroku leaned in. "Want to talk about it?"

"Are you my damn physiatrist or something?"

Miroku looked like he was actually thinking this over. He shrugged. "Eh. Perhaps I missed my true calling. Kami knows I can't keep a pure enough mind to become a monk."

Inuyasha took another sip from his drink. "Don't make me regret not pounding you."

"Sorry, man." Miroku said putting his hands up in 'defeat.' "So—"

"What can I get you, sir?" A pretty redhead waitress asked.

Miroku eyed her. O-la-la.

Miroku smirked. "How about—"

—Your phone number. The words died on his lips. Why had he stopped?

"But how can he not know she loves him? When she looks deep into his eyes and loses herself. How can he not know how her heart flutters at the very sight of him? How her blood boils when he flirts with other girls. How when he gropes her it confuses her. How she longs to kiss those sweet lips—"

"Sir?" The redhead questioned.

"Huh?" Miroku blinked.

"I said 'what can I get you'?"

"I…err, how about coffee—plain and two spoons of sugar."

The redhead blinked and looked confused. As did Inuyasha who knew that whenever an attractive woman asked Miroku that question he'd always use his 'how about your phone number' line.

She scribbled it down on a notepad and nodded. "Right away..." The she left, still confused.

"You know she was hitting on you…right?" Inuyasha said a few seconds later.

"She was? How could you tell?"

Moron. Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "She was purring her words and was batting her eyelashes at you the whole time."

"Well, aren't you Mr. Observant?" Miroku said in a sarcastic tone.

Inuyasha scowled. "What's with your damn attitude? Was it my fault you didn't notice? And why didn't you say that corny pickup line of yours?"

Miroku snorted. "Well Mr. Observant you sure are losing your touch. You can tell when some girl hits on me yet you can't tell when the girl who's been in love with you since Kami knows how long! You don't see it! It's been right before you damn nose…and you don't see it."

Inuyasha blinked. "Err…Miroku. You ok?"

"Yeah…I'm fine. Sorry."

Inuyasha shook his head. "Forget it."

"One cup of plain black coffee with two spoons of sugar, sugar." The redhead returned. "Anything else I can get you, Miroku?" She said, her voice husky and yet soft all the same.

"Actually there is."

The redhead looked intrigued. "And that would be?"

"Two things to be exact—the check and you leaving me alone. Think you can handle that, sugar?"

The girl looked flabbergasted and she grew angered at Inuyasha's smug look. "Fine, be that way." She slammed down the check. Miroku took out a few bills and so did Inuyasha. She took up the money and exclaimed, "There are plenty of men worth my time obviously you're not one of them." She sashayed away.

O-k, hold it. I'm really, really confused. Kagome yelling at me was confusing enough but Miroku turning down a girl that was actually flirting with him? The world has truly gone off its axis.

Or perhaps…you've just entered….the twilight zone.

What the hell—oh, it's you again.

What do you mean by 'oh it's you again'?

Keh. Nothing. Leave me alone, I got a lot of thinking to do.

There's a shocking. Inuyasha is actually thinking of something other than getting another cup of Ramen? The world has truly gone of its axis!

Fuck off!

That potty mouth will never do. What will Kagome think?


Well, look at the time, see you later tonight—friend.

I'm not you're fucking—forget it!

Inuyasha snorted. Damn he hated it when his human side got into his thoughts. He especially hated it when his demon side decides to 'pop in' as well.

"This will be totally cool." Yuki exclaimed. "Did you know—?"

Kagome was too lost into her thoughts to hear anything else. She and the girls—Rin, Yuki, Eri, Ayame and Sango, who'd called at the last minute—were heading to the mall.

When I told him I was the one who kissed him…he laughed. He laughed right in my face! And it hurt…it hurt really, really bad.

You really can't blame the guy. I mean who besides Sango and your family—maybe Miroku— knows that you've been in love with Inuyasha for so long? Cut him some slack.

Hey! Just whose side are you on, buddy?

Yours of course….it's not that I have any choice otherwise.


Huh—oh nothing. But he must have some type of feelings for you.

Humph. As a friend, duh!

You didn't have to run off like that. You could've gotten proof.


Must I spell this out? A kiss! You know that thing when his mouth touches yours. That thing! And you would make sure he knew who you were too!

But what if…What if he rejected me? What then? Our friendship would be ruined! And if he does have these 'feelings' maybe he's afraid of them and doesn't want them. He—

Or perhaps he's just as confused but likes them just the same.

Kagome rolled her eyes. She hated it when her conscious got on her case. It was either intriguing sometimes or really, really annoying, like now. It wasn't like she could hide from it—her feelings included and he conscious tended to make that a point every time!

"So how long did you last at the booth, Kagome?" Eri asked.

Kagome blinked. "Huh…err…"

"How long did you last at the booth, Kagome?"

"Not long."

"Did you rack up the big bucks and the hearts of men within a 100 yd radius?"


"I told you Inuyasha's rep would totally ruin it." Yuki grumbled.

"Don't mind her. Tyler dumped her and she's convinced he's the 'Inuyasha' type." Ayumi chimed. She giggled and ducked when Yuki playful tried to hit her.

"You know there's a simple way to find out, Kagome." Sango said as if reading Kagome's mind.

"Uh…find out what?" Kagome asked.

"Don't play dumb." Rin said.

Sango nodded. "Go tell him how you feel!"

"What?" Two pair of voices exclaimed.

Kagome blushed. Should I?


Koga's got Kagome at a motel? Oh no! What's worst is Inuyasha found out—or is that for the best? How will this meeting go? Miroku and Sango will now spring on the second part of their plan, but is their attempt going to backfire? Will Sango tell Miroku how she feels and visa-versa—will anyone for that matter? And don't forget Kikyo, she's back on the scene and doing what she does best—causing mayhem of course!

Let the drama begin—and perhaps the beginning of the confessions!

Next Time: The Confessions and the Attempt

"Don't miss it!" (Sango)

"OUCH!'s not like I haven't touch you there before." (Miroku)