My Best Friend

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"Old habits die hard." Miroku wiggles his eyebrows. "Right Lady Sango—ouch! I'm so misunderstood"

Err…No one says it better than Miroku-san.

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(Last Time)

"You know there's a simple way to find out, Kagome." Sango said as if reading Kagome's mind.

"Uh…find out what?" Kagome asked.

"Don't play dumb." Rin said.

Sango nodded. "Go tell him how you feel!"

"What?" Two pair of voices exclaimed.

Kagome blushed. Should I?

Chapter Four: Confessions and The Attempt

Inuyasha had been, and still is, her best friend from day one. What did Sango expect her to do? She couldn't go up to him and say "Hey, I've been in love with you since junior high." And give him a big ole kiss on those lips! No matter how tempting it was, he'd think she was crazy!

But maybe I am. Who falls in love with her best friend?

Apparently you did.

He probably wouldn't even guess even if I had the words 'Kagome loves Inuyasha' plastered on every billboard in Japan!

No matter how much she tried, she couldn't get over that kiss. Every time she thought of it her knees would get weak and she'd feel all warm inside, then she'd grow pissed off when she got to the whole "Jerk" part of it.

A first kiss is supposed to be special; hers was no exception. It had been on Christmas day, eighth grade, underneath the mistletoe and she'd been kissing Inuyasha. Ok, it had been a few seconds but it had been enough that she'd went from having feelings for friendship into lovey-dovey stuff concerning Inuyasha. Inuyasha was her first kiss, although there had been a few who'd tried to kiss her before that. Koga, she believed liked her but also wanted to get Inuyasha riled up and Hojo, who was also her classmate for at least one of her classes since freshman year, but he wasn't her type. On both occasions Inuyasha had totally freaked out and both 'admires' found themselves in the hospital.

"What to do. What to do." Kagome paced her bedroom. She glanced up when she heard the doorbell. "Who could that be?"

"Are you nuts?" Sango yelled.

Miroku tried to check if he'd lost his hearing. Ah, I still can hear my Lady Sango. "Of course not." He said as he continued to type on the computer.

"You're insane, Miroku. Do you hear me? Insane!"

"I've never been saner in my entire life." Miroku said in a matter-of-factly tone.

"That makes me wonder, Miroku." Sango muttered.

This is sheer poetry. Miroku grinned. He could practically hear them singing.

"Inuyasha and Kagome sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g-!" Two kids that looked similar to Inuyasha and Kagome danced around happily. "First comes love, then comes marriage then comes—"


"Huh? What?" Miroku looked around.

He's enjoying this way too much. Sango shook her head but said nothing more.

Miroku finished writing the letter and sealed it into an envelope. "Now all we got to do is deliver this little sucker and everything will fall into place. Pretty soon they'll be making invitation to—"

"—your funeral."

Miroku paled. "Uh…I was going to say 'wedding' but whatever floats your boat, Lady Sango."

Sango frowned. "Why are you always calling me that?"

"Call you what, Lady—"

"That. 'Lady Sango'."

Miroku grasped Sango's hands. "Because one day, my beautiful flower, you will be my lady and I shall be your lord."

I'd believe you…if you weren't teasing me. "You're hopeless. You're getting like Koga now." Sango muttered.

"Now, now. Need not be so cruel." Miroku said. "Time for Plan A—Part two." He beamed.

Good Lord. Sango groaned underneath her breath. She wanted Inuyasha and Kagome to get together, she really did. But Miroku was going to get them killed if Inuyasha found out. Who was she kidding? Inuyasha will find out and they'd be one last pervert on the Earth. Miroku was worse than Kagome and Inuyasha's moms put together—and that's saying something!

Kagura sweat-dropped. So, why the hell are we friends again?

"Perfect." Kikyo smirked. "Now he'll never escape me." She pointed to the large billboard across the street. It said: 'Kikyo loves Inuyasha.' Kikyo looked quite pleased with the photographs too.

Oh yeah. Her attempts to win him back are most entertaining. Kagura actually looked like she might smile. How could I forget?

Kikyo pulled out her cell phone. "Now to call him…" She looked extremely giddy now.

"How'd you get his cell phone number? I thought he got it changed it after you texted him like thirty times." Kaeda said, peeping from behind the couch.

"You nosy little—!" Kikyo didn't finish her threat. Her little sister went out the room calling for their mother. Damn, looks like I'll be grounded this weekend…

"Shouldn't you give this up? He dumped you a long time ago. Aren't you dating my older brother, Naruku?" Kanna asked. She and Kaeda were more acquaintances than friends even though they were close in age, neighbors and were classmates.

"Uhm…" How could she explain her obsession with winning Inuyasha back? Naruku was nothing compared to Inuyasha. Any fool with eyes and half a brain knew that! "Naruku and I are taking a break. Yeah, that's it." Great, genius, that sounded like a big fat lie!

Kagura and Kanna sweat-dropped, this went unnoticed by Kikyo. Kikyo was truly helpless. But it was fun watching her make a fool of herself. Both girls knew it would take a bit whack in the head for her to get it through her head he was gone and the relationship was ancient history.

Kanna and Kagura nodded. Kikyo noticed that they didn't seem all that convinced but she shrugged it off.

Kikyo looked at her watch and gasped. "I'm late to stalk Inuyasha-kun."

"O-k." Kanna blinked. She glanced at her sister who shrugged.

"Some things aren't worth questioning." Kagura said.

"What?" Inuyasha yelled. It seemed that the whole house shook!

Miroku and Sango looked a bit fearful from Inuyasha's outburst and were cowering slightly in a corner. And who wouldn't be? For a moment, Inuyasha's eyes had grown a bit red and faint purple stripes had formed on his cheeks.

Inuyasha grabbed Miroku by the collar.

Now why does this seem familiar? Miroku wondered. He nodded. Ah yes…I remember now.

"Tell me again—what the hell did you say?" With every word, Inuyasha shook Miroku vigorously.

Eep. Miroku gulped. Oh gods. Sango was right! Ok, I'd like to leave my porno magazines to—

Inuyasha shook Miroku. "Well?" Inuyasha was obviously getting impatient.

"Ack—Koga took Kagome to a motel." Inuyasha glared at him. Foolishly, Miroku scoffed. "What? I maybe a pervert but I do have some honor left." Inuyasha growled. "EEP, I swear it's the truth!"

"I have the note he sent her." Sango said, waving the paper. "It's right here."

Inuyasha snatched the letter out of Sango's hand, still holding Miroku by the collar with his other hand. He frowned. "Why is it typed? I thought 'Romeo' would actually like writing it in his own handwriting."

"Uh…he has bad handwriting." Sango said. Oh…good save.

Good save. Good save! Miroku nodded eagerly. "Yep. Awful. Horrendous! Chicken scratch even—"

"I didn't ask you, Miroku." Inuyasha said.

"Ok, shutting up now." Miroku closed his mouth instantly.

IDIOT! Sango glared at Miroku. You're overdoing it, Miroku!

Inuyasha scanned the letter once, twice then three times. Each time he grew angrier, it was obvious to Miroku who was getting less and less air into his lungs. "That bastard! I'll kill him, I'll murder him, I'll—"

"Uhm…before you do anything…would you mind…putting me down?" Miroku squeaked. Inuyasha dropped him and didn't glance back.

That letter is the raciest thing I've ever read! That wolf is as perverted as Miroku! No, he's worst! I have to find Kagome fast! "Where's this motel?" He saw it on the paper. "Never mind." Even the name sounds sleazy!

"Why brother, you make quite the racket." Sesshamoru entered. He had several papers in his hands, probably from his latest stocks. "Found your ex-girlfriend stalking you again? I thought—"

"Fuck off. I don't have time for this." Inuyasha snapped and left without another word.

About thirty seconds of silence followed Inuyasha's departure. "Matchmaking again, pervert?" Sesshamoru questioned.

Miroku shrugged. "It passes the time."

"Let's see how you fair." Sesshamoru glanced at the letter that was now on the floor.

"Where does it hurt?" Sango asked kneeling beside Miroku. "Is there anything I can—"

"You're devotion is all I need." And your luscious bottom.

Sesshamoru winced slightly when he heard the young woman's hand meet the pervert's right cheek. Why, am I not surprised? Things never change. He thought and left.

Miroku rubbed his aching cheek and grinned. What a woman!

"That idiot." Inuyasha grumbled. "Kagome when I get there I'll wring your neck—after I murder that asshole."

Ah, off to play Robin Hood?

Keh. Hardly.

Off to rescue a damsel in distress, perhaps?

Damsel? Are we talking about the same girl? If it's Kagome, then boy do you have the wrong girl.

With an attitude like that you'll never get a mate.

Like if I need one.

You're mom will never get those grandchildren she yearns for.

Did mom get you on her 'matchmaking' squad now? Besides, she's got Sesshamoru.

HA! The day that bastard has kids is the day I die.

Could be arranged…You made your point so go bug someone else.

No, bugging you is a pastime of mine!

Damn, demon.

Damn, human.

It had taken them a lot longer than they'd thought with Miroku's wondering hands and the ticket for his speeding; they were at least ten minutes behind schedule.

Miroku inched closer and closer to the wall along with Sango. "Ok, we gotta scurry. Hopefully he's not on the other side. I'll go first."

Sango nodded and Miroku ran right into—Inuyasha himself.

"What the hell, Miroku?"

Sango sighed inwardly. Great…just fucking great.

"What are you doing here?" Inuyasha growled.

"Uhm…" Miroku grinned when Sango joined them. "Lady Sango and I have confessed our feelings and are about to perform them physically in that room." He pointed to room 21. He took out a key, opened the door and pulled Sango in.

Where the hell did he get that key? Sango wondered.

"If you'll excuse us—" Then Miroku shut the door.

Inuyasha growled. Damn nosy son of—

"Koga, wow this view is amazing."

Kagome! Inuyasha thought. And that bastard's with her! Kagome, you're such a naïve fool!

Well, duh Einstein. The letter—

I don't have time for my nosing friends and I sure as hell don't got time for a smartass demon side. Inuyasha shouted mentally.

Keh. Rude. His demon side decided to wisely leave—for now. He loved annoying Inuyasha but what he'd love even more is beating the shit out of Koga.

"Do you think he'll just charge in there just like that?" Sango asked leaning up against the door.

"Knowing Inuyasha…?" Miroku rubbed his chin. "Yes…most definitely."

Sango glanced around the room and shuddered in disgust. "This has to be the sleaziest motel—"

"Heeeyyy. I've spent some of my most prized moments in this room right here."

"I bet." Sango grunted.

He was beside her within the instant. He grinned wickedly. "Would you believe me if I said I was a virgin?"

What? Sango didn't get a chance to respond with words but she figured a smack would do nicely. "I would if you'd keep those wondering hands of yours a safe distance from my rear, thank you."

"Sorry. They have a mind of their own." I was trying to lighten up the mood. Gees, if I'd known you were going to get this physical, I'd have paid for two nights instead." Miroku grinned.

"Why you—"

He held up his hands. "Don't hurt me."

If that was your way of being romantic…I give you -10 out of 10, pervert.

Who are you?

If you were anyone else, I'd say you're conscious…but for you, 'your inner pervert'.

If so, shouldn't you be talking porno or something? You know, maybe you haven't heard this before but…you're kind of mean.

Whatever, I'm not here to be all nice and stuff. Try something like compliments. Woo her, you moron! And here I thought you were Mr. Romance or some shit. You couldn't romance your way out of a paper bag.

I resent that! I could too.

Then prove it. Prove you deserved those porno magazines underneath your bed. You like her don't you?

I like her a lot.

Then put those lecherous hands away and charm her, dummy!

Thanks…you helped a lot.

I try.

Hey, how'd you know about my secret stash?

There was a sudden pounding on the door and Sango opened it. "Uhm…Inuyasha?"

"What should I say?" Inuyasha asked.

Huh? Here I thought he was going to break down the door! "Uhm…anything that sounds below a threat…" Sango suggested. It wasn't like she could ask him to 'confess his feelings' for Kagome.

"Forget it." Inuyasha snorted. "Keh I won't need words. First, I'll beat that damn wolf to a bloody pulp—"

"—and be arrest for attempted murder. But whatever makes your day, Inuyasha." Miroku said.

"Don't be such a smartass." Inuyasha glared at Miroku, turned around and slammed the door.

Inuyasha prepared himself to knock on the door. "Koga, they even have little soaps too? Weird."

Inuyasha turned around and knocked on 'Miroku's' door frantically that he began to knock on Miroku's head! "Ouch—may I help you?"

Inuyasha opened his mouth then closed it. He wanted to break down the damn door, but he didn't want it to look like if he was spying on her or was jealous.

I'm not jealous.

Denial, Denial! Who are you trying to convince, me or yourself?

When did you—never mind! Get out of my head.

Kind of hard since I live here!


"Never mind." Inuyasha muttered.

Miroku sighed as Inuyasha went through almost knocking on Kagome's door then turning around to knock on his. After the tenth time, Miroku opened the door before Inuyasha began to knock.

"Uhm…buddy. If I maybe so blunt, is there anyone else with a hot babe named "Sango" that you can bother?" Miroku leaned closer. "I just might get 'lucky', man." He winked.

Inuyasha blinked and heard Sango's denying Miroku's claims and threw a pillow at the back of his head. "In your dreams, you pervert!" And not even then!

"Well you heard the lady. We only paid for the night." Miroku grinned.

"Kami, do you have rocks for brains?" Sango yelled and threw the remote at his head.

Inuyasha charged up at the motel door and broke it down. He only saw Kagome and Koga sitting on the bed. Without a word he punched Koga and grabbed the surprised girl by the wrist. "We're out of here!"

"I-Inuyasha?" Kagome blinked.

"What's the deal, muff-face?" Koga growled, rubbing his left eye.

"You consider yourself lucky, asshole. If I wasn't so goddamn tired I'd kick your ass to America and back." Inuyasha snapped and pulled Kagome out of the room.

"Inuyasha, let go!" Kagome yelled and to Inuyasha's shock, stormed back into the motel room and slammed the door.

Slowly, Miroku and Sango peeked out of their motel room. Inuyasha whorled around, saw Miroku and grabbed the pervert by his throat. "You and I need to talk."

"Huh? N-No." Miroku squirmed wildly. "Sango! Sango! Help me!"

Sango shook her head. "That's what you get for meddling and dragging me into this god-awful place."…and for that letter.

Miroku paled. "What? But you—"

"I'm sleepy." Sango yawned and shut her door.

Inuyasha tightened his grip on Miroku's throat, carrying down the stairs. "Sweet Kami, help me!"

"He's busy, Miroku." Inuyasha yelled as they passed by a wedding ceremony.

Miroku spotted a patrol car and flapped his arms wildly. "Police! Police! Police! Anyone! I'm being kidnapped! Someone help me! I'm too young to ddddiiiiieeeee!"

You are jealous, aren't you? His demon side had been nagging him all night with the same question.

Yes! Yes, I was jealous! Happy now?

Actually…yes. It wasn't so hard.

And do you know why I'm jealous, Mr. Know-it-all?

Because you have feelings for Kagome.

No because—what?

You're in love with Kagome.

I can't be in love with her. She's my best friend for goodness sakes!

They say some of the best couples begin as the closest of friends.

Inuyasha frowned as he came out of the shower. He ran his hands through his damp silver hair and grunted. I should've gone back in there and dragged that stupid girl out. But he hadn't. He'd chickened out. Gods, he felt like such a wimp!

I couldn't do it.

Humph, you don't deserve to call yourself Inutaisho's son. You're pathetic.

Who asked you?

Kami, why have you forsaken me to be born in this weakling's body?



Inuyasha growled as his demon side began to make 'chicken sounds.' It was so annoying. He had to be going crazy! And when did his demon-side begin to act like this, he wasn't sure.

The doorbell rung and before he could reach it, Kagome barged in.

See! See! That's how simple it was! For Kami sakes, even a human can break down a door!

Fuck off!

Ungrateful bastard…

"Were you spying on me? Huh!" Kagome exploded.


"You were—" She paused and noticed that he was only in a towel. Oh my... stop staring! She blushed furiously and turned around. Would you please put some clothes on?"

"Keh," She heard him pulling and closing his drawer and then, "I'm descent."

Kagome turned back around.


Kagome nodded and saw in thirty seconds he was dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt. "Much! Now tell me why where you spying on me?" He opened his mouth. "And don't you dare lie to me!"

Inuyasha opened his mouth again. "K-Kagome…I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was thinking. I-I saw you and that bas—Koga and I just lost it. I'd understand if you hate me."

"Hate you? I couldn't hate you. Wanting to punch your lights out, yes, but hate you, never. You jump to conclusions way too quickly. Koga and Ayame were planning on eloping and that's the only place their parents wouldn't come being that the new reputation of motels these days and both of their parents are really old fashion about that sort of thing. But if you'd just seen them Inuyasha, you'd do the same thing that I did."

Kagome opened the door. "Ayame? Koga? What are you two doing here?"

"Our parents are refusing to let us get married so Ayame and I are eloping. We hope by the end of the week." Koga explained. "Maybe this way they'll realize we're serious about how we feel and we don't care if they'll take part in the wedding or in our lives."

Ayame understood Kagome's shock. "I know. We hardly know each other but when you meet 'the one,' you just know it. It feels so right. And everything around you looks so much more wonderful when they're about". Ayame looked at Kagome in a pleading manner. "But we can't do this alone. I know this is a lot to ask but we don't know who else to go to. If it's not too much of a bother, will you help us?"

Kagome nodded. She was, after all, a hopeless romantic. And you'd have to be crazy not to see how much in love the two are.

"And anyways, what type of girl do you think I am, huh!" Kagome yelled.

Eloping? Inuyasha thought. That didn't make any sense.

"I'd have brought you along but we all know you and Koga will never get along, kind of like you and Sesshamoru. If you'd clamed down for a second you'd have noticed Ayame was by the TV modeling one of her handpicked wedding dresses. I called you to tell you about it but you were eating your Ramen. I should've learned by now that when Ramen's involved, it goes in one ear and out the other. So I called Miroku to tell you—"

"—but the letter."

"What letter?" Kagome shook her head. "You could've told me that would've upset you instead of barging in and then pulling the fire alarm, afterwards, all night."

"Well if you—what? Pulling fire alarms?" Inuyasha blinked.

Kagome nodded. "Well, yeah…we couldn't finish making all the wedding plans in all the noise so we had to reschedule. I went home and called Ayame and we set up another day. And this time, so this won't repeat, I'll bring you with me, ok?"

That Miroku! It was a setup from the start! "I should've paid more attention but I was worried about you…I care about you." Wait…Someone pulled the fire alarm all night? It had to be—

"—Inuyasha, this has gone on long enough. I've been meaning to tell you this for so long but overtime I get so flustered with you being you and us being friends and I…I can't deny it anymore. I know I'm talking fast but I need to get this out and in the open. I like you a lot. In fact, I-I love you, Inuyasha. I know you'll probably think of me as a fool but…" She's said this quickly but realized Inuyasha hadn't made a single outburst or comment. Could that mean he felt the same?

Kagome whorled around, her eyes were bright and hopeful. "Inuyasha—"

He was gone.

Kagome sighed. I just confessed my feelings to an empty room…

"Inuyasha, you IDIOT!" Kagome yelled and didn't care that half of Japan might have heard her.

(Author) Did any of you guys really think anything, Miroku would pay $3.99 on Digital Cable, would happen at that motel when you saw the preview? Don't be shy. /Wiggles eyebrows/

(Sango) Come off it, D-V. We only got five minutes before our lunch break. Who was it that pulled the fire alarm? And just what exactly happened to Miroku?

(Miroku) Nothing, I'm right here. Did 'ya miss me, babe? OUCH!

(Sango) Ahem. It seems Inuyasha has finally noticed he has deep feelings for Kagome—or at least his demon side. And just when Kagome finally got the courage to tell Inuyasha how she feels, he left! That jerk left! Kami, that just proves that boys are so…oh, never mind. Perhaps it will take a bit more to get Inuyasha to stay put long enough. Will Kagome have to actually tie down Inuyasha and confess her feelings then?

(Miroku) Oh, Kinky…and here I thought this was PG-13!

(Sango) Huh? What? You're such a lecher!

(Miroku) Ah, but you have to be just as perverted to understand my meaning.

(Sango) ….

(Miroku) Besides, I'll be your pervert any day. I'm willing and able, Lady Sango. OUCH!

(Sango) And just for the record—you suck as a matchmaker, Miroku.

(Miroku) You wound me.

(Kagome) Agreed, but more importantly will Sango and Miroku confess their feelings as well?

(Sango and Miroku) What…f-feelings?

(Inuyasha) Keh…as if I care. Next Time "Revealing Secrets."

(Kikyo) Inuyasha-kun?

(Inuyasha) Eep—hide me!

(Sango) Could this be the final chapter?

(Kagome) We'll just have to wait until next week to see.

(Sango) Oh…

(Inuyasha) Ayyiiiee! Get her away from me!

(Kikyo) Inuyasha-kun, I lllllooovvveee you!

(Inuyasha) Put those things away!

(Miroku) He means lips, you perverts in training. Lips. /sighs/A shame, huh…ouch…what did I do? I'm not interested in her, I swear. What type of man do you take me for?