My Best Friend

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(Kagome) Hey…has anyone realized Miroku hasn't been here for rehearsals?


(Kagome) Inuyasha!


(Kagome) Say something!


(Sango)…a man of few words…very few…

(Last Time)

"—Inuyasha, this has gone on long enough. I've been meaning to tell you this for so long but overtime I get so flustered with you being you and us being friends and I…I can't deny it anymore. I know I'm talking fast but I need to get this out and in the open. I like you a lot. In fact, I-I love you, Inuyasha. I know you'll probably think of me as a fool but…" She's said this quickly but realized Inuyasha hadn't made a single outburst or comment. Could that mean he felt the same?

Kagome whorled around, her eyes were bright and hopeful. "Inuyasha—"

He was gone.

Kagome sighed. I just confessed my feelings to an empty room…

"Inuyasha, you IDIOT!" Kagome yelled and didn't care that half of Japan might have heard her.

Chapter Five: Revealing Secrets

Sesshamoru opened one eye and cursed underneath his breath. Someone was bouncing up and down continually on his bed and he was getting a bit pissed off now. He shot up and saw his younger sibling, Inuyasha jumping on his bed like he did when he was ten years old. "What the hell do you want? It's 3 am!"

"Pretty tired, aren't you? Pulling fire alarms can do that to 'ya." Inuyasha grinned wickedly.

Sesshamoru blushed lightly but he quickly hid it.

"I'm going to tell everyone that Sesshamoru was actually—dare I say it—NICE to me! His younger half brother! Who should I tell first? Japan Times? Or maybe I should tell—"

"Don't even think about it or I'll show everyone the pictures of you nearing stripping at the nearby bar!"

Inuyasha snorted. "I got pictures of you at some chick place. Getting your eye shadowing—"

"—I was born with it idiot! All full-fledged dog demons have them! But you being only half know nothing about it."

Inuyasha frowned at his own blackmailing pictures. "Seems we are even."

Sesshamoru shrugged. "You scratch my back and I scratch yours. Keep your mouth shut and I keep mine shut. Deal?"

Inuyasha thought this over for a few seconds. "Why not? I got a whole bunch of stuff on you Fluff boy." Inuyasha tossed his hair in a girlishly manner and batted his eyelashes. "Later, big boy." He said in a high-pitched voice before he laughed loudly and closed the door behind him.

Last time I help that ungrateful bastard. Sesshamoru grumbled and clapped his hands twice to turn off his light.

Two figures were touching the other quite intimately in a small alleyway. The woman wore the most revealing outfit known to man, barely covering her breast and her lower regions. Her lover just wore some jeans that were being slid off by her.

The man ran his thumb slowly and gently along her jaw line and then her right cheek, such soft skin. He tried to look deeply into her eyes but they were shadowed by the darkness of the room. Her lips however he could see look luscious and sinful.

"Tell me who you are." He whispered and his tongue traced slowly along her lips, asking for permission. She opened her mouth willing and he kissed her once, then twice on her lips. Each time he intensified the kiss tenfold. She ran her fingers through his silver hair, ached her back against the cool brick wall. The woman blew into his ears. She moved further away from the darkness so that he could see her beautiful black hair but her eyes remained hidden. Her lips and mouthed his name 'Inuyasha…'

"Tell me…" Inuyasha said.

She opened her mouth again and mouthed 'my name is…'

Inuyasha nearly jumped out of hid bed from the sound of his alarm clock. He grabbed the thing and threw it across the room, grumbling. He despised the thing from the very start and now, after it interrupted his dream, he hated it!

"Damn fucking shit." Inuyasha grunted. Who the hell was she?

He touched his lips. The dream had felt so real, as if she was right there. Even her scent, jasmine, was so alluring and close. Oh so close.

He glared again at what use to be a clock. "…Bastard."

"Are you family?" The nurse asked.

Sango shook her head but before the snooty woman could shoo her out, a voice spoke up. "She's my fiancée."

Sango blushed from head to toe but nodded anyways. The nurse grumbled something underneath her breath and closed the door.

"Nice place you got here." Sango said. "Oh! I got these for you." Sango placed her flowers onto the large pile of already gathered bouquets. "So, how you holding up, Miroku?"

"Much better now that you're here."

"Indeed, seeing you can still manage to say those corny pickup lines."

"No lines." Miroku said.

Sango scoffed. "Serves you right, Miroku. I told you your plan would fail, but did you listen? Nope."

"Have a heart." Miroku pouted.

Sango turned around. "I have a plan that will work this time."

Oh…kinky…Miroku raised an eyebrow as Sango whispered her plan into his ears. His violet eyes twinkled with mischief. "Really? ….me likie."

"Hands off the butt, Miroku." Sango grumbled.

"Stupid jerk…of all the..." Kagome grumbled as she paced in her bedroom.

The phone rang and Kagome answered. "Kagome speaking."

"Hey there."

"Rin hey, long time no see."

"Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. With work, babysitting and collage, no time for fun these days. You sound a bit ticked by the way, which is why I'm glad had to make time for this. Kagome, you'll get a kick out of this. You won't believe what's on the billboard on 5th street."

Kagome blinked. "What?"

"Look outside your window, on your left!" Rin exclaimed and could barely contain her laughter.

Kagome threw back her curtains and nearly dropped her cell phone on the ground." Sweet Kami…Inuyasha's going to flip!"

There was a yell that came a few blocks away and both the cringing girls and all of Japan knew that Inuyasha had just seen the billboard too and didn't sound happy.

"—the fuck…I can't believe she'd…of all the…What the hell is that Miroku!"

"Lunch," He pointed to each item in his sandwich. "Peanut butter, jam, ham, turkey, pickles, lettuce, onion rings, ketchup, mayo, cheese…" Miroku took a bite of the sandwich and both Inuyasha and Sango stopped themselves from hurling.

"How can you eat that Miroku?" Sango asked and willed herself not to trash the sandwich.

"Like this." He said and took another big bite. "…oh baby! You don't know what you're missing…"

"Nothing personal, but that's something I'd expect from a pregnant woman…" Inuyasha leaned close to Miroku. "Is there…something you're not telling us, Miroku ole buddy ole pal?"

Miroku spat out his food onto Inuyasha's face and didn't hear Sango's light giggles. "What the hell, man?" Inuyasha shouted, clearly not amused.

Miroku snorted and handed him a napkin. "You sure are a messy eater, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha growled angrily, snatched the napkin and wiped the food off his face. "Damn fucking…damn Miroku."

I've never heard anyone say 'fuck' and 'damn' so much in such a short amount of time excluding porno movies. Miroku thought and washed his plate thinking about his favorite 'movies'.

Sango whacked Miroku back to reality then turned to Inuyasha. Somehow she'd talked Inuyasha into having a 'simple get-together.' When Sango had dropped the list of things to do and people to call Inuyasha was still trying to figure out how the hell he got into this predicament.

"So I'll get the food. Miroku you get the entertainment—no strippers for the love of Kami—"

"It was only one time!"

"You don't bring strippers to a funeral, idiot!"

"How was I supposed to know?"

"Don't give me that!"

"And they were going there anyways. My grandfather invited them. I being a gentleman, can't say 'no' to a lady. It's rude." Miroku pouted. "Can't you just let it go?"

"Nope," Sango said. "Inuyasha you bring the drinks and nothing with too much alcohol, ok?"

"Keh, unlike someone I know, I don't want someone barfing in my pool."

"Oh why don't you come out and say it?" Miroku exclaimed.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Before I go get those I need to call a man about an ill-mannered billboard." He took out his cell-phone. "Hey Jaken, I need you to remove that damn billboard on 5th street…because I said so…I don't give a damn about your granny…Keh, does it look like I'm paying you…yeah, you're an asshole too…I'm part demon, remember? You got one hour. Later."

Sango and Miroku exchanged glances then shrugged and headed off to do their duties.

Inuyasha looked at the list of people:




"K-Kagome…." Her name was next. What was that? It felt like a fluttering feeling had occurred when he'd seen her name and it only intensified when he'd said her name.

"Damn demon. Putting all this shit in my head and making me believe Kagome would…we're friends damn it. We're just…friends." Why does the thought of that hurt me so much?

'Cause you're in lllloooovvvveee with her.

Keh, I thought I got rid of you.

Never will. I'll always be around.

And why does that freak me out.

He grumbled something underneath his breath. He pulled out his cell-phone. Sango had at least forty people on her list. "Keh, 'small get-together' my ass."

By ten the party was in full swing and to Inuyasha's credit, everyone for the most part was sober. Kikyo, who wasn't exactly invited, grabbed his arm. "Hey there handsome, have a drinkie." Or that's what Inuyasha thought she said. Her words were slurred and she looked drunk. Inuyasha smelt the liquor coming from her mouth; it was strong—almost too strong for his nose to take. Inuyasha shoved her onto the couch and left her there drunk as a skunk and downright giddy.

"Oh Inu-poo, don't leave me." She purred. She took another shot of whatever she was drinking and howled happily.

He knew for a fact the drinks he'd brought weren't that strong.

Inuyasha took a cup and a sip. He nodded. Someone spiked the punch. He knew without a doubt and he had his suspicion. Naruku grinned at him and held up his cup as if acknowledging his presence. Inuyasha clenched his fists. So far he'd spotted two unwanted guests. I really, really hate throwing parties. But Sango guaranteed by the end of this night he'd know who his 'mystery woman' was. That was the only thing that kept him from strangling a few unnamed people.

Whoever she is, she better be worth it. Inuyasha thought and remembered the kiss that still felt so fresh to him.

"Say Sugar, how about me and you sneak off somewhere quiet?" Miroku wiggled his eyebrows.

The guy he was flirting with, more sober than Miroku, quickly ran off proclaiming he was straight. Miroku shrugged and drank more of his drink. "I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brother's can't deny, when a girl walks in with a—"

"Thank you." Sango took the cup from Miroku. One more shot and he'd be out like a light! And she didn't want to admit it out loud, but she needed him as sober as possible to make her plan a success.

"Huh? Hhhhheeeeeeyyyyy I wasn't finish with that!" Miroku grumbled. Wasting good liquor…

Sango dumped the contents into the trash and Miroku wailed loudly, "You evil, evil woman!"

Sango ignored him as he began to rave on and on about Kami knows what. "All right everyone." Sango clapped her hands and got the attention of every sober—sober enough—person in the room. "You guys look pretty dead out there. Let's play a quick game of 'Spin the Bottle,'" She heard a few grumbles. "Or we could put the liquor away." The grumbles stopped immediately.

"Ok, all we need now is a bottle." Sango said aloud.

"Thank you." Miroku snatched the bottle of what he believed was tequila from the pouting and awfully drunk, Kikyo. "I got 'cha covered, Lady Sango."

Sango took the bottle and moved out of his 'groping range'. "All right, everyone gather around. If you can't walk two steps without tripping or needing to barf, please stay where you are."

Rin pulled Kagome into the large circle. "Come on, it'll be fun, you'll see." She winked secretively at Sango who nodded.

Kagome glanced at Rin suspiciously but nodded anyways.

"I put everyone's name in this cap." Sango said. In reality there were actually two names in the cap. She moved her hand about for show and then drew a paper. "Inuyasha, you're first."

Inuyasha snorted. He hated the thing, it was pretty stupid but he knew if he'd said that Sango wouldn't reframe from knocking him out with that bottle in her hand. Sango placed the bottom in the center of the circle. "Spin away." She said.

Inuyasha muttered something underneath his breath and did as he was told. Suddenly, everyone except him and Kagome got up and jumped a few feet away. Inuyasha and Kagome blinked until it dawned on them…this was a setup!

Kagome could hear Sango and Rin's giggles coming from behind her as the bottle stopped before her.

They were destined! Ayumi thought and got all starry-eyed looking at Inuyasha and Kagome. Even if everyone hadn't jumped, the bottle would've still landed on Kagome. Just the thought of it made her want to squeal with joy, but she reframed herself. Don't wanna ruin the moment!

"Well?" Sango asked. "You gonna kiss her or what?"

Kagome blushed furiously.

Quit acting like that! You've kissed him two times before!

But not in front of so many people!

The booth, remember that? Besides, half of these guys are drunk! They won't know if you do it or not.

Kagome made a face. Thanks for your confidence—not!

Hey, I wasn't the one who fell head over heels with my best friend.

Inuyasha stood and so did she. They walked up close to each other and Inuyasha leaned in and kissed her—on the cheek.

"Boo!" Miroku exclaimed. "That's no, kiss man! Do it right—like this!" He grabbed a shocked Sango and gave her a big whooper on the lips. It lasted only for about twenty seconds but when he broke the kiss, Sango was blushing and had dazzled look upon her face. She was speechlessness and glanced shyly at Miroku who stared at her. And then Miroku just…fainted.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes at his now passed out friend and at Sango. He turned and looked at Kagome who blushed and glanced away. He blushed as well.

"Who are you? Tell me."

Inuyasha shook his head. Why am I remembering this now?

Without further ado, Inuyasha bent down and kissed her—

"What the hell is going on here?"


(Author) Hehe…I did this kind of last minute—which is the norm for me sometimes. The Spin the Bottle was a way to get a suggestion from a reviewer into the chapter. So...are we done?

(Kagome) Heck no! It's not over yet!

(Inuyasha) Let's get this straight…Sesshamoru pulled the fire alarm?

(Kagome) Uhm…yes…anyways—

(Inuyasha) He pulled—?

(Kagome) YES! Anyways…who was it that popped in on our party? But more importantly what'll be Inuyasha's reaction? Oh Kami, why'd I let Rin talk me into going?

(Rin) Because it would be fun! Sango has yet to admit her fee—

(Sango) Shut up, Rin!

(Miroku) oh man, why am I on the floor…hey, is anybody hungry? I got sandwiches.

(Inuyasha) Those things are a hazard to mankind.

(Rin) Ewe, Miroku, I have one word for you. "Tic-tac."

(Miroku) Keh.

(Inuyasha) That's my line you bastard!

(Kagome) Oye, Inuyasha watch it!

(Sango) And we have yet to see Ayame and Koga tie the knot! Will things go smoothly?

(Rin) Next Time: "The Unexpected Guest and Inuyasha's Feelings."

(Kikyo) Inuyasha…where is my love?

(Miroku) This would be a good time to run, man. Phone rings

(Inuyasha) Already ahead of you! Calling from America

A/N: Some of you guys are probably wondering about the liquor but believe me, many parties tend have that stuff—supervised or not—depending on the party and the people—invited or not. Unlike the 'good ole US' many countries have lowered drinking ages or no regulated drinking ages possibly because children were grown around the stuff and it's not much of a big deal as it is here.