Daily Life of The Emperor


Tal Graile-Rerem was reading a bedtime story to his sister, Kusi. Tal looked like the average older Chosen boy. However Tal was anything but average. Despite being less that sixteen years old, he was the most powerful person in the castle. Noting Kusi's closed eyes and delicate snores, Tal stopped reading. The Emperor of the Castle joined his mother and father in their small sitting room. Tal took a small drink of sweetwater before addressing his parents. "Mother, Father. You wanted to talk to me?" His father, the Guardian of the Orange Keystone, nodded. "We just wanted to talk. You've been Emperor for less than a year and its kind of an important job," he said with a slight smile. Tal nodded. They talked about politics and the new laws and regulations for nearly an hour before Tal spoke. "I really would love to keep discussing this, but I really must go. I have an early meeting in the Violet tower." H bid his parents and Gref goodbye, walking out into the hall.