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Kanata's Valentine

Chapter 5: I Guess I Did Have The Courage To Ask Him / Her…

Flashback of the last chapter…

Miyu and Kanata walked home silently, but there was something wrong, they were both very quiet, was it because of the cards they gave to each other?

But Miyu was thinking of something, 'should I ask him now or maybe next time?' she asked herself 'If I don't ask him now, some of the girls in school might ask him and I won't have the chance to ask him anymore. That's it, I'm asking him, now.'

"Uhm, Kanata…" Miyu said as she broke the silence, "Uhm, I just wondered if… uhm… I mean… I wanted to ask you if…"

End Of Flash back…

"Huh?" Kanata asked in confusion.

"Uhh… Oh… Sorry, I…" Miyu said embarrassed.

"I mean, what were you saying?"

"Oh nothing…never mind."

'What's wrong with him? I mean… usually when I act like this… he usually gets mad… Well whatever, Maybe I'll ask him later at home…'


"I'm just going to do my homework." Miyu said as she walked to her room that night.

"Same here…"

As Miyu walked to her room, she felt dizzy all of a sudden. What was happening?

"What's happening?" she said in a soft voice so that she wouldn't disturb Kanata. After all, he was doing his homework.

Miyu was walking in different directions as if the house was moving.

As she entered her room, she managed to close the door before she collapsed.

As Kanata heard the sound of someone collapsing, He suddenly let go of his pen and ran to Miyu's room.

"Miyu!"Kanata shouted, worried about Miyu, "Miyu, open the door!"

No response.

"Okay, I'm coming in right now!"

As Kanata opened the door he saw an unconscious Miyu lying on the floor.

As he ran to her, he tried to wake her up.

Again, no response.

"Miyu…" Kanata said, worried.

He checked her pulse, It was beating slow.

"Oh no…" Kanata was so worried that he brought her to the Hospital.


It was 12:00 in the morning andKanata was running to the closest hospital.

"I hope she makes it…"

"I need to see the doctor." Kanata said to the nurse in the front desk.

"What's wrong sir?"

"What do you mean by what's wrong?" Kanata said angrily, "Can't you see that she's unconscious?"

"Oh my." The nurse said as if she just saw the unconscious girl 2 seconds ago, "Please follow me sir."

After 10 seconds of walking, "Sir, the doctor is inside this room, please come in."

"Thank you."

"So… what happened here?" The doctor asked.


Before he could finish talking, the doctor interrupted him, "Wait."


"Is this your friend who got amnesia?"

"Uhmmm… yeah…" Kanata said in confusion, he was thinking, was this the doctor who treated Miyu after that car accident?

"Hurry, we have to treat her as soon as possible."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"If we treat her immediately, thre might be a possibility that her memory comes back."



The doctor came out of the room and saw Kanata sitting down outside, asleep.

"Mr. Saionji…" The doctor said as he tried to wake Kanata up.


"Miss Miyu is…"

"Miyu? What about Miyu?" He said forgetting why he was there.


"Miyu!" He finally came back to his senses, "Is she alright?"

"She's fine all she needs is to rest for a whole week."

"Great how do I explain this to the teacher?"

"It's alright I'll give your teacher a Medical Certificate telling her everything that had happened."

"Including her having amnesia?"

"Yes, including that."

"But… I hadn't told anyone about her amnesia yet… well, except for her two best friends actually."

"Well, as long as the teacher knows what had happened, Miss Miyu will be excused."

"Thanks doctor."

"Now, go on home and you can take Miss Miyu with you already, and as soon as she wakes up, she'll get her memory back."

"Thank goodness."

As Kanata carried Miyu, and walked out the door, "Wait, are you going to walk?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, don't It's late and you're too tired to walk, you should take a cab."

"Oh, I don't have enough money."

"It's okay I'll pay for it."

"If it's not that much of trouble, well, okay."

As Kanata entered the cab, he thanked the doctor once again.

"Thank you so much doctor for everything."

"Your very much welcome."

The doctor reached for something in his pocket and handed it to Kanata, "Here's ten yen for the cab."

"Thank you."

"Well, as long as she gets to rest at least for one week, she'll be alright."


"Good night then."

"Good night."

As they arrived at the Saionji Temple, Kanata brought Miyu to her room at once. He was too worried about her, so he thought of staying in her room for the night and not go to school the next day so he could watch over her for at least one whole day tomorrow.


"Huh? Where am I?"

Miyu was surprised when she saw the chocolate haired boy sleeping beside her.

"Huh?" Miyu was surprised as she saw Kanata wake up.

"Good morning. How are you?" Kanata asked still worried about Miyu.

"I'm fine but what happened?"

"Don't you remember anything?"


"Not even a single thing?"

"Uhm… I do remember something…"

"What is it?"

"Wel… It's kinda hard to explain."

"You can tell me anything."

"Well, it was early in the morning and I was looking for stuff to eat and then I realized that there wasn't anything left in the refrigerator and so I checked the cabinet, and still nothing. So I decided to go out and buy some stuff to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I got some money and left a note for you and left the house. After that I ran into Aya and Nanami , but they were across the road and so I checked if there were any cars coming my way, but I didn't see any, so I just continued walking across the road, but suddenly there was A truck coming my way, It was like it just came out of nowhere… That's all and after that, I don't remember anything anymore."

"I'm glad."

"What do you mean you're glad?"

"I'm glad you remembered something before the car accident at least."

"Car accident? What car accident? Is there something I don't know? If there was a car accident, then how come I don't remember anything about it?"

"Because… Are you sure you want to know?"

"Yeah… I guess…"

"You… got amnesia…"



There was silence for a second or two…

"I… I got… Igot amnesia?"

Kanata nodded his head.

"If I got amnesia, then… then how did I remember all those stuff?"

"Easy, the doctor treated you."

"But… you can't treat amnesia…"

"never mind about that… as long as you're fine it's alright."

"Whatever… wait… how long did I have amnesia?"

"Uhm, I think, it was about 2-3 weeks."

"What! What about school?"

"Aya and Nanami Knows but the others didn't suspect a thing."


"Oh, we have new students in school, they're triplets… Their names are Brianna, Gina, and Brittany."


"Oh, and you're Brianna's best friend."

"Was I that friendly? I mean when I had amnesia."

"I dunnow, you acted the same." Kanata said as he was thinking, 'Yeah, the same as always, friendly, sweet, and caring.' As Kanata thought of this, the thought made him blush as his cheeks turned crimson red.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Miyu asked concerned, but both never realized that their faces were just inches away from each other.

"I'm fine."



None of them could say anything.

But when Miyu realized that it was already 6:50, "Oh no… We're gonna be late!" She screamed as she run to her bedroom door, but it was blocked by Kanata.

"What the heck are you doing?"

"You're not going to school."

"How come?"

"The doctor said you had to rest for at least the whole week this week."


"That's right."

"Well, it doesn't mean that Iwon't go to school, doesn't mean that you won't as well."

"Actually you're right, I won't be going to school today as well," Kanata said, making Miyu confused, "I'm going to stay home today, I have to watch over you, but I'm going back to school tomorrow."

"Oh, that's good." Miyu muttered


"I mean, it's good that you're going back to school tomorrow."



"Well… Whatever… I'm going to cook breakfast, I'll call you when I'm done cooking."

"I'ts okay, I'll just rest."

"No way, you're supposed to stay fine and healthy until your okay. You should eat."


"You shouldn't complain, It's for your own good."

"Okay… Okay."

As Kanata walked to the kitchen, he thought, 'No wonder I didn't like her before, she whines and complains too much.' And when he got the food from the refrigerator, he thought again, 'Wait… how did the doctor know that Miyu was the patient who was in the car accident and got amnesia? And Miyu was right there's no cure for amnesia. At least not in Japan I guess. Well maybe the doctor is from another country, but that's impossible, even if he's from another country, he can't bring the medicine here in Japan. Unless He's… No way.'


Miyu was sitting on the porch of the temple hten heard footsteps nand giggles coming closer, the giggling sounded like Aya and Nanami. They came to visit her.

"Hi, Miyu."

"Oh, Hey, guys."

Thn at that time Miyu realized thatAya and Nanami weren't alone, they were with Gina, Brittany and Brianna.

"What made you skip class today?" Brianna asked.

"Oh, I… Uhmm… I was sick, the doctor said that I had to rest the whole week."


"Hope you get beter soon." Said Brittany.



"Sorry, guys but, uhmmm… we have to go," Gina interrupted the discussion of the other girls, "Mr. and Mrs. Kazami must be waiting for us at home they might get worried."

"Yeah she's right Brittany, we have to get home." Said Brianna.

"Oh, okay. But I wanted to talk with them some more." Brittany complained.

"We can do that tomorrow." Brianna said as she saw Kanata watching and listening to their conversation, and as Brianna noticed this, she tried to force her sisters to go home with her because as she saw Kanata every second, she would feel upset and upset because she never knew that her first friend in her new school was living with her first crush in her new school.

"Hmph. Okay, fine."

As the triplets walked down the long steps of the Saionji temple, Miyu was thinking, 'So those three must be the triplets Kanata was talking about.'

"Hey aya, Nanami, are those three the new students in our class?"

"Of course they are," Aya said, "Don't you remember? They arrived in Heiomachi last week and started school in our school last Thursday."

"Oh sorry. I… forgot."

"Forgot?" Nanami asked her blond friend, surprised, "What do you mean you forgot? You're the top in our class, I mean, next to Kanata of course, you should remember and besides, they came to the school just four days ago."

"Don't you know what forget means?"

"Come on Miyu, it's no use hiding it fro them," A familiar voice interrupted the 'so-called conversation', "They knew about your amnesia ever since you had it." It was Kanata.

"What!" Aya asked, "Don't tell me she got amnesia, again."

"Nope, actually, she got her memory back and doesn't remember anything about her 'Amnesia Days.'"

"Kanata, are you crazy?" Aya asked.

"Yeah, you know better than that." Nanami joked.

"What do you mean?"

"You should know that…" Aya said.

"There is no cure for amnesia." The two, Aya and Nanami chorused.

"At least not here on Earth, cause, you know the planet Lou Comes from? Or maybe the planet Seiya comes from, you don't know, maybe they do have a cure."

"Yeah and sometimes, you won't even know that the doctor who cured Miyu was actually an alien."

(A/N: Oh, sorry for not telling you earlier that Nanami and Aya already know about Lou, Bowmeow / Wannya, Seiya and Riu. Remember the last episode of the series? Yeah, that one, mhm… yup definitely that one 'nods head' oh, hehe sorry, it's the episode that Lou has to go home and the gang figures out that Lou and Bowmeow / Wannya are already going back to their home which is actually another planet whaich is millions of light-years away from Earth.)

(Anyway, hehe, ehem, now, uhh, what was I about to say again? Oh, right, Back to the story…)

"Excuse me, Kanata, could we get a little privacy?"


"Well, Miyu it's time I tell you about Brianna." Nanami said in a serious tone of her voice.

"What about Brianna, well we do seem to have so much in common, why shoul there be a problem with that?"

"Because the two fo you have too much in common, you both like the same guy." Aya continued for Nanami.

"And who should that be?"

"Easy, Kanata." They both chorused, again.

"I don't like Kanata." Miyu said as she arched her eyebrow.


"Oh, and uhmm, speaking of which, The Valentine's Dance is on Wednesday next week." Aya said changing the subject.

"Yeah, Miyu, are you going to be able to go? You know, with your condition right now?" Nanami said, concerned about her friend.

"Of course I am." Miyu said with a big smile on his face, "I just have to rest for a whole week and I'm better and on Sunday, probably, I'll be fine already."

"That's good."

"Oh, It's getting late, we have to get home take care Miyu. Oh, and they changed the tradition for Valentine's Day."

"Yeah, that's right, instead of boys asking the girls to the dance, it's the other way around."

"You mean, Girls ask the boys out?"

"Yup, that's right."

"And you better hurry up and ask Kanata, And I mean hurry as in NOW!"

"Why? How come? What's wrong?"

"Because of Brianna, she might ask Kanata, and Kanata doesn't like hurting Girls' feelings, so…"

"He might not refuse to go with Brianna."

"So… What do I care?"

"Just go and ask him."

"Yeah, like right now. While Brianna's not here."


"Just go."

"Yeah, we have to get home before 7."

"Okay, bye you guys."

"Bye Miyu." The two friends said in a chorus, again, and again, and again…


"Do I really want to ask Kanata to the Valentine's Dance on Wednesday?" Miyu was asking herself as she was playing with the water in the pond in the park, as if talking to her own reflection, "I mean, Aya and Nanami do want me to ask him, but my conscience tells me not to. But… do I want Brianna to ask him or not? I know that Kanata and I have been living together for so long now and we've been friends for so long as well. Maybe it's time we moved forward and grow closer to each other and have a whole new relationship. No… what are you thinking Miyu? Are you crazy, we don't have feelings for each other. Well… Maybe we do, but… No… it's impossible, we always argue, how can we have feelings for each other? Well, he is kind of cute… No… I can't like him or have feelings for him, we both hate each other and we both know that. But we do have a lot of things in common… No… that's totally impossible, we can't have much in common, 'cause we argue too much. He can be quite sweet at times too…"

"Hey, what are you saying madam?" A voice just came out of nowhere, but the voice sounded cute to Miyu.


"What's wrong does my face look scary?"

"Oh, it's just you Momoka." Miyu said as if she almost got a heart attack, "You startled me, you almost gave me a heart attack."

"Sorry, madam, I didn't know you were that much of a scardey cat."

"I am not!"

"What ever."


"Hey madam…"

"What is it Momoka?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Okay, what question?"

"Who do you think you have feelings for?"


"And who do you want to have a whole new relationship with?"

"Oh, that? Uhmmm…"

"And who do think is cute?"

"I didn't mean cute… I meant… uhhh…"

"Who do you always argue with?"

"Ohhh… hehehe…"

"Who do you have a lot of stuff in common with?"

"No one… I mean… some one… but…"

"And who can be sweet at times?"

"Now come on Momoka… Hehehe…"

"It's someone you like huh?"

"You see… I was just day dreaming and didn't know what I was saying."

"It's Kanata isn't it?"

"Of course not…" Then after saying this, Miyu blushed slightly and her cheeks turned to a slight crimson red.

"Come on madam, I won't tell. It'll be our little secret."

"Now Momoka, at times that you hear people talk about this kind of stuff to themselves, the best thing to do is to go away and think that you never heard anything."

"But that's so boring."

"Well, just follow my advice, bye, I have to get home and cook some lunch for me and Kanata."

"Oh, okay, Hey, Madam…"


"Don't forget, it's Valentine's day on Wednesday, don't forget to ask Kanata to the dance. Christine told me about the new tradition in your school… I wish Lou was still here."

"Wait… aren't you supposed to be supporting Christine with Kanata, and not me? After all, she is your cousin, right?"

"Well, supporting Christine isn't that much fun anymore, It's more fun to tease you. Heeheehee!"

"Oh I'm gonna get you someday." Miyu mumbled too soft for Momoka to hear.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing."


"Well, I have to get going… Bye Momoka."

"Bye, Madam."


Again, Miyu asked herself the same question she asked herself when she had amnesia, 'Do I have the courage to ask him to the dance?' As I told you, the same question.

"Hey, I'm home, I'm cooking lunch today, what do you want?"

"I'm cooking lunch already, what took you so long?"

"Sorry, I was talking to Momoka in the park a while ago. So, what's for lunch?"


"What? Again?"

"Well, that's all I can cook, I mean… hehehe… next to rice of course."

"Well, it would've been better if I cooked, wouldn't it?"

"Then I would've waited for an hour."



After lunch…

"Uhmm… Kanata?"

"What is it?"

"Do you… want… uhmmm, to… uhh, to go to the… Valentine's Dance with me?" And as Miyu said this, she blushed with her face veeery red.

"I… uhh…"



"Nothing… what did you say?"

"I said… uhmmm… I…" As Kanata said this he was very nervous.


Then suddenly he thought, 'Come on Kanata, there's nothing to be shy about, she's shy as well… come on just say it confidently 'I'd be honored to go to the Dance with you.' No too lame, I'll just tell her that I'd love to and I'd be happy to go to the dance with her. Okay I'll just say it out loud.'

And then Kanata's face turned calm, he didn't look nervous anymore, it looked normal, it looked… sweet, "I'd love to and I'd be glad to go with you."


"You know, if you wouldn't have asked me that, It would've made me upset. Did you know that?"

"No. Of course not, I never knew that you had that kind of side in you."

"Well, It's about time you did."

"You know, when Christine and the other girls would know about this, they would have gone crazy."

"Yeah, it's better we keep this a secret until the Valentine's Dance."

"Well it's kinda easy to hide this if we argue a lot, it's normal for them to see us arguing, you know?"

"Yeah, you're right."

"Uhmm, Miyu, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Will you… uhh… Will you be my… Oh man, How am I gonna say this? Uhh… Will you be my… g-gir-girl…"

As Miyu heard this, she had a feeling that she already knew what Kanata was about to say and so she blushed a bit.

"Willyoubemygirlfriend!" Kanata said it loud but too fast for Miyu to understand.

"Excuse me? Can you say that again? I didn't quite catch it."

"I said: Will you be my Girl Friend?"

"…" Miyu heard this and then blushed immediately.

"I've been willing to tell you this for ages, but you didn't seem to like me that much, so when you asked me to go with you to the Dance, I realized that if you could ask me, why couldn't I do the same?"

"That's very brave of you Kanata, but, if you really want to know, I really did like you all those times eversince I realized that we've been good parents to Lou, I realized that, I really did have feelings for you."

And they both Smiled and hugged each other for so long. Almost for a minute or two. And after they realized that they were hugging each other for so long and couldn't do anything, they decided to watch a movie, but not only that, they watched the movie side by side.

WEDNESDAY… THE DAY OF: The Valentine's Dance…


"Okay, all students have to go home immediately to prepare themselves for the Valentine's Dance tonight."

"Hey, Miyu, what are you going to wear tonight?" Nanami asked her Best Friend.


"And whose the lucky man who'll be your date tonight?" Aya asked.

"That's a secret too."

"Bye guys gotta go home."

"Bye Miyu."


"Hey, Miyu come on we're gonna be late." Kanata told his roommie I mean… hehe… Girl Friend.

It was 6:45 and Miyu was still fixing her hair, "Wait for me for 2 minutes, I promise I'll be there in 2 minutes."

"Well, hurry up, the Dance starts at 7:00."

"I'm done."

"Then hurry u-"

Kanata was surprised at what Miyu was wearing. This was her first time actually to wear this kind of clothes, that's why Kanata was surprised, she wore a red long sleeved blouse which got wider when it got to the wrist, the shirt showed her belly button, and her skirt was just a simple jean miniskirt and she wore sandals which were 3 inches high.

"Well, we better get going if we don't want to be late." Kanata said as he tried to stop staring at Miyu's clothes.

"Yeah, come on."


"Okay, everyone, it's time to dance."

"Hey look, Nanami, Here's Miyu."

"Wow, she looks so cool."

"Yeah, now that we know what she's wearing, it's time to see who her dance partner is."

"Uhmm… Kanata, will you be my valentine?" Brianna asked as she walked confidently to Kanata.

"Sorry, but I already have a date for the dance tonight. Sorry."

"Oh, no problem, that's okay." Brianna said with a little bit of tears coming from her eyes, as she ran to the bathroom.

"Miyu, would you want to dance?"

"I would be honored to." Miyu joked.

"What? Miyu's date is Kanata?"

"I think so, I'm so glad she followed my advise."

"Well Kanata, I guess we both got what we wanted. I got to ask you to the dance."

"Yeah, and I got to propose to you."

"That's right, and I'm glad."

As Miyu Said this Kanata gave her a slight kiss on the cheek as she did the same.

"Happy Valentine's Day Miyu."

"Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Kanata."

'I guess I did have the courage to ask him / her.' They both thought.

And that's How Ridley-Silverlake's Story Ends!

Hey, Ridley-Silverlake here. Hope you loved my story. Happy Valentine's Day to all readers! This will be my Valentine's Gift to all of you who read this! Ü