Holding You

Rated: M

Spoilers: Gum Drops Episode 6 x 05

I hesitate as I bring up my hand to knock on room 14. I knock, and she opens the door. She is wearing long Berkley t-shirt. I'm clueless to whether there are shorts underneath.

"What do you want?" She asks. She'd rather it be anybody here but me.

"Greg snores." What the fuck was that? I shrug. "Can I bunk with you?"

She looks at me surprised, but takes a step back.

"You only have one bed." I state the obvious.

"You booked me a single, Grissom. You knew that." She sounds a bit annoyed.

I look at her and smile. "Which side is my side?"

"I don't care. I was reading anyway." Sara said as she walks back to the chair and picks up a tattered copy of The Wizard of Oz. She smiles impishly at me. "I can't help it."

"I'm not saying anything." I say as I perch on the bed across from her chair. "You not tired?"

"I am, but sleeping in a strange bed is always hard on me." She replaces her book upon the table. Getting up, she walks toward me and sits beside me.

My heart immediately stops as her thigh touches mine. She doesn't speak just sits there for a few minutes. When she finally speaks, it isn't what I am expecting. "Would you hold me while I sleep? I'll never ask for anything else again." She looks at the floor.

I look at her and reply softly, "Yes." I move the covers back and she stands and scoots under the covers. I turn the lights off and follow her into the bed. I reach for her and pull her to me. Her head on my chest and her arm around my waist, as mine wrap around her slender frame. "Good night, Sara. Sweet dreams."

I lay awake and listen to her breathe for hours. She is still awake. "Sara?"


"Can I kiss you?"

"But that would change everything. I couldn't kiss you now, and go back to the way we were before. I couldn't."

"I'm not asking you to."

"Then my answer is yes."

I move her face up to mine and kiss her tenderly at first. Deepening it, as I roll her onto her back, and begin caressing her. Her hands in my hair.

"There is one more thing I would like to ask." I whisper into her ear.

"What is that?"

"Do you have shorts on under this shirt?" I ask as my hand runs up her leg.

"Why don't you investigate and see?" She said, as my hands make contact with her bare thigh.

I smile at her in the dark and she replies. "Why don't you go a little higher and see if that's all forgot to put on?"

The investigator in me won out on that one. I had to feel for myself, but you know that is an entirely other story in its self.